2008 Economic Crisis

October 7, 2008

Many have prophesied an economic recession or depression comparable to the Great Depression early in the 20th century. Unemployment is rising as more and more jobs our outsourced to other countries and employers eliminate jobs to keep their own income from dropping. During September alone 159,000 jobs were lost. The markets plunged near 800 points when the House first defeated this bill, in a fear based reaction to pressure Congress into passing what started out as a $700 billion, increased a great deal with added pork for the second course, a bail out called the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008. In the version that passed, $110,000 in tax breaks to certain business were added as incentive, along with an increase in FDIC guarantee, raised from $100,000 to $250,000. The latter change was a positive but there is nothing I see that will address the real problems. That will have to be done separately if it will be done at all.

I think that in order to assess the bill we will need to look at the Senate and House passage and the President signing the bill in light of the previous New Moon, September 8, 2008, 4:12:14 am EDT, Washington, D.C along with the US chart. The critical degree rising in the New Moon chart shows a nation in crisis, focused on the work force, the average American citizen. The message or seed of the New Moon is that of law, legislation, equity, balanced books within both the banks and personal accounts or income. Obviously living within one's means and having an equitable debt to income ratio is called for. With the New Moon being in the 1st decan, Venus, value and income is the bottom line.

I can't help but notice that Venus, Moon and Sun are all at 6 degrees. 6 is Venus' number and involves domestic issues. Of course, I also can't help but notice that domesticity involves the English meaning of Latin for six, sex. Then we have 3 of them which often happens when 2 join in intercourse. So, we have 666, the mark of the beast on the right hand (East side of the chart). No one could have bought or sold without this, according to those we have trusted to make the right decisions on our behalf. With Venus in the 3rd, I'd say this is likely verbal intercourse involved in bargaining or signing into law. But I also can't help but notice this is the house of the right hand. Like it or not, this is a potential symbolic mark of the beast, here called greed.


Traditionally, the bestial signatures are Aries, Taurus, Leo, the last half of Sagittarius, and Capricorn. But it should be noted that Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the beasts of the sea. Gemini, Virgo, the first half of Sagittarius are the traditional humane signs or signatures but I wold also include Libra, lady Justice, and Aquarius requiring the bearer of the cup also as humane signs. Keep in mind the bestial would also be our instinctive nature with the humane being the equivalent of our rational nature.

We can see with this historic New Moon that our deeply instinctive nature, Scorpio, has primary sway over our homes with the signature that is half instinct, half reason needing attention in order to be unleashed in the depths of our being. Those in charge are also focused primarily on the bestial or instinctive nature, needing to correct the reason for this problem, shown through Gemini and Mercury, who is looking back to the past, and will go as far back as 11 degrees, the number of Justice, hopefully to bring equity to the market and values. But it could also being the karmic law coming home to roost, reaping what one sows. Also notice that because of the interception there is a very low degree on AC-DC with a very large degree, the overflow being on the value, income/debt axis. This, in my opinion would represent the very low value placed on most of the population, leading to very high incomes for the few, or the need for much higher income for the masses to match the huge tax and debt on the other side. This could also point the the necessity for two incomes to accomplish what one used to be able to 50 years ago.

Jupiter trine Saturn could potentially produce a stronger and more truthful foundation if Jupiter plays his role as ruler of Sag rather than Pisces. At least this way some reason should prevail. I hope this is the case. Sag holds all the antiscion degrees of Capricorn so this gives me hope. As Pluto moves through the first half of Capricorn, though, he will be mirroring the bestial degrees of Sag. The South node in the house of secrecy and North in seeing to the details of serving the people gives some hope too. But the seeds of this New Moon are putting a roadblock in the way, square Jupiter with Saturn in a 12th house position, limiting the people. Then we have the part of bankruptcy at 14Sag, the Great attractor. I have to admit I would love to get a piece of property for less than 2 bucks plus a year's property taxes. But what a horrible way to get it. The lights are sextile this part so I don't think we've seen the end of foreclosures and/or bankruptcy. Another red flag is the weeping sisters on the MC, grieving the fall of those in power, as the Sun also falls, heading toward the grave at Winter Solstice. There is also, more importantly, grief over the great burden carried on the shoulders, just to keep a roof over our heads. But I can't help but see today's news story concerning a woman who shot herself as the police came to evict her from her foreclosed home (attempted suicide, South node in 12) and Fannie Mae is forgiving her debt. (also South node). I see the potential combination of Jupiter trine Saturn with New Moon square Jupiter being the potential to inhibit the risky investments and reevaluate the home and interest rate at an appropriate amount, with the help of the interception which tends to force balance. It's possible they will require two signatures on loans, bringing it more into line with a reasonable debt/income ratio, if they aren't already doing that. One of my banks was doing that several years ago but I know of another that still isn't.

