March 4, 2014

2014 Eclipses

This year we have 2 total Lunar eclipses, an annular and partial Solar eclipse. The primary theme of each eclipse family will carry the nature of the sign it falls it but also will be similar in some way to and carrying with it, the mother eclipse theme and to certain events that occurred that year and at 18 year intervals. The most recent were in 1996, 1978, 1960, 1942. If you are sensitive to these families, you may see a repeating theme from those years.

Total Lunar Eclipse April 15, 2014


Lunar Eclipse Saros 122 Mother Eclipse Astrology Chartthumb

The 2014 eclipse year starts off with a bang, being a total Lunar eclipse, the US tax deadline and is the 1st full day of the Jewish Passover. This is the first of a tetrad of total lunar eclipses, spanning this and next year. The last time there were 4 total lunar eclipses in a row was 2003-4. The highlight in the US at that time was a war waged against Iraq without declaring war, the outcome being many lives lost, including Sadam Hussein. The excuse for the invasion was an accusation of holding weapons of mass destruction and that it was part of our war on terror. This is an ascending node saros (a clue shown through the saros number being even). It is a more masculine and outward directed, future minded lunar saros series. Quite often Lunar eclipses are the force behind events that culminate in a parting of ways or end of a project that wasn't fruitful, or upheaval of some sort. The 19 year Metotonic cycle reaches back to an eclipse of the same degrees, although different geometry and Saros, on April 15, 1995. This was just 4 days before the Oklahoma City bombing in the US. That was a domestic act of terror though, being carried out by an American, Timothy McVeigh, who was arrested within 90 minutes.

The mother eclipse Leo Sun would fit the 1st born child theme of this Jewish holiday. This ascending node eclipse is a member of Saros Series 122 and is observable in most of the Western Hemisphere. The mother eclipse is the 1st member of the saros family and occurred on August 14, 1022 at 14:51:42 UT. The foundation for this eclipse family is the centralization vs distribution, Leo/Aquarius axis. The ♌ side spans the areas that include our central force and vitality or identity, ego, creative efforts, such as children, especially the first born, speculation, risk taking, pleasure and lovers. I believe it also covers those inalienable rights all humans have, represented by the fact that the Sun shines on all, regardless of status, gender or ancestry. I believe it also covers autonomy, perhaps shared with ♈ Aries and even ♐ Sagittarius. The ♒ side covers friends and associates, other people's children, especially those that we are surrogate parents for, groups, rebellion, civil unrest, humanitarian efforts to protect those rights, which includes the need for freedom, technology and distribution (including population distribution and/or segregation), how we share our light in the world or the audience observing our particular spot in the Sun. Saturn is with the Moon in Leo and this reminds me of royalty, which was often the head authority of a nation in the past. I hoped to gain some insight into the historical theme of this family, but there is very little to be found about this year. One thing that might fit the theme is a decree issued by Synod of Pavia against non-celibate clergy and simony. The Leo involvement would include lovers and children that the clergy were barred from having. Within 2 weeks of this eclipse, Italy’s bishops officially adopted or renewed a Vatican-backed sex abuse policy that says they have no obligation to inform police if they suspect a child has been molested.Update April 19: to his credit, Pope Francis recently apologized to countless victims of the clergy. But, it is an empty apology when it is not backed by action, and their policy that hides and protects perpetrators from law enforcement.

The first documented heresy executions were carried out by order of the French King, Robert II at that time. The name, Robert, means notorious or famous, bringing to mind the fame of Leo. Priests and other canons were burned at the stake. At least part of the reason may have been the church's disapproval of his earlier marriage to his cousin, Bertha, and wish to divorce his current wife and remarry her. They said the world is inherently evil so perhaps that was not to his liking. That might show Saturn's involvement, playing the part of the devil and the grim reaper. He encouraged forced conversion to Christianity on the Jews and even advocated mob violence against those who refused to convert, clearly describing an Aquarius theme. I'd have to say this fits being the birth of what took place between Hitler and the Jews during the 1942 version. The clergy declaring the world evil fits the way our president demonized Iraq as being evil, leading up to and after the invasion.

Jupiter at the apex of a wide T-square, would represent the clergy and religious issues. Those that are seen as the enemy in the war on terror, mostly share a common religion. One figure that would fit ☉ is Basil II, Emperor of Byzantine during this year. Basil is an herb governed by the Sun. Basil's goal was to regain the Danubian frontier lost 400 years earlier. He helped to regain much, including Croatia and Crimea, much in the same way that Russia is in the news now. To celebrate his victory, Basil gave temporary remission of land and hearth taxes (property tax based on the number of fireplaces). I wonder if Putin has made any promises. The countries named by this mother eclipse, on the Leo side are, Chaldea, now Iraq, Phoenicia, now Lebanon and part of Syria, as well as Italy and Turkey. Basil was attempting to restore all of Italy that was lost 150 years prior. Aquarius represents the greater part of Russia and Afghanistan, as well as the Southern part of Syria that was called Arabia the Stony or Petraea, Crimea (originally part of Tartary, also called Crimea Tauris and Taurica by the Greeks, Poland, lower Sweden, Lithuania and a few others. Watch current events for more religious conflicts and events involving these countries, especially Russia, Crimea, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. As I work on this project, Crimea and Russia are in the news, no doubt gearing up for this eclipse. Rail problems might arise as the chart forms a locomotive pattern with unpredictable and accident prone ♅ acting as the engine and conductor.

Update June: As ☽ reached her eclipse degree then later moved in to join the eclipse chart ruler, ♄, officials announced they were “preparing contingency plans to evacuate employees.” This came as Sunni militants, said to be connected to al Qaida, had taken over the land of the Chaldees, Ninvah, now Iraq, and other towns as they move toward Baghdad. These militants though, don't appear to be supported by or supporting the efforts of al Qaida, according to this information. Why would misinformation like this be coming from the White House Staff and fed to media? The distribution of power seems to be in question. Again, we see the mother eclipse locations shining through the current eclipse. Jupiter, pointing to religious based conflicts, is building toward a square to the eclipse degrees, perfecting June 25. The US has already sent in 275 troops to protect their interests and the USS Bush is in the gulf ready to do air strikes if necessary. Another undeclared war?

One member of this family occurred on March 24, 1978, at 16:23:11 UT, Moon at 3°41' Libra, Sun opposite in ♈ Aries. Liberty vs law is the theme and would include aggressive conflict like war or terrorism. Ethiopians, Somalians, Israelites, Lebanese were all in conflict and there were many acts of terror. A controversial US Supreme court decision would fit both the mother and child eclipse theme. Stump vs Sparkman brought a decision involving mandatory sterilization (rights falling under Leo) and judicial immunity (the law falling under Libra). In May, as Jupiter (institutions of higher learning) made a square from ♋ Cancer to the lights, the first Unibomber attack was carried out at Northwestern University, again a domestic terrorist act, this one waged against modern technology, ♒ ☽ in mother eclipse. (Leo, from the mother eclipse, is the North Western sign. ♈ Aries is often explosive and is a loner, thus, Unibomber.) Jupiter also covers churches and at this same time, the Mormon church finally admitted all "worthy" males into the temple blessings and priesthood. Up until then they still did not allow "Canaanites", those of African decent, into their inner circle. This is a good example of using the Full Moon to find a compromise. They had unwittingly taken in many through their missionary work in South America and it was either change their prejudicial rule or risk loosing their churches there when they realized the heritage of those they'd put in roles of authority in these missionary churches. Finally, the civil rights (♈ Aries/Libra) movement infiltrated the Latter Day Saints. This shows evolutionary progress reflecting the Aquarius need for freedom. The 1815 version of this family coincided with the Second Barbary War fighting retribution when Caucasians were being taken slaves in Northern Africa. This war ended the bribes amounting to 20% of US government spending we'd been paying to protect from attack and being taken slaves. Slavery ended in Canada and Britain with the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833, just 3 days after the anniversary of this mother eclipse, showing that the mother eclipse is always in the background.

Also falling under Jupiter, with Mars aspecting the eclipse, Pope Paul VI dies, John Paul I succeeds him and dies 33 days later. 33 is a Leo (mother eclipse) number and with the South node, usually comes with some kind of loss. The winged lion is a symbol for Saint Mark and the alter boys fit the cup bearer theme of Aquarius. This total eclipse is one I have vivid memories of because at the tail end of the influence period, Jim Jones led a murder suicide of his followers, 918 people dead, over 270 of them being children. This clearly fits the Leo/Aquarius mother eclipse theme where Aquarius is the group following and Leo is the leader. It also fits ♈ Aries/Libra where two can be so one that one will blindly follow the other, until death parts them.

The last member of this family occurred April of 1996, when Lebanon was in the news with the Grapes of Wrath waged against them by Israel. Lily and Ptolemy give Israel to ♈ Aries, which is the sign that eclipse Sun fell in that year. But I always think of them also as Leo, the banner waved by the tribe of Judah. This eclipse lasted about 5 months (lunar eclipses have an affect of as many months as the eclipse lasted in hours). On July 9 when Mercury (winds) passed over water (in ♋ Cancer, square the eclipse degrees) the name of King Robert's cousin came up for review, or perhaps it was more like revenge. Hurricane Bertha formed when Sun squared this starting point then stirred up a storm in the Atlantic, reaching peak level with Mercury square perfected and made landfall in N. Carolina a few days later. The UK, showing it self as reflecting the ♈ Aries energy, was acted upon by Mars when the IRA injured over 200 with a bomb, as Jupiter squared the eclipse degrees in mid June. As Venus approaches her square, a softer note is added as the former president Klerk of S. Africa apologizes for apartheid. Welfare reform initiated by President Clinton at that time would also fit Venus, as well as Jupiter from the mother eclipse, inconjunct (need to work or adjust) at 14 ♏ Scorpio. That same Jupiter square from the mother eclipse resonates to Osama Bin Laden's "The Declaration of Jihad on the Americans Occupying the Country of the Two Sacred Places,", insisting the US military leave. The overall theme of this Saros is opposition involving rebellion and causes in the name of religion or inalienable rights, things involving aggressive energy with Mars also in Leo, as well as restrictions and issues with authorities.