The facts, truth, coupled with trust and transparency are called for though the interception. The one that is put in charge here stands to gain a lot, I think, through the MR with the one that usually rules this house, Saturn, in this case the President or the Secretary of Treasury, most likely. But Saturn rules the risky holdings of the 5th and Mercury also rules the people so is this a conflict of interest where Mercury won't likely represent both 10 and 1 or will it be to the benefit of all? Mercury isn't sure at all as he looks to the past and sees what holdings someone received when an employee of one of these companies. (Mercury having been trine Neptune in the 6th ruled by Saturn) Housing (4th) and the selling price of those homes (10th) are in mutual reception. Of course, with this bill, the one in charge, Paulson, sets the price. Even if the Congress will impose rules they won't do a thing before their over sized (Jupiter critical degree) vacation so he has a free hand to do what he wants in the meantime. He does have to write his proposed guidelines 45 days from now at the latest. That will put Sun at a critical degree in the 3rd, square Neptune. Sun is already moving in on a square to Jupiter as I write this so both rulers of foggy Pisces are in the spotlight.

The degree in focus now are two critical or crisis degrees. The number in focus will be 21 then, the mark or signature of the World vibration. This sounds a bit like Black Jack to me. Jack is the supplanter, by the way. Perhaps the secret plan is to make the move toward a world banking system. But I can't help notice that 21 is the mark, the signature of the Scorpio type of beast. Here we symbolically see the beast coming out of the sea. It could be a hurricane or other type of beast. But it could also be a world wide crisis, as the headlines on October 6th seem to be indicating. This day three months from now will see a fixed t-square, the Full Moon opposing, leaving the Lion to fill in the gap. This doesn't give me much confidence though, this bringing in potential suffering and loss. I have a feeling the Lion represents England or the United Kingdom.

The interception also brings to mind the huge debt to income ratio (Sagittarius) that is often required for so many Americans, in order to even have a home. What used to be possible with one income, even in my lifetime, now demands 2 or even 3 contributing (Gemini), or multiple families must share a home. This needs to be addressed and eventually will be. The problem with a loan being based on over a week's worth of household income contributed by two is that if the wife gives birth or one becomes sick or disabled, the payment then becomes over half the month's income, not to mention the additional medical costs. Interceptions not only show what has been neglected, causing an imbalance, they show an area that will likely be a source of shame when it is brought to light. Aries/Libra is quite often a disregard of the law or what is equitable in favor of selfishness.