Total Lunar Eclipse April 15, 2014 Saros 122 Astrology Chartthumb

This time around, the eclipse lasts 5 hours 44 minutes, an influence for about 5 months, 3 weeks. It continues the liberty vs law theme begun in 1978. It is most visible in North America and Western South America.

 Map of Lunar eclipse Saros 122 for 2014thumb

The mother eclipse sign axis covers children and lovers balanced by friends and adopted or step children on the other side. The current axis covers relationship status, such as partnership and marriage, as well as open adversaries, balanced by the great I AM, ruled by warrior Mars on the other side. So, if we are to combine the two there might be issues to deal with that involve any distinction between lover and mate or legality of any kind of relationship. Issues of gay rights weren't really addressed much back in the civil rights movement taking place when the 1960 version occurred. But, it did gain momentum during the 78 version and is being legally challenged now. This eclipse falls at the cusp or back door of one Lunar mansion, The Belly ending at 25 ♈ Aries 43. and at the front door of the next, The Swarm or Many Little Ones. This certainly sounds like a woman with a swollen belly about to give birth to a swarm of many little ones. Recently, a hospital in South Haven announced it is closing their birthing center because they have been assisting about half of the local births but over 75% of them are Medicaid funded and they can't sustain the expenses, especially now that even more are being covered by Medicaid with Obamacare. I wonder what direction will be taken to find a balance, signified by the ♎ ☽ and what rights (♈) the son-☉ will have to give up. The family home they might have inherited is one possibility, since the government has an automatic hidden lean on the house if the owner accepts any kind of public assistance. Mirach is the marking star near the beginning of the Mansion ☽ is about to leave and the mansion is called the Belly or Heart of the Fish. It is a bright yellow star in Andromeda, the chained woman. This mansion is said to not favor the release of captives, unfavorable for ill people, increases the poor, but is favorable for marriage or unions and business. Most likely gay marriage will stay in the spotlight, with religious objections at the apex of the debate (♃ at the apex of a fixed T-square in the mother eclipse). The symbolism of the chained woman might describe a feminine soul (☽) chained to a masculine body (♎) and also fits a woman with child, limited in her ability to do a good job at both child care and earning income. So, of course marriage would be favored so there is help. But those that are angry about those living on welfare find fault with so many children being born to poverty level mothers, increasing the burden. At the same time, their ability to earn sufficient income is limited by lack of jobs and lack of value in mothers rearing their own children. Many of those same people are the ones passionately fighting gay marriage. Maybe they should consider that those couples can't have babies and would be the ones to adopt some of those born to poor women.

Mirach also is connected to rash or reckless, risk taking behavior. Many children are conceived under this kind of behavior as well as the implementation of Obamacare and the website. Russia comes to mind too, and probably President Obama. (Update: I understand a US is sending a destroyer ship to the Black Sea as a show of support for Ukraine.) No doubt health insurance businesses will prosper with the new US health care law in effect, provided the restrictions on the amount of profit they can make doesn't send them into bankruptcy. The suggestion has been made that the real goal is to have government owned health care so could it be set up to fail so that complete socialized medicine can take over? It remains to be seen how ill people will fare. My personal observation is those forced to use Medicaid will get mediocre or worse care. Insurance premiums will decrease movable income, adding to the poor. People are pressured or forced to get what the government considers routine testing, like mammograms which have a high false positive rate, while real concerns may be neglected if doctors or insurers don't see enough profit potential. April 15 is not only the tax deadline but is when the penalty will start being gauged, to be paid the following year. Jupiter is still showing up from the mother eclipse, being the legal exemption for religious objection. One of my clients lost her catastrophic plan because only those under 30 are allowed this kind of insurance. Her rates are now double what they were before. The AFA forces maternity coverage, increasing rates for those that won't or can't have children. Insurance premiums amount to an extra house payment. I just heard Obama use the word free again, this time in relation to birth control. What universe does he live in to call that free? My latest car insurance bill is over 37% higher, mostly due to the medical portion. I assume I will see the same in my next home insurance bill too. The major long term care providers are claiming an exemption from the gender discrimination part of the AFA and charge 20-40% more for monthly premiums for women even though they still only earn about 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.

The Mansion the Moon is about to enter is called the Swarm, a mansion that disfavors marriage (ex: Prince Charles) and travel by water. It increases practical instincts and favors the sciences, especially accounting and economics. It is said to be beneficial for those who live outdoors. I expect to see this influence as the eclipse matures.

Israel, as well as England, France, Germany and Denmark are linked to ♈ Aries, with the far East, parts of India, even Charlestown in the US is linked to Libra. I would add Ecuador too, because it has Libra rising when it gained independence. Might Edward Snowden find refuge there? Eclipses across this axis are known to involve religious conflict. Disease can plague small domestic herds like sheep, goats or maybe swine. Libra is said to bring air born disease, bad weather with high winds. Both can mark problems for nobility and eminent people. If there are any negotiations in process for the release of prisoners, I doubt they will be successful under the shadow of this eclipse. But there may be some trade agreements, compromises there or sanctions.

Setting the chart for the US capitol, it is no surprise it is the tax deadline, with the eclipse across that axis. Regardless of location, instead of a fixed t-square like the mother eclipse, we now have a Cardinal Grand square, the lights separating, as if to distance themselves from the conflict. This configuration involves challenges to balancing regulation and structure (cardinal signs), calling for change because of problems that could reach critical proportions. (♇ 13°). Joining the Sun in ♈ Aries, is Mercury and Uranus, at the front door, critical degree of the 2nd Lunar mansion, the Belly, mentioned above. The warrior Mars, joins Moon in an intense, heated and emotional state. All are square Jupiter exalted in ♋ Cancer opposing Pluto retrograde in Capricorn. The ℞ could involve the coverage of preexisting conditions, sure to make profits difficult to obtain and could lead to bankrupt insurance companies. But, ♃, acting as the government guardian angle is ready to gamble (5th house) that they can bail them out and completely socialize medicine in the US, perhaps. The Cardinal signs are the structures, ♈ Aries/Libra involving relationship structures, with ♋ Cancer/Capricorn involving government, corporate, physical and familial structures. Gay marriage was banned within the constitution of 4 states, just declared unconstitutional recently in Michigan, making it legal for part of a day until it was stayed, pending appeals, as in the other 3 states. The new health care law mandates that insurance companies must allow adult children under 26 to be covered on their parent's policies, expanding (♃) the family unit (♋) beyond offspring age of majority or independence (♈) but there are surely other structures that will come up under this eclipse too. Oppositions call for compromise or a parting of ways, ending if there is no reasonable compromise to be had. Cardinal signs are swift and active, rather than passive. Mercury and Jupiter are involved in education, travel, contracts and communications. Pluto and Uranus are involved in innovation and change, sometimes forced change. They are gearing up for one of 8 squares that cover a period of 5 years, this time at a critical degree, perfecting on April 21st. Moon will be making her opening square to this eclipse at that time, so surely there will be some critical activity at that time. Their cycle began back in the 60s with civil rights issues, military involvement in Vietnam being hot topics, so of course, the gay rights issue fits right into civil rights and we have a number of military involvements going on. In contrast to today, social status or wealth was at an all time high when their cycle began. Older people received a raise in social security too. Uranus rebels when the status quo is too restrictive. The waxing square can be a harsh wake up call or warning of what needs to be changed before the opposition, in order to avoid a miscarriage (of justice) or abortion (of the original seed planted). Consider the civil rights gained and the problem now before us of addressing discrimination that is still taking place. The new insurance policies are financially penalizing everyone because women have expenses through pregnancy and birth.

In my charting of hurricane systems, Uranus was always involved. I see Venus as high pressure and Mars as low pressure systems. They are very near antiscion. I believe this eclipse could hint at an active hurricane season coming, assuming the seasonal ingresses support and confirm. Mercury is there to heat things up in the wind department, Uranus makes it disruptive, explosive and erratic (♒ brings high winds and line storms), Pluto adds intensity.

There are many other potentials with this eclipse but keep an eye on the countries mentioned, including the countries named for the mother eclipse. I often see events connected that show degrees from the mother eclipse too. The energy starts building before the onset of the eclipse, easily a month prior. The most sensitive times are the days surrounding the eclipse and when any planet makes a major aspect to the eclipse degree. Once again, Bertha may take the stage, likely in the Atlantic, since the name is on the list for hurricanes this year. With Mars and Uranus active, explosive events, aggression and/or accidents are likely if energy is misdirected or misused. But the positive potential is innovative change that results from a confrontation of challenge. For the United States, I expect the disposable income of the people to be an issue, as well as health or other types of insurance, the tax penalty and the responsibility for adult children's insurance being placed upon the parents. Conflicts that were active during the eclipse in 96 will renew or heat up once again, if peaceful resolution wasn't obtained. The duration of influence can be extended, if it piggybacks on another eclipse that has something at the same degree as planets in this one. The coming Solar eclipse has Mercury at the same degree as Mars in the mother chart. Uranus and Pluto are still at the same degree then too so I wouldn't be a bit surprised to see this lunar eclipse having influence for years instead of months. Stay tuned for the next 3 eclipses of the year.

Update March 17, 2014

Crimea has voted overwhelmingly, (90%) to rejoin Russia and applied to become part of the Russian Federation. Putin says they are within their legal rights according to Article 1 of the UN Charter. Obama says it is illegal. I guess he isn't familiar with our history of breaking free from England. Maybe we should just rejoin the mother country if we had no legal right to leave. Or is he just a hypocrite? Regardless of what we think of Russia or Putin, the people of Crimea have a divine right (Leo) to be autonomous (♈ Aries) and choose their leaders. Under the light of the blood Moon, in the early morning hours of April 15, Ukrainian forces launch operation against pro Russian forces on the eastern side of the country. They have had difficulty because much of their own security has joined the separatists. Ukraine is clearly on the brink of civil war, reflecting the mother eclipse Aquarian Moon, backed by Saturn.

Update April 13, 2014

I'm sad to say that a pathetic human angel of death passed over a Jewish community center on the eve of Passover, At 1:03pm CDT in Overland Park, Kansas. The mother eclipse signs spanned the horizon and the death axis with the current eclipse signs spanning the IC/MC below and above. Here we have the religious motivation, symbolism of the grand cross, and mother eclipse signs. The shooter, Frazier Glenn Cross, former grand dragon (lunar nodes marking the potential for eclipse,called dragon's head and tail) of the KKK (uses the cross of Christianity as a symbol, grand square called grand cross) Nazi anti-Semite, (uses Greek cross, swastika) shot William Corporon and his 14 year old grandson, Reat Griffin Underwood, who was at the Jewish community center to audition for a talent show. Rehearsal for "To Kill a Mockingbird" was also taking place. (Leo-Aquarius mother eclipse) He then went 2 miles SE to a Jewish assisted living facility and shot Terri LeManno, who was there visiting her mother. Ironically, all of the victims were Christians, but it was clearly a hate crime perpetrated against Jews. My heart goes out to all

TheApril 15 eclipse was not visible where I live do to heavy clouds and storms. But, it made itself felt, just the same. Under the dark light of the invisible eclipsed full Moon, about an inch of snow fell with temperatures well below normal. The horizon signs, ruler and eclipse ruler are all cold and wet.

In my haste to complete this article I neglected to keep myself fully informed of news in my own country. The eve of the eclipse brought a showdown in the wild west as "we the people" (☽) and the state faced off with the Federal government who had captured Clive Bundy's cattle, holding them hostage, claiming full control over a major shared resource (♇). I won't go into it all here but basically, these ranchers have been using the land for generations. The Fed made a claim and sold grazing rights, revoked it when they decided the tortoise was endangered, people protested and took their rights back, the Fed impounded cattle, killed two penned bulls for no apparent reason, crushed a tortoise habitat, shot holes in a water tank, tasered people, tried to send the cattle to Utah to sell, Utah governor refused entry. Finally the local militia and other citizens formed a line, proceeded to move in to free the cattle and finally the Feds backed down. There may very well be a civil war beginning in the Ukraine as the government there just killed and wounded many, trying to force its pro-Russian citizens into compliance. But we have a civil war brewing here too. ☽ at meridian-MC or the eclipse meridian runs not far from San Diego and south, up through the middle of Nevada, near the boarders of Oregon and Idaho, Washington state and on up through Canada at about 116W42, with ☉ opposite on the IC, ♂ (war, police with guns, militia) biseptile Descendant, ♇, the bully, biseptile IC homeland. Also coming from a US citizen, Edward Snowden on the day before the eclipse, praised and congratulated Guardian and Washington post reporters for their Pulitzer price awards, given for their work in sharing Snowden's whistling to a tune not popular with the intelligence community.(♅-☿ ☍ ♂)

>Update August 7, 2014

Snowden is in the new again, having just received permission to live in Russia for the next 3 years, coupled with a Russian ban of dairy, meat and fish imports from the EU, US, Canada, Australia, and Norway, in response to sanctions against them. At Moscow, when this mother eclipse peaked, the lights and Saturn were on the horizon, showing the spotlight was on them to include restrictions, necessity and the need for self sufficiency or autonomy. Now doubt this eclipse family can involve power struggles, with Scorpio rising and the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint being at a critical international degree. No doubt Russia would be the star of news headlines during the duration of the 2014 version of this eclipse, as the lights and Saturn are on the meridian in central Western Russia, Sun directly overhead. Venus, acting as Lucifer, the morning star, teams up with erratic and rebellious Uranus to put their midpoint overhead in Moscow, making it difficult to know if that is the light of the Sun or Lucifer that we filter information through. I hesitate to label him a devil though, recalling a certain verse in the book of Revelation where the "Son of G_d" revealed himself to the exile John, as the bright morning star. I'm also reminded that Venus can be a war goddess, as well as the goddess of love.

The mother eclipse is also highlighted as 2 storm systems, Iselle and Julio, make their way to the Hawaiian Islands. At that location when the mother eclipse peaked, Mercury/Neptune and Jupiter/Pluto midpoints opposed the meridian. The first planetary pair can be read as fast winds over the ocean, potentially dissolving what is in their path. The latter pair speak of great destruction or a great need for change and regeneration. This year's version shows Pluto trine MC, Jupiter trine IC, with Uranus/upheaval semisextile the IC/land mass of the main island. Libra Lunar eclipses can bring bad weather and high winds. The ascendant is septile Mars, favoring joint projects with long term goals. That should help if they have much devastation. According to traditional eclipse rules, this western hemisphere Lunar eclipse is more destructive than if it were in the eastern hemisphere. Also, Venus acting as Lucifer may tend to be more destructive as she carries Chiron's energy forward, putting and inconjunct pressure on Mars as this eclipse ages. The ruler of this eclipse, Venus, is in the solstice sign of Moon and contra-antiscion, equinox or antisolstice sign of Sun. That can bring a display of unique interaction. Consider how sacrifice can be a necessary part of cooperation and ultimate peace. Also, our hidden enemy, whether mother nature, a person or a political entity, is in some way the equivalent of what we are in denial of about ourself and a mirror image of our open enemies. In summary, I expect at least one of these masculine and feminine named storm systems to build in strength and wreak havoc on the Islands. Transiting Mars/low pressure system, is carrying an enlarging square with Jupiter forward, Sun is with Mercury/winds, Venus/high pressure system, is opposed by Moon by the 9th, while being contra-parallel Mercury and Sun, then will be parallel Mars. Perhaps more important is the fact that Moon will also square this eclipse while doing all of this, renewing Uranus square Pluto. It is possible that Venus, being in cold water, could act as a high system that diffuses the energy, if either storm is over colder water at the time.


Ladies first, at the end of the period of the eclipse influence, hurricane Fay caused over $3 million in damage during mid October. Following close on her heels a few days later, when Sun reached the opposition point, conjunct the eclipse Moon, Hurricane Gonzalo wreaked havoc in Bermuda, causing at least $200 million in damage. As suspected, it did weaken over cooler water but that didn't weaken the financial devastation. While the cost of human life wasn't very high, 3 lost their life in the Antilles and the remnants were felt all the way to the UK, being indirectly responsible for 3 deaths there. It was the 1st category 4 hurricane to touch Bermuda since Ophilia in 2011 and the strongest of the season. It was the firs recorded season with two landfalls in Bermuda.

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Solar Eclipse April 29, 2014

Ask Not what you can do for your country,
ask what your country can do For You!

Solar Eclipse Saros 148 Mother Eclipse Astrology Chartthumb

This annular solar eclipse has a peculiar geometry. There is no where that the Moon's silhouette appears to be a perfect bull's-eye on the Sun's disk. Instead, it creates an off-centered ring, lasting only 49 seconds, and is visible only from a tiny bit of Antarctica. Australia will get the only next best view. With activities in Crimea in the back of mind, as I researched this rather young Saros Series, I realized that there is a strong sense of autonomy (♈, ♌, ♒), with this eclipse family focused on subservience(♍) and freedom (♈) vs captivity (♓). I am using the time and location of greatest eclipse, to read the general influences. Usually I use Placidus house system, reserving Regiomontanus for horary. But, that seems contradictory, and after looking at this chart in both forms, Regio makes more sense. Hover over the thumbnail to see the larger image of the mother eclipse chart. Greatest eclipse was at 3:55:44 pm UT, very near Autumn equinox, September 21, 1653, in the Southern Hemisphere, being a South node Saros, in the early stages of growth and evolution. South node Solar eclipses are new beginnings that come with the end of some specific thing, something that has to be released as part of the outgrown past. It starts in ♍ Virgo, the sign of service, also covering inferior positions like employees and slaves, analysis, perfection, assimilation (including how any person or group is assimilated into the larger group or society as a whole), obligations or duty, health issues and frugality or scarcity. Servants and services of all kinds fall under ♍ Virgo, including public servants like police, military, politicians and anyone we hire to carry out a service for us. Virgo intercepted in the 12th house could represent a secret service to be developed. ♍ Virgo is balanced by ♓ Pisces, who is rather intangible in many respects, covers the unseen, our ideals, hidden motives, synthesis, imagination which can either be psychic insight or pure illusion and false, real and synthetic. ♓ Pisces teaches us that none of us are perfect, but we strive toward perfection, that separation is really an illusion, that we are all collectively one, the microcosm within the macrocosm.