Bail out Bill passed by Congress

Now for the Senate and House charts, passage of the bail out bill. The New Moon falls in the 5th and 9th houses. Even though they are saying the buying and selling won't include foreign bank assets I don't see how it won't with this one, or the World bank focus mentioned above. With the Senate vote, bankruptcy is at 15Sag, right where the horse's heart joins with the solar plexus of man, in the lower courts. But it is the bestial half, going straight for the heart rather than seeing the person as a human that is part of us. I don't think the Senators had the best interest of their fellow humankind in mind. I can't help but notice that Mercury, ruler of the ascendant, is at the degree of Sun's greatest fall and this action was in the wake of the market's greatest fall in history. Likely this decision is one they will regret. I don't think the market will recover in the near future, as they claimed was their need to sign this bill. Sun, ruling speculation, is most exalted on the 12th cusp, the house of secret moves and charity but he is falling, just as the number of jobs feel at an enormous rate. That is the focus of the 6th, more depending on charity just as during the Great Depression. We are repeating the sins (missing the mark) of the past. Pork seems to be what got the bill passed and this would fit with it being considered unclean in ancient Jewish law, Moon in Scorpio (unclean) in the house of domesticated animals. That didn't stop Senator Blunt though. I would say this is a dirty deal, with all due respect to the proper use of Scorpio. They even carried out their work with the rightful rulers were working together, forming a sextile, opportunity for more taxes and more dirty deals. The mutual reception between Venus and Mars here, puts Venus right back into the high risk house and on vacation for an extended period. Hopefully somehow this interception can keep them there working somehow. I think we need to demand that because otherwise there is no oversight of Paulson's actions months.

The House chart also puts the focus on religious holidays and extended vacation. The New Moon falls in the 9th house of religion. When Venus trades places with Mars that puts the ruler of the 5th house of vacations in the 9th, on a huge religious holiday, from now till January 15. The country could collapse in that time. Again the degrees of Sun's greatest fall and exaltation are shown, here on the IC/MC. Sun, Leo and the 5th represent risks but also vacations. The end of matters shows their vacation being their greatest freedom or right but should show that having a home is the most important right of every American citizen. Being on vacation when they should be overseeing our country is their greatest fall. Venus, through the mutual reception with Mars, would be on a religious holiday, being in the 12th of the 10th, the self undoing of those who should be in charge. Venus is also combust in this position, blinded by the light, in complete denial. Mars could then easily start a revolution, being in the 11th, ruling the end of matters, our divine right to a home and family life. You can see that right has been neglected through the interception of Cancer/Capricorn in the most important houses, 1/7.

I think what concerns me most about this chart is that Mercury rules the 9th and 7th. In mundane astrology this could be read as enemies from abroad and also religious enemies. Mercury is quite weak but does have benefit of a mutual reception with someone in charge, Saturn. This really does not look to me like it is in our best interest. For the house, I would have to look to Pelossi or the Democrat party. At the very least this seems to be a political move to capture the election somehow. Saturn is exalted in the 10th, where Sun falls. Mercury stands to gain a great deal of money, trine the Part of Fortune. Saturn rules this money, which is received by Mercury, foreign investment banks perhaps. The positive potential here is that limits will be put in place, perhaps some things added to the truth (9th house) in lending law (Saturn exalted in Libra). The coming fixed t-square could potentially involve going back to the old standard of the house payment only being 1 week's income rather than 2 or 3 weeks they have been allowing. The nodes direct to release or give up debt and/or taxes in order to bring in value and income. Of course, the pork added did substantially reduce taxes to several types of businesses which only increases the need to raise the money elsewhere. If they are going to raise taxes for the rest of us to make up the difference, plus raise what they need for this bailout they will have to force people to reduce their standard of living in order to have any money left for all those taxes. But there need to be jobs for there to be income. We see Gemini ruling both the job market and the the people from other countries which only points out how many of our jobs have been exported.

Bill signed into law by President Bush

One report said that President Bush signed the bill at 2:50 but an AP slide show with times listed shows the time as 3:39 ET which is 2:39 pm EDT or local time in D.C. This is the time I am using. I saw him speak after words, at 3:10pm. Everyone of these charts, this one included, shows something that has been neglected, through interceptions. In this chart the neglect shows up clearly in the debt/income ratio, also involving taxes and insurance. Being the signs of Virgo/Pisces, it points to the job market and wages increasing the debt. Mercury Rx describes very well, our wages compared to inflation being rolled back many years, with inflation demanding just the opposite. I wouldn't be surprised if the total number of degrees Mercury moves backward matched inflation quite well. Many are forced to sacrifice income and in some cases, depend on charity (Pisces) or government programs even though we work quite hard (Virgo). The interception then shows a lack of speculation (5th), government funds, or Congress (11th) to be thrust or projected onto the labor force, job market, possibly the military (6th) and the need for charity because of suffering. Somehow this gives me a picture of what has happened in China, the government pressuring couples through taxes to limit the family resources to only one child, thus less jobs are necessary along with less need for public welfare. But another way this could happen is hard times causing couples to not have children, then causing a great need for people to supply the military during the next generation. The last time we had a huge economic collapse, the solution for the lack of jobs was to enter a war (WWII). The problem is we are already in a war, and this is a negative option. This will force us to find a better way to create more jobs and income.