One physical example of Piscean positive synthesis would be those nutrients we don't or can't ingest or assimilate, calling in ♓ Pisces to synthesise what we need. The Sun is connected in some way to what must be let go of or released through the South Node. The synthesis of vitamin D from exposure to the Sun is one example of synthesis and the Sun being released so it can be absorbed by our skin. Yet we are told to hide our skin with sunscreen. Between this health scare and more jobs carried out indoors or at night, people may not get enough sunlight to provide their needs. Modern food providers are using synthetic (Pisces) vitamins added to food, including D, Niacin or B3, historically synthesized from nicotine where it was discovered, or B5, B7, B9, B12 K2, which are synthesized through bacteria in the gut. In the world of labor, much that used to be done manually (♍) is now being done synthetically (♓) by machines. Even some military planes are not manned. This is a new start in ♍ Virgo, while pointing out that this is exactly where what we need to let go of is found. This is doubly emphasized by the eclipse falling in the 12th house of suffering, self undoing, captivity, illusion, the collective unconscious, synthesis and unfinished business of the past. Not all synthetics are as good as their natural counterpart. Slavery, of course, and any kind of discrimination that enslaves us are the most obvious areas falling under this eclipse. Even with slavery ended and later, desegregation efforts, changes in the law to give people of Asian and African descent equal rights, there still isn't full assimilation into American society. There are whole neighborhoods where people considered a minority, are huddled together, creating their own segregated community, resulting in nothing more than another form of imprisonment, even if self imposed. In 1653 slavery was alive and well. Freedom and equality was not the norm. In fact, people were even told how to believe and worship. We have come a long way toward eliminating Virgoan manual labor, but at what expense to health and prosperity? Much of the labor is now being done by people in other countries, under horrible conditions and still can't feed their family well. In order to balance this eclipse energy, the synthetic material produced by ♓ must be close enough to the natural form that it can be assimilated correctly and fully. Otherwise needs aren't met and balance isn't achieved. When this saros series was born, the Lunar eclipse that occurs April 15 had been going strong for 631 years. I believe the theme for both these eclipses is shown through the history of England for 1653.

In February the 1st of 4 Anglo-Dutch wars began, England ultimately dominating trade. This would have consequences with colonies in baby America and could be seen as part of the basis for the war for Independence. The end of April, Oliver Cromwell dissolves (a Piscean quality) the Rump Parliament. The rump is the hind end and this occasion is the first time the word was used in this way. The Rump Parliament was the remnant of the legitimate parliament left over after those hostile to the intention of trying King Charles I for high treason. In the background of this eclipse is a harsh waning square from the lights to Mars and Uranus, which could describe a conspiracy to forcefully remove the leader. King Charles was tried and beheaded. Any time Mars is in harsh aspect there can be violence, aggression or forceful action. Uranus brings the sudden and unexpected, turbulence and even explosive qualities that are found during hurricanes, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes or civil uprisings.

The partner to ♍ Virgo is reflected here too because ♓ Pisces covers hidden enemies and the outer or furthest edge (like the feet being the furthest from the head or even the fringe element, extreme right or left), remnants (♓ Pisces is called the dustpan of the zodiac) or left overs (unfinished business) and rump came to mean remnant, as well as the hind end. July 4, the Rump successor, Barebones Parliament met for the first time but was short lived, ending by December due to conflicts that heated up about the time of this eclipse. This paved the way for Cromwell's Protectorate, which became the first time Scotland wasn't an autonomous state. Of course, Ireland has a history of being conquered, divided and is split to this day, one half being autonomous, the other being under England's rule. The conflicts were mostly about tithes and anything that was similar to Catholicism, but other things were sources of contention too. Praise-God Barebones was also a minister, by the way. Tithes could be seen as a sort of tax. Under the light of this eclipse, there was quite a spy network being developed by John Thurloe, the Secretary of State to Cromwell. So, we have trade war, civil war, spies, arguments over what form of government to have, who should decide for the people. Fast forward to the current time we have a vast spy network, trade being used as blackmail and punishment, Russia moving in to aid some of the Crimeans, stating they have the right to vote out belonging to one country and join another, the US saying they don't have the right and Russia will be punished if they don't leave. I seem to recall our forefathers taking their right to be free from England and later, a ♍ Virgo issue called slavery being the trigger for many states choosing to separate from the US, to be autonomous. I suppose England thought we were violating law too, since they wanted to control us and reap the benefits. Perception doesn't make it so, though. While the topic that sparked the US civil war was ♍ Virgo slavery, the real issue was who had the right to govern, the State or the Federal government. This reminds me of a time when I challenged someone that bragged about equality within the relationship, yet withheld property and used force against a mate. When faced with the hypocrisy his response was to say that was different, she wasn't doing what he wanted her to.

The 4 critical degrees of the cardinal signs rule the angles in this mother eclipse. Events will be carried out in a very public manner. The protecting mother country, ♋ Cancer, sits on the MC and perfectly fits the protectorate that was birthed during this time. Russia is acting as the protector of Crimea, was the mother country at one time and the people want to return. The US is acting as the protector of Ukraine that wants to hold on to Crimea, much like a master wants to hold on to the slave and like our own North wanting to hold on to the South. Trade is likely a huge motivating force for US and the EU's interpretation of the legality of the Crimean vote concerning rejoining Russia. In the last decade, imports from Russia have tripled, mostly oil and gas. If Crimea rejoins Russia, this will give them that much more natural resources to benefit from, more rights to a major waterway and political power in the world. Remembering that each sign is only half of an axis, ♓ Pisces covers oil and also intangible things like fear or imagined threat. ♍ Virgo covers food imports like grains. The need to import anything binds two entities together no less than the two fishes of ♓ Pisces are bound, one headed upstream, the other down. ♍ Virgo, in this mother eclipse, is at the end of her rope, near the end of the sign, the sign of the military, house of hidden enemies and self inflicted problems, as well as the the collective unconscious that makes us all one. This is a very magnetic eclipse, the lights being intercepted, and showing there are some things that have been neglected. Due to the timing and extreme Southern location (just as Crimea is the extreme south of the Ukraine), there are 3 interceptions. With Placidus, only Virgo and Pisces are intercepted. Issues based on money or moveable goods, ownership, the value system or set prices, and resources we depend on others for (taxes, international efforts, humanitarian aid etc) will be drawn in, ♉ Taurus/♏ Scorpio intercepted. We will see things connected to the neck or throat, the rump or hind end, eliminatory processes and all things unavoidable, such as taxes, insurance, reproduction-birth and death. The theme of the April Lunar eclipse will be drawn into this eclipse theme too because Leo and Aquarius intercepted are the signs of Lunar Saros 122 mother eclipse. See above for issues connected to this sign axis. The health axis is also intercepted. But, this is just the foundation, the birth of the goal that is to be accomplished.

The highest ideal would be to serve those that are limited or afflicted, letting go of the idea that others are there to serve us, just as JF Kennedy said. But this president has spoke only of what the country can do for it's citizens, using the word free, not being honest about who is paying for it or even without knowing the money is there to cover all this "free" healthcare. A lower manifestation, while we're figuring it out, could involve creating a situation where others are dependent in order to have control over them, to enslave them. Indentured servants come to mind, as well as a huge population in poverty, dependant on government assistance, which makes them more likely to turn a blind eye to what is going on within government, depending on imports rather than being self sufficient, large corporations using employees as disposable assets. Finally, the dragon's tail or rump and the midpoint of Sun-Moon and Saturn indicates a negative use of friendship or good will, using or offering assistance to others that takes advantage of them. Munkasey says of Saturn/Node, "The creation or building of authority or pride; new ties to allies; help from others in times of internal difficulties; foreign enterprises which offer assistance; long standing ties and relationships to old friends." But when negative, "A country or people in inner turmoil which does not request help from others; a country which does not know how to use organizations for assistance or aid; trying to do things internally without outside help or aid." Sun=Mercury/Node adding to the emphasis on trade and travel routes. (The search for Malaysian flight 370 comes to mind.) To sum up the mother chart interceptions, there is a strong need to end slavery of all kinds, to recognize and honor the inalienable rights of all human beings and their value to society. If we truly do this, we will realize that even the poor serve a purpose in civilization. When treated properly they are motivated to work their way out of poverty and in the meantime, they give those not so poor one way to do good in the world, through helping those that are their human brothers and sisters, although less fortunate. I'm not saying someone should be forced to help someone else but if there were no poor their might not be anyone to make others feel needed. No man is an island, even if their name happens to be Lyle.

Just 2 days after this eclipse occurred in 1942, President Roosevelt signed an executive order that would put many thousands of people from the West coast, based on race or place of origin, into captivity, primarily those of Japanese ancestry, over half of them American citizens. On April 9, with Neptune (imprisonment) conjunct the mother eclipse degree, hundreds of thousands lost their homes and businesses and were gathered, similar to Jews abroad. He put a department of Agriculture (♍ mother eclipse) person in charge. ♍ Virgo works the earth, (the majority of the American-Japanese were land owners that worked the earth) the 12th house covers these prisons and the concentration camps that the Nazis were using for Jews and the US for those of Japanese ancestry. This order carried out against many US citizens, lasted the whole time this eclipse had influence, until 1946. This eclipse was opposite the mother eclipse degree, the final in a trio within ♓ Pisces (the natural sign that covers confinement, which would include hospital confinement, incarceration or captivity) eclipses. Watch for anything similar taking place at the world's hotspots.

One event that clearly ties into US activities this year connects to a man that had an amazing knack for getting government contracts, Henry Kaiser. A few years prior, he started a health care plan and during 1942 he formed the 1st HMO, Health Maintenance Organization, Kaiser Permanente, in partnership with a doctor. That same year, Congress began to systematically eliminate individual insurance, giving a tax deduction to employers, but not individuals, for insurance premiums. This was also on the West coast, Oakland, CA. For decades, the Kaiser HMO (employees compelled by the union to join) was the only major one around until a Kaiser descendant buddied up with Richard Nixon, leading to the HMO act of 1973. Kaiser Permanente is the largest managed care company in the US. Besides insurance, they own hospitals, the first financed by U.S. Maritime Commission. They have come under scrutiny in recent years for such things as forcing arbitration on members then waiting long periods to address complaints, until the patient dies so they only have to pay half the amount to the surviving spouse. They've been sued repeatedly for "patient dumping". At last report, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Kaiser Foundation Hospitals entities reported a combined $1.6 billion in net income on $47.9 billion in operating revenues. Of course, part of that operating expense is their CEO salary of 9 million annually, doctors' salaries, etc. Yet, the workers, which include nurses have had to strike repeatedly. Health care is easily the biggest business in the US. These jobs are the majority in any help wanted ads. This is another ♓ entity, big business or large institutions. Also accomplished by Kaiser, the building of a ship (♓ Pisces and the 12th house) in less than 5 days, a smaller one in only 71 hours 40 minutes in November of that year. He employed many women, mostly considered unskilled or manual labor (♍). He replaced rivets by teaching employees how to weld. This would also be a Piscean quality, two things bound together.

When this eclipse occurred in 1960, the lights were in ♈ Aries, the solstice sign to ♍ Virgo. ♈ Aries reflects or models what ♍ Virgo is lacking and ♍ Virgo teaches ♈ Aries what he most needs to build in, making them perfect mates if they're willing to grow. ♍ Virgo needs to not be a doormat, receive fairly for the service she provides and also learn to value freedom, independence and taking the initiative. ♈ Aries needs to finish what he starts and do a good job, while being willing to get his hands dirty, knowing he can wash up and renew himself when he's done. A recession began that lasted a year, echoing the ♍ Virgo theme of forced frugality. There was an added theme of powerful world leaders, fitting the ♈ Aries nature. The US election was gearing up and JF Kennedy won the election later that year, basing his campaign on a "New Frontier" (fitting ♈ Aries), and asking what the citizens can do for their country. The civil rights (♈) war was still being fought, the Civil Rights Act of 1960 being one milestone in May of that year. Also fitting ♈ Aries, the battle was the free world against communist Russia. Catholicism was in the spotlight then, just as when the eclipse family began. Kennedy was the 1st US president that was Catholic, and the youngest, which fits ♈ Aries. On election eve 1960, ☽ squared the eclipse degree, the public was ready to break tradition. Once this New Moon eclipse was perfected, ☉ and ☽ were both void of course, meaning something can be overlooked more easily and catch people off guard. It an be a dangerous time to be day dreaming because the last aspect was an explosive square to ♂ and ♅. Kennedy was elected and assassinated under the influence of this eclipse family. At the time, Pluto, Mars (connected with violence, death and the underworld) and Venus were all touching the mother eclipse, the latter 2 out of bounds. That 1960 eclipse was tightly aspected by Jupiter through both degree and declination. Immediately following his death, LBJ cancelled his order to withdraw from Vietnam and increased the troops quickly after. There are some that believe this was a political assassination and this little fact adds support for that notion. If that was true, I think this is similar to King Charles being ousted.

On the day of the eclipse in 1978, again in ♈ Aries, President Jimmy Carter announced the postponement of the production of the neutron bomb. Each occurrence of a member of a saros series should show growth and maturity according to what lessons we learned with the past occurrences. Heavy Mars involvement shows there are things to learn about the use of force or aggression, military action, mismanaged temper, ♍ adds the military into the mix. But, the ♍ Virgo frugality or blue collar theme was involved too. During this year, mortgage interest rates sky-rocketed to well over 10% and the balloon or variable rate mortgage was born. It was the beginning of a long recession with the prime interest rate spiking to 20% under the light of this eclipse. ♍ Virgo is a mutable, variable and adjustable sign. ♈ Aries is moveable and impulsive, rarely finishing what he starts. Again, the South node involved in this eclipse family implies there will be loss, maybe waste and something that needs to be released or put behind us, as we begin a new phase.

With the 1996 version, the last in ♈ Aries, fitting a spontaneous individual mandate, President Clinton signed the line item veto bill half way between the prior Lunar and this Solar eclipse, April 9. Then, the following day, fitting the late term degree and tendency to not finish what has been begun, of the ♈ Aries eclipse, he blocks the ban on late term abortions, in essence saying mothers never need give themselves selflessly to their unborn child, follow though with what was begun (♈ Aries) at conception, through the mother eclipse 12th house ♍ Virgo theme. Later that year, at the Autumn Equinox and under another eclipse, he signed into law, the Defence of Marriage Act, opening the door to many states banning gay marriage, the constitutionality eventually being challenged. (See 2014 Spring Equinox update.) Also fitting the ♍ Virgo theme, her glyph being one used as a symbol for minum, the minimum wage was raised, more fitting of the high degree of the eclipse mother and child. Currently, President Obama is making rounds campaigning to raise it again, around $3/hr. I agree that everyone should have a right to a living wage but more than likely this will slow down rather than create jobs, keep more at part time, with less benefits. Also back in 96, France and China both agree to end nuclear testing, Venus (peace and love) and Pluto (death and destruction) both at the gates of man in Gemini. I don't know that I'd call France and China twins but Gemini at least likes to do things in pairs.

Perhaps the most important US event in 1996 connected to this eclipse family is the start of the phasing out of a US department called the United States Information Agency, known abroad as the USIS when it was operating in other countries, and the birth of a private company naming itself United States Investigations Service, USIS. According to their website,

USIS was established in July 1996 as a result of the privatization of the investigative branch of the Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

At their founding, the eclipse ruler, Mercury and Mars were aspecting the Moon and Sun. Besides the analysis of Virgo, Mercury is in charge of all information services. The OPM had been restructured previously, during the year of the previous occurrence of this Saros series in 1978. So, USIS originally had the same name as the government entity it was replacing. They got a contract without a bid, also. They have over half the government contracts doing background checks, including that of Edward Snowden and accused shooter, Aaron Alexis. This year, as they have their 1st nodal return and repeat of the eclipse families, the DOJ has filed suit against USIS, accusing fraud, to the tune of $12 million of tax payer dollars when they allegedly falsified background checks on over half a million people. The company has also done ERU trainings on U.S. military bases, since the time of General David Petreaus. They've been accused by a whistle blower of human rights violations and of killing Iraqis when doing real life missions, not training exercises as they were supposedly doing. They've had this contract renewed twice and is paid through Pentagon funds. They've had a contract to watch our border from towers and another tracking illegal aliens. Much of their work fits Virgo in the 12th house, with strong Mars flavorings. Both Pisces and Virgo are connected to privacy private service providers and working behind the scenes.

Solar Eclipse Saros 148 2014 eclipse Astrology Chartthumb

The current member of this family falls at critical 8°♉ Taurus, a fixed and more stable sign with a theme of disposable resources, value, acquisition. It lasts 4 hours 21 minutes 51 seconds so will last at least that long in years, 4 years, 4 months, 3 weeks or so. When I look at the overall chart, it seems to be speaking of premature starts and long overdue endings that are necessary for balance. Yet, it is a new beginning, one that comes with loss of some sort. The eclipse line runs up through the east side of India, at the border with Bangladesh and north through China. It's quite possible that the Malaysian flight went down at that longitude, South of there. The lights are on the IC at about 131 East, a line running through Louisiana and North, South through southern Mexico and Guatemala. Mars and Uranus are facing off, wreaking havoc in California, Nevada and north. See Bundy ranch update under the earlier Total eclipse. I'm sure the fight there isn't over. The two are in opposition along the meridian about 61 east, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and running north. There is also strong potential for turbulence in the area of the Atlantic where hurricanes often form. The season should prove to be active. With the eclipse on the IC running through the gulf, that could draw energy into that area, especially with the messenger and wind maker, Mercury close by.

Instead of encouraging us to ask what we can do for our country, as Kennedy did, Obama is proclaiming what he and the country is doing for us through mandated health insurance, with the consequences being that the public is sacrificing much for their country. For those in the US that make enough to pay taxes, the total is as high as 60% of income. The mandated health care costs are expected to be affordable at 9.5% of household income, the excess possibly being turned into a subsidy, creating another tax burden. All of the monthly premium amounts I've heard from people are as much or more than my mortgage payment. How many people can buy 2 houses? It doesn't take a math major to conclude that this added expense could take many out of the middle class and put them at the bottom with very little disposable income left. Health is the mother eclipse ♍ Virgo domain. Insurance, taxes and debt falls across from ♉ Taurus, who must pay for it. The eclipse with the dragon's tail points to less for the people, not more. One piece to the puzzle that has not been addressed while insisting on health care insurance for everyone, is the simple fact that the costs are way out of proportion to average income, than what they were just 40 years ago. According to, the cost of a doctor visit should range from $39-$387 for 5 to 60 minutes of time. A less expensive insurance plan has a deductible around $5000 plus co-pays that must be met. Don't worry though, the cap per year per family is $12,700 out of pocket expense. I punched some numbers into a calculator at the Kaiser foundation. Let's say a family of 3, parent ages between 45-60, income of 61,000, buys the cheapest bronze plan. It would cost 12,171 plus 5000 deductible plus 40% of everything except preventative like a yearly physical. They would qualify for a subsidy of 6,455, coming out of tax dollars. I suspect October Solar eclipse will bring an inevitable tax increase or another government shut down. Saturn is on the MC in D.C. supporting limitation and restrictions, the grand square spanning the tax/income and work-health/suffering axis. Many employers face penalties or higher employee benefit payouts. No new jobs, no new tax revenue. The eclipse and node falls in the 3rd house in D.C., a loss of some sort of freedom, perhaps, less for roads, transportation, eduction, trade or commerce. Local governments could sustain a loss or bear more of the burden. Perhaps there will be a higher gas tax to pay for health care?