One thing very curious about the House vote and the President Bush signing this into law is the fact that Mars is void of course. Mars rules 4 and 11 in the House vote chart, but rules the President himself in the last chart. Mars' last aspect was sextile Pluto, an opportunity for more taxes or a renewal of some kind or more debt. It might also point to the goal or Mars' trek through Libra being to raised the FDIC insurance guarantee from $100,000 to $250,000. In the House chart it might be saying their plans for homes and for the opposing party, in this case the Democrats for the Presidency or Republican's being the main ones opposing the bill, will come to nothing. But, likely it says they will have to try again because the plans for housing will not be sufficiently addressed with this bill. It might also be saying Democrats and Republican's can switch places (Mars MR Venus) but nothing will be basically any different than it has been. There are also loopholes available during Moon void so I would assume that is a possibility with any planet. Mars rules taxes, so perhaps tax loopholes for the select few, which is true with the pork additions. Also, debts can be waived, overlooked and Paulson has the power to spend billions as he sees fit, complete freedom (Mars ruling Aries) to spend and hire help. Today's headline says he's hired some buddies from his old job at Goldman Sachs, exactly what concerned me in the beginning. The very people that mismanaged this company is now in charge of the largest spending project ever, funds supplied by the hard working taxpayer.

In the Presidential chart Mars rules not only the President himself but also his right to sign the bill and Paulson, the one in charge of implementing the bill. How strange it would be void. But, this makes me wonder if there might be a possibility of this bill being challenged somehow as to the constitutionality. Mars ruling the 3rd would represent our most important documents. Could this bill be void under the constitution? This also leads me to see the greater validity of one of the 3 main popular choices for the birth of the US. Pluto seems to be the main contact standing out in both the Gemini and Sagittarius rising chart but the angles should always show up somewhere in major events. The Senate seems to be voting for Gemini rising, the House for Sagittarius, so there is validity to some aspect of our country having those qualities. But notice those signs are intercepted in the New Moon chart with Scorpio, the 3rd most popular chart ascendant, ruling the family or ancestors of the country in the NM chart. This has long been my favored chart for many reasons, most importantly because of the many Scorpio symbols we have adopted, the Eagle, all of the 13s in our seal...The list goes on and on.

The strength of Scorpio rising in the US natal chart

USA Scorpio triwheel

We seem to be a nation with a personality disorder, not even knowing who we are. Are we changeable, nervous, superficial, factual and logical? Are we philanthropic, philosophical, religious, truthful, reaching out to people of ALL nations as our primary trait? Or are we steeped in occult symbolism and practice, shrewd, manipulating and a world power who sometimes acts in covert ways to grasp that power, claiming executive privilege of secrecy to protect and hide our motives and deeds? With such a historic event more than just Pluto should be aspected strongly, although Pluto does speak to the validity of the Scorpio rising chart. In the tri-wheel above, Scorpio chart in the center and omitting the House chart because it is so close in time to the President chart, you can see that the Scorpio ascendant is quite highlighted with the ladies of the Solar System not to well off, Venus in detriment and Moon in fall. There is no doubt we are quite far behind many other countries in allowing women to be in positions equal to men and positions of leadership. A Scorpio ruled country would explain this, both ladies finding disfavor there. The chart for Bush signing the bill puts Jupiter on the ascendant which might explain so many favor the Sag rising chart.