The Southern parts of Russia and Ireland are the two areas falling under ♉ Taurus that stand out, Russia due to current events in Crimea and Ireland due to their history with England and division, similar to what is going on in the Ukraine and Crimea right now. Crimea and the Ukraine used to be part of Southern Russia. When this eclipse last occurred, the Ukraine created a new currency (♉ Taurus=money), and adopted a new Constitution, which is basically a document that defines a nation's value system, another ♉ Taurus domain. This occurred exactly as Neptune perfected a 2nd square to the eclipse Sun. Taurian money and other resources are king with the current eclipse. (Update, the US has frozen assets of Russian officials and is considering more sanctions, as of March 18.) The 2014 chart located for greatest eclipse shows the lights in the house of open adversaries ♈ Aries or enemies. Trade is surely to be an issue with Mercury so close by. Resources are doubly emphasized by the lights being at the midpoint of Venus and MC. To see Venus, although exalted, in sacrificial ♓ Pisces and in the house of health care and military, hints that many will be paying for more than they will ever get, sacrificing to pay for those who are very low income and/or the military will be more active with a new initiative. Lady love is opposing the mother eclipse. There is clearly no love expressed between Obama and Putin. The South node position tells me there assimilation of waste due to impulsive decisions and could be a loss of freedom, rights, even health or resources.

In the background of this eclipse is a cardinal grand square, Mars opposed Uranus, square Jupiter opposed to Pluto. Expect the unexpected, explosive outbursts or rebellion, even war, expanding power and power plays, religious or foreign interest motives. This will act like 2 huge magnets placed perpendicular to each other, perhaps even working at cross purposes with each other, across the government axis and the health/military/hidden enemy axis. The eclipse lights are making a waning inconjunct or quincunx to Mars. I see this as an entity already having applied pressure to get what they want, an open confrontation already taking place or ultimatum given (opportunity for compromise) and now the last resort pressure is applied, highly aware of the problem. By the time this eclipse takes place this process could already have been completed between Russia and the US with it's allies in agreement, putting pressure on Russia to leave Crimea. But, I doubt it and even if so, expect a sudden block of energy in carrying it to completion. I'm sure there will be other places this scenario fits too. As the square between Uranus and Pluto perfects (1 of 8 during a 5 year period), I expect to see power plays, manipulation that leads to rebellion or used to create an uprising. At it's most destructive there could be intense explosions but if used for positive evolutionary growth, something will be taken away that will allow for healthy evolution. Uranus takes things away and Pluto transforms it into something better.

In our personal lives in the US, the new health insurance mandate fits perfectly, the pressure having been applied, the deadline past and now the pressure of dwindling resources going to insurance will begin to take its toll over the next 4 years. ♉ Taurus eclipses can bring troubles for cattle, trade, business, agriculture, acquisitions, financial agreements, world economics, solicitors or bankers, negotiators, which might include ambassadors. I believe Lily also included large buildings in the mix. Banks or places where money changes hand, hard cash or digital currency, would be the most Taurian type of large building. But, based on the mother eclipse, it is those things where one attempts to subdue or have power over the other, that will be most troubled. It may be wise to secure assets and protect the neck region, particularly from air born micro-organisms or violence directed at the neck. This reminds me that during the summer of 2012 a strange virus was going around that made me hoarse, but my voice was high pitched instead of low and raspy. It lasted for exactly 3 months. I picked it up at the doctor's office. Venus had been square Neptune while square my natal Sun. A little research revealed that during the last time this saros occurred, in 1996, over 12,000 died in Africa from meningitis. I think I'll keep my Immunity oil blend handy. This hit close to home because Pfizer, who bought out what used to be UpJohn in my town, distributed an experimental drug. They were sued and settled after huge public outcry there. They denied it was the drug but the trial’s certificate of approval from a hospital ethics board was forged. They later got approval, released it for general use, it had to be withdrawn in Europe, was restricted in the US because it was causing fatal liver damage. This fits the health/drug interception of the mother eclipse. The hidden enemy is very close to this eclipse, ☿, with the dispositor, ♀, in one of the health signs in the 6th house of health. We could either see Mercury as the salesman, making a slick sale or as a shapeshifting microorganism.

Update April 27 as Mercury reaches the eclipse degree:As if to be a foreshadow of the sainthood theme mentioned under the next total eclipse coming in October, Pope Francis, who ignores the rules for 2 miracles required and who has failed to allow extradition of Archbishop Jozef Wesolowski to Polish law enforcement authorities who want to charge him with sexually assaulting children in the Dominican Republic, has just sainted Popes John Paul II and John XXIII. Both hid sex abuse and kept the clergy from paying for their crimes like every other citizen must. This order was sent out by John XXIII, outlining the top secret nature of any investigations into abuse, stating that threat of scandal is one reason to change the rule about interrogating witnesses. Scandal or public revelation was to be avoided at all cost. On Monday, the 28th, under the shadow of this eclipse, hearings begin concerning sexual abuse by clergy belonging to Christian Brothers, against boys as young as 5 that took place in Australia. The Royal Commission investigating, has received a document dated in 1993, under the watch of Pope John Paul II, sent to Superior General of the Christian Brothers of Rome, that shows knowledge of this abuse dating back to 1920, and an order negotiated with Catholic rescue societies in the UK and Malta for thousands of child migrants to be shipped to Australian orphanages, vulnerable to the advances of these pedophiles wearing the protecting vestments of the church. Some monks rapped up to 50 boys. One Brother wrote in 1941, “As long as outsiders do not become aware, we may hope for better times after the war.” Perhaps I should have named this Saros Series "Ask not what your church can do for you, ask what you can do for your church." Expect to loose your place in heaven if you don't obey, though.

Also on the same date, acting as a health care worker that came here from Saudi Arabia just before the eclipse, a tiny microorganism in the form of a virus, ruler of the respiratory system and even domesticated animals, made their debut in the US, the first case of MERS, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome. It isn't highly contagious but has a rather high mortality rate and originated with the camel, although they don't yet understand how it is passed to humans. It was diagnosed in Indiana, just south of my state, within a couple days of his arrival at the Chicago airport. Keep in mind that the mother eclipse resides in the hospital house, sign of health care and ☿ rules this Saros Series. Transiting ☽ and ♆ both contacted the mother eclipse ☿ though declination that day, He was in a sign that implies close one on one contact, how this virus is spread. That is why I focus on the mother eclipse as much as the current one. It is the foundation, sort of like the MtDna. The main part of Arabia is given to the earth signs, including Virgo, by Ptolemy, with Sagittarius and Jupiter having secondary influence. Mars was square the eclipse from Sag in the mother chart.

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Total Lunar Eclipse October 8, 2014

Structural Realism or Security Maximizer?

Lunar Mother Eclipse Saros Series 127 Astrology Chartthumb

This series of Lunar eclipses began with the Moon, ☽, about 15° ahead of the dragon's tail, ☋ in July of 1275, with greatest eclipse having Moon at the Zenith on the eastern side of Australia, which is how this chart is located. Moon, was at 23♑31, Sun at 23 ♋ 34 at greatest eclipse. Food and shelter or mother, home and family are key to the Lunar message, with Sun's message being a career and status in the community being necessary to provide what the family needs. Family vs State, State vs Federal or National, Private and autonomous Self Government vs Public or subjection to an outside authority (such as the Papal form of government), family owned vs large corporations, need for emotional security vs need to use power and authority are other potential themes.

These signs and this axis represent our food, security needs, home, family (♋) and structure, order, career, status, self discipline, self sufficiency and government or authority figures (♑). Mother-☽ is in her detriment in ♑ because she isn't able to care for her children if she is working away from home to provide structure or the foundation through which her home is paid for. It might be said also, that mother is in her detriment when she must depend on public assistance in order to fulfil her duties to her family. This is complicated by the fact that women traditionally don't get paid as much on the job as their male counterparts. ☉ is even more debilitated because he is peregrine, like a foreigner, perhaps not being known to his children or the state. But, he isn't equipped with either the breasts or womb that ♋ provides, necessary to grow and nurture a child, which he needs in order to have descendants or to leave a physical legacy. Further, most men aren't as inclined to tend to the nurturing needs, which require giving up the ego that goes with a career that has a pay check attached to it. Fortunately they are in mutual reception with each other through face, want each other to fill a void or to supply the need they can't for themselves. This gives them much more strength and dignity because then they are doing what comes naturally, Luna being back in her home sign, Sol warming the earth. It isn't considered very politically correct to assign gender roles but we can't deny that most women are more suited to tending to the needs of children, creating a comfortable home and nourishing sustenance. There are exceptions of course, like my sons who do most or all of the cooking after they come home from work. ☉ has some additional help, an advantage through mutual reception with ♂, the strength, energy and initiative that is an extra masculine outgoing force. It should be noted that this reception is stronger than with ☾. So what we have here is the ability to make an exchange so that both party's needs are met, as long as ☋ doesn't focus just on ♂. They are also contra-antiscion to each other. It is important that the masculine entity makes both exchanges because if not, he might misuse the Martian force and burn the food or worse, project misguided Martian energy onto the family, the little ones that are vulnerable or the community. This planet also represents military and police. In the mundane world, this would be like a public that can be productive and that is needed by a government so the nation can exist, with their offering in the exchange being that they can supply structures like roads, schools, security that military and police will protect, measures to protect assets, structure currency and other necessities of a nation. On the individual level, this combination can be combined to produce supermom or superdad, someone that is able to have a successful career or income source, take care of the home and be both mom and dad, using Mars to give the energy necessary. But, even Superman has his kryptonite. There just aren't enough hours in the day (a resource) to do it all ourselves. We must trust someone else to help, and money available to pay them.

Expanding this to the international level, in the last decade, a philosophical viewpoint has been consciously developed and been named structural realism (♑) or neorealism, the idea that power (♇) is the most important factor in international relations. It's as if this idea had to first be named before Uranus and Pluto could work through their struggle of the opening square in their cycle. Classical realism held that international politics was driven by strategy, motivation, ego and other things that make us human. Structural realism is based on the idea that structural constraints (♑) determine human behavior in international relations. That structure may be a network, lattice or hierarchy. Each state or entity is concerned with self interest (♈) and survival, never completely trusts the other entities and therefore builds an offensive force (♈). Each entity has similar needs but are not all equal in capabilities for fulfilling those needs. This tends to limit cooperation (♎) through fear of dependency (♋). If we depend on them they could take advantage or withhold what we need if we displease them. I think it is a mistake to divorce humanness from the equation. Ego is a cover for fear and vulnerability. Self respect is fear turned into love that then shines and warms others.

There is another complication, similar to the grand Cardinal square during the Spring eclipses, that might also bring in the Cardinals within the Catholic church, involved in the secrecy shrouding the sexual abuse against children. The nodal axis joined by powerful Pluto is square both Jupiter (clergy and law) and Saturn (ultimate authority). Jupiter, being at the South bend, is required to give up his rights (♈), although historically, hasn't done so. In essence, the clergy has placed themselves above the law. They have stood against (☍ ♄) allowing their clergy to stand before outside authorities. The Catholic church has been much like the crab, with the Vatican walls being like the shell that protects the insiders, whereas they should have their protection inside, like the bone structure that helps us walk like humans that have their heads held high. They take an oath before God to give up human desire (☋ ♇). But, because it is self destructive and not good for health (6th house JUpiter) to go against nature, it manifests as Mars gone wild (♂ ∆ ♃, * ♄). There is another mutual reception that gives ☉ an advantage, with ♃. This could lead to excessive need and selfishness, especially among clergy. ♃ has an even more powerful and compelling mutual reception with ♂, through rulership. This creates a recipe for licentiousness. You can take this same combination and apply it to any government structure, even the family.

The ascendant suggests intimate relationships, the law, open enemies are the persona through which this eclipse family will act. The US once went to war based on an illusion that the perceived enemy had weapons of mass destruction, a fear invoking accusation. Could the theme of this eclipse family involve martial misuse of power, daring to stand in the place of God? That clearly could be the case, seeing ♄ building to □ ♇, which fits with the current series of 8 squares between the latter and ♅ taking place. This is further supported through ♂ in mutual reception with ♃, martial figures acting as judge or passing judgment. This combination could show husband or males in general, police or other of that type of authorities using force or domination. They, as well as the clergy could have sexual or sexist motivation, that also being an 8th house issue that ♂ is more than a little familiar with. This is further complicated by the cardinal grand square that speaks of a tug of war between deflation and inflation, contraction and expansion, working at cross purposes with past power, bullies or manipulation that needs to give way to a better future where there can be more instead of less security and things that families need. The only practical way this grand square can be overcome is for less to be coming into government or the traditional powers that be, and more staying within the family, lower costs for eduction, housing, food, gas, healthcare and other things that make us more secure.

A peek at history reveals the writings of Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas, not long before he died were the target of severe censure by the Roman Catholics at the University of Paris (both belonging to ♃ or ♐). Of course, they both were later made saints so there seems to be a huge dilemma. (Also see April 27 update under the Solar eclipse above) They believed women were subject, subordinate to men, but a bit higher than slaves, still fitting with ♍. Aquinas believed that women are defective and not created in the image of God, that they must be punished for bringing sin into the world. Hmmm. The way I read it is that God told Adam, not Eve, to abstain from the fruit. Adam then told his wife she must not eat it either, and added one, she must also not touch it. Here is a hint of ♂ □ ♆ deception or delusion. Even though they were censured, his theology came into favor in 1879.

Sometime around 1275 both the Gallina and Anasazi ceased to exist as communities within New Mexico. The latter headed South west and assimilated into other tribes but all the Gallina found were massacred, one example being the skeleton of a 2 year old with the skull bashed in, others with axe cuts and broken bones, all very Martian sounding. The eclipse Moon sign covers bones though. The end of these people would be a South Node event. The Zohar, the major work on Jewish mysticism (♓) was authored that year and Marco Polo was in the service of Kublai Khan beginning in 1275. He served in the salt administration (Salt was used as currency and ♂ sits in the money axis). Dissection of human bodies into parts was taboo (♇ with ☋) back then but Saliceto wrote the earliest known record of human dissection that year. The day of the 1960 version, Muhammed Ali, then Cassius Clay, took the gold (Sun) in the Olympics. The day of the 1978 version, another Muhammed took the throne, Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq, president of Pakistan. He was the longest serving president, had declared Martial law for the 3rd time in their history and died in office. So here we see a very good example of Mars in mutual reception with the Sun. President Regan was a strong supporter and sponsor. The relationship soured then improved with President Carter's term. The day after this eclipse, the Camp David Accords were signed between Israel and Egypt. Also very near the eclipse, Pope John Paul I died after only 34 days in office. The Jim Jones suicide massacre, mentioned under the Spring Total eclipse, is perfectly described in this mother eclipse, showing the interconnectedness of Saros families. ♇ was on the MC there, 918 people dead, with ♄, the other ruler of death rising, the spiritual leader, ♃ falling on the setting side of the horizon. Mars in Sag rarely does anything in a small way. he was opposing the mother eclipse Venus in the 8th, Moon square eclipse degree shortly before. The day of the 1996 eclipse, Taliban took the Afghan capitol. Soon after, ethnic violence broke out in refugee camps in Zaire, the US later sending aid for the 1.2 million starving. 2 months after the eclipse, President Clinton appoints the 1st female Secretary of State, his wife being the 2nd. She shamed her position by being filmed saying, "Disgusting Serbs, get out!", at a book signing. This is a perfect event to be described by mother eclipse ♀ in chatty ♊, hooked up with shocking ♅ in the 8th house of taboos.

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Lunar Eclipse Saros 127 2014 Astrology Chartthumb

Back To The Future

This is the 2nd total eclipse this year. With the current eclipse, Earth will be completely casting her shadow over Moon at 10:55:44 AM UT on October 8.

map of lunar saros 127 visibility 2014

This map shows where it is visible and the chart is located at the center of greatest visibility. (Hover over chart see the larger image) Totality lasts for 59 minutes. Altogether, it lasts 4 hours 19 minutes, an influence of about 4.5 months usually. In this case, though, it may last as many years because ☿ is retrograde, going back to the future eclipse degree.

This is a very rare eclipse, displaying itself in a way that is geometrically impossible and may restore faith that miracles are possible. An optical illusion caused by the bending of light will enable some to see both lights, even though they are exactly 180° apart with the Earth keeping the Sun's light from reaching Moon. this bending or refraction of light causes each of them to appear higher in the sky than their true geometric position. I'm imagining it being comparable to someone around a corner viewing something hidden from view, through a reflection in a window or mirror. The red color of a blood Moon comes from Moon catching the light from all the simultaneous sunrises and sunsets around the globe. Those along the North American east coast who can see both the east and west horizon may see both the rising Sun and eclipsed Moon during a small window of time beginning about 6:25 AM EDT, just before sunrise, up until maybe 6:55 AM, time of greatest eclipse. This rare phenomenon is called a selenelion or selenehelion, horizontal eclipse. In Boston, Sun rises at 6:49 AM with Moonset at 6:54 AM EDT,so I'm guessing the best chance for viewing both lights is shortly before until shortly after those two times. A roof top or somewhere with a view to the east and west horizon is necessary. A bit of trivia to add to the mystery of this eclipse ties it back to the April eclipse that feel on the first day of passover. There is an asteroid named angel. Right now it is in the sign of Scorpio. Might this be symbolically called the angle of death that passes over? I have seen evidence that we all have an angel that hovers over us and this asteroid will be in Scorpio for both eclipses this month, reaching 15° Scorpio, the cross quarter holiday marker that has historically been connected to the archangel Oriel (Uriel, Auriel, "G_d is my light"), during the coming Solar eclipse. He is said to be the angel of repentance, watching over terror and thunder.

The signs are the same as the April 15 Total eclipse, except the lights are reversed. Sun, the source of the light, is in justice loving Libra, with the reflector of light, Moon, in freedom loving Aries. There is another reversal too. The mother eclipse signs are now the horizon signs, ruler of the ascendant being at a critical degree, hinting there could be a crisis or critical event. If I have chosen names for these eclipses well, we could put them together to create a campaign promise of a country promising to give great things to it's people, as long as they are willing to give them the power to do so. Russia and the US both come to mind here. Is the cost to high? With the Spring eclipse it is the masculine Solar force that is assertively grasping for power, with Moon representing the peace loving public, many sitting on the fence. Here, the public or an emotionally driven hothead, perhaps, is confronting the fallen leader. As an alternative, a leader that wants to pacify the public becomes more cooperative minded and willing to compromise. There is a 3rd possibility. What was initiated during the Spring eclipse time frame may be reversed, canceled, overturned. ♅ with ☽ in ♈ is even more volatile than the Spring position so expect the unexpected. Usually ♅ only takes away from us what we are better off without but it may not seem like it at the time and it can be rather disturbing. Relationships could come to an end or at least completely change with this eclipse. ☋=♀/☊ so expect a woman to be in the spotlight or perhaps, a demand for a more balanced budget, more equitable relationship. There could be an important diplomatic meeting where cooperation is sought.If negative, there can be a social aspect that negates a legislative approach. Could there be another fiscal cliff to deal with or action taken without legislative approval because of public opposition? ♃, ♂ and 9799 are positioned to carry out something in secret. The former two are all set to carry out a plan with ease too, ☽ using them to close the circuit as the one forming a grand trine. This should provide most of us with some easy flowing energy. Just be careful not to overdo. It does provide some protective energy so we can do something the way we want to, but that doesn't keep us from over extending or having a power surge and burning out.