But what sells me on the Scorpio chart over either of the other two is the fact that progressing the Scorpio chart fits better too. Transiting ascendant and Jupiter tightly opposes US Pr. Jupiter tightly square Sun, the king of our country. The Bush MC is also within a degree of the Scorpio chart ascendant, a very good indicator that this chart is very near the correct one, if not exact. Neither of the other popular US charts has any contact to the angles as this one does. The Solar arc MC is very near opposite the Bush MC also. The critical degree, 9Taurus, shows the nation in crisis with Venus, money being at the heart of it. Transiting Pluto on the Solar arc descendant, transiting Mercury Rx coming back to trine the Solar arc Moon for the second time, after having been inconjunct Solar arc Pluto a short time ago too. Even the converse progressed chart fits well, the Galactic center at the MC with part of fortune there also, within a degree. Aries/Libra is intercepted in 1/7 showing we need to attend to and restore the land of the free and home of the brave. Even this motto shows Mars ruling the nation.

More than likely the bill was presented to him to sign when the ascendant was opposed the US Sun. US progressed Venus forms a t-square opposing transiting Mercury, square ascendant when Bush signed this bill. But there is also a cardinal t-square in the US Progress chart, Venus in Aries opposed Mars in Libra (mutual reception) square Jupiter in Cancer. Interestingly Moon is void of course after opposing Mercury. With Mercury Rx I think this signature must be a repeat of other historic financial documents that created or were the result of an imbalance.

The New Deal

That time probably began March 4, 1933 when President Roosevelt took office and began the series of efforts labeled the New Deal. The day of his inauguration a mutable t-square was active, Gemini Moon, square Pisces Sun, (trine US Sun) opposing Mars. Notice again, the Mars involvement. Mutable problems take much longer to work through and resolve and it is questionable as to whether there really was great improvement in the general economy of the US during his reign. The most difficult mutable problem is employment which only improved by half during those years. While it seems production did increase, the biggest boom came from WWII and after 9 years of the workings of the New Deal, unemployment was still at 13.9%. This was the last time, by the way, that the inauguration of the President was held in foggy Pisces. Venus soon moved in to support Sun. The day of his inauguration most of the banks had closed their doors and he declared the following day as a bank holiday, ordering the rest to close, awaiting his first act,the Emergency Banking act. Mercury was retrograde during that historic 100 day period also, opposite where he is now, and the previous New Moon. History does seem to repeat itself. Many of the acts he put into place were found unconstitutional so hopefully they will learn from past mistakes. There seems to still be controversy as to whether he helped or prolonged the depression but the actions he took that year did bring the markets up. Many of his efforts to help were labeled fascist.

I couldn't find the time of his taking office but did read that it followed him attending his morning worship service. So I cast the chart for noon and it clearly looks like a valid chart, a very public Aries point rising, 0Cancer, with Sun in the house of the president. Gemini/Sag was intercepted in the axis of jobs and charity showing this is a clear problem area. Although he did a lot to develop labor unions, start a welfare system, along with starting Social security and unemployment benefits, not much was done to create jobs so that workers could have these benefits. Usually I see a great deal of accomplishment in areas that are intercepted, but in this case, not quite all that needed to be done. That could easily explain the same signs ruling double houses in all three charts attached to the signing of this bill, plus the labor/charity signs being intercepted when Bush signed the bill. Again, being mutable, there are changes to be made, and will require a great deal of time, especially since we have exported so much of our labor.

21 degrees was popular at that time also, Uranus at 21 Aries tightly square Pluto at 21 Cancer, in the banking house, ruling the labor force in the 6th. This is also the hot spot in the t-square, unemployment being the major problem, as it is today, although not yet quite to the same extent. Low wages for so many is also a common element between then and now. As then, the primary key to success is to see beyond “quick fixes” to get to the real heart of the problems that face our country and the world at large. 21, the number of the world, points to this not being just our problem, but one we share with the world. Again, this new, new deal has a mutable t-square to deal with, only with more karmic consequences for the whole world, with Saturn and Uranus involved. Wisdom will be required as they tackle these problems, in order to avoid a civil war or a major world wide catastrophy.

This is just a cursory look at this issue with these charts. I'll update as I find time to look further and events start to unfold.