This grand trine will be the way out of an imbalance that seems to have nothing else to help make it easier, other than money (⊗ on the descendant). ♇ creates an imbalance with the eclipse by being the apex of a T-Square. This imbalance is in the beginning stages, so not to late to make the corrections necessary to keep it from becoming a habitual problem. One thing that comes to mind as a possibility is the way they keep initiating temporary fixes, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul, giving our power away in order to have instant gratification and to avoid longer stalemates in Congress. Money might be the answer to the challenge but it has to be there in order to be able to grasp it. The people's income is unstable in a rather fixed way, at a critical point, reflecting debt and inflation or needing more (♃ □) being the only major activity. The people need to grasp the power that ♇ offers. In the US capitol, ♇ is on the IC, making home life rather intense; ♀ rising, showing the need for money and diplomacy. This combo could show financial manipulation. The angle signs repeat the mother eclipse theme, a more secure structure that is only possible through balance and some sort of regulation or negotiation. Overall, this is a very intense eclipse. Hopefully the coming solar eclipse will offer a more positive fresh start after the dust from this fire storm settles.

Update 9/27/14

I know it must seem strange to update even before an eclipse has occurred but there has been a personal event in my family that fits the eclipse theme very well, 'Structural Realism or Security Maximizer'. My son born with Sun at 19 Libra, position of the Lunar node at the coming eclipse, began to have severe pain in the upper leg (Jupiter or Sagittarius) about the time the anniversary of this mother eclipse occurred, in July, back to the future. He had just completed his Saturn return, not yet 30 years old. It turned out to be Chondrosarcoma, a rare cancer of the bone (Saturn and Capricorn) that originates in the cartilage. This mirrors the cardinal square during the mother eclipse of Jupiter opposite Saturn, both square the nodes, Saturn indicating a great loss because at the same degree as the nodes. The loss turned out to be his leg, counted on for stability, being a security maximizer. I often see eclipses and returns or progressions coming into effect about a month prior, which is the case here. It was amputated where it attaches to the hip, that and the femur both ruled by Jupiter. Structural realism has changed for him but he will be able to adapt to a prosthesis that will give him maximum security, under the circumstances. Uranus with Moon during this current eclipse perfectly matches the doctor saying this cancer is like a lightening strike, no warning, known reason or cause. May my sweet baby find a new kind of Libra balance that blesses him and those touched by him.

Update 2

My son passed less than a year from diagnosis, the cancer metastasizing to his lungs by the time they took his leg.He was conceived during my 30th year and left us during his 30th year.

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Solar Eclipse October 23, 2014

A Tiger by the Tail

Solar Saros 153 Mother Eclipse Astrology Chartthumb

The final eclipse of the year is an ascending (forward-future reaching) node eclipse that began as a partial eclipse far to the North on July 28, 1870, so it is a fairly new Saros, the current version being the 9th of 70. Mouse over the image to see the chart located at greatest eclipse. Because this is so far North, you must look at the chart flipped horizontally and vertically so that Saturn is the only planet hidden from view. The Sun is to the East but very far North. Although it would be more convenient to locate the chart somewhere else, this is the one way I can view it for the whole world, rather than one specific location. This saros certainly has a more youthful and playful feel to it, being in ♌ and the more elderly, great taskmaster, ♄ out of sight. We had just come through the industrial revolution and that left more time for leisure. More time for leisure brings more babies. ♌ also being creative or constructive, this eclipse coincided with the end of the Reconstruction period for the US, Georgia being the last to rejoin, marking the end of the Confederate States of America. At the same time, Manitoba became the 5th Canadian province and the US transferred Hudson Bay and the NW Territory to them. 10 days before the eclipse, Pope Pius IX declares the infallibility in matters of faith and morality. Very ironic in light of the sexual abuse plague that I am positive was going on at that time, as well as now. All was not fun and games, as France declared war on Prussia. The image below is what the sky really looked like, the day never growing dark.

Solar Saros 153 Mother Eclipse Sky Imagethumb

Eclipses in Leo are said to bring division among clergy, problems with royalty, destruction of ancient buildings and churches, besieging of towns and scarcity of grains. Fitting the children theme, sometime during that year infanticide was banned in India. ♇ was on the IC at the east side of the country during the eclipse, ♀ and ♂ were setting. When ♂ reached the eclipse degree on September 18 that year, Old Faithful, a popular tourist and vacation site, was observed and named. But, there is a potentially troubling configuration. ♆/♇=eclipse. On their own, this pair can dissolve or diminish the need for sex or bring fantasy into it, bring a loss of passion toward things that formerly gave pleasure, may ponder life's purpose or question the nature of reality. There can be changes in the body due to lack of care. In politics, mass medical care or psychiatry can be a focus. With Sun in the mix, there can be a determination to make changes with or without support. There can be light shed on what was before, unconscious or hidden from view. Moon added to the mix can bring need for short escapes and other things that support the emotional health or well being.

A bigger chart pattern here, includes all of the planets, a configuration called a locomotive. Fitting this pattern, just 4 days before the eclipse, 1st trans-US rail service began and shortly after, the world's first underground tube railway, the Tower Subway, opened in London. The driving force may not be apparent at first because the engine of this locomotive is ♄, hidden from view, like a subway underground, at the time of the eclipse. The caboose bringing up the rear is ☿. The spot that reveals where the energy is poured out is the midpoint of the two, originating at 14♎33 (the sign given to China, Japan, Eastern India, the area around the Caspian Sea, among others) but could also be seen at the opposite side of the axis, near the equatorial ascendant, a critical degree of ♈, the sign given to England, France and others in that quadrant of Ptolemy's world.This pair can involve controlling, condensing or limiting information, assessment, assimilation or health care, government run health care, perhaps. There can be delays or ending of negotiations, as well as business plans already in process. Messages or speeches might be shortened, with discomfort in presentation, or there might be limitations or restrictions put in place, in areas of commerce. It might bring more ignorance of the facts but also could help to formulate serious inquiry and would favor taking what information that is given, more seriously. Each place thoughts, information or communication is used, travel could be substituted, which would either make wasted trips more noticeable or make one more diligent about making every mile count. This would easily fit the midpoint spanning the financial axis too. Perhaps part of the theme is more economic or efficient means of transportation. If the boss, ♄, is requiring too much expense that is not compensated for, it is time for a review, ♄ ℞.

When the 1942 version occurred, a railway in Rotterdam was bombed by WWII resistance forces. The extermination of Jews began, Israel also belonging to the midpoint of that mother eclipse locomotive. This eclipse took place at critical 17♍, but the mother eclipse is always in the background.The negative expression of Leo can be a distorted ego that sees self as better than others, Virgo sometimes being considered the inferior servant. Ethnic violence coincided with the 1996 eclipse date too, Zairian refugee camps. A month later, as Venus reached the eclipse degree, President Carter approves relief for Zaire. In 1960, earlier in the month, the first shut down of the Pennsylvania Rail Road took place. One that was seen as royalty in the US, John F Kennedy, participated in the first televised debate under this eclipse, providing ♌ royalty and entertainment for millions. When ♃ made a closing square to the eclipse degree, he and Nixon participated in the 3rd debate. 3 is ♃'s number. That year it took place at the degree that the April Solar eclipse began in, so the two would have themes intertwined. Castro played the locomotive caboose during that week as he gave the longest speech in history, about as long as the average eclipse lasts, to the UN. I guess he hadn't become aware of ♄'s demands, as conductor. Chubby Checker's "Twist" was number one in the entertainment department. "My Heart Has a Mind of Its Own," by Connie Francis hit #! a week later, also echoing ♌, through ruling entertainment, the heart-☋ and ☿ ruling the mind. The 1978 version reflecting being in the sign of equality through the bill that approved minting the Susan B Anthony dollar, although very unpopular because it was to small. But woman's suffrage is a Libra theme. During the season of the 1996 version, another passenger train was bombed as Mercury and Sun made a square to the eclipse degree, in Assam by Bobo separatists.

A pair of stars called Aselli, the asses, are shining on the eclipse, Mercury and ascendant. They have some favorable qualities, like marital preferment, but can also accompany violence and danger. Remember, if you have a tiger by the tail, his jaws are free to attack.

Solar Saros 153 October 23, 2014 Astrology Chartthumb

The current version of Saros 153 is making the waxing square to the beginning, the lights being at 0° ♏. Again, because of the extreme north latitude, look at the chart completely reversed, the lights on the eastern horizon about to rise. Where only one planet was below the horizon before, the planet of limitation, now jovial and generous ♃ and chatty ☿ are the only one above the horizon. While the mother eclipse saw the saving of babies lives, the limiting force hidden from view, this one seems to say no to the life of a child and that there are too many, ♃ tending to over expand. Then we have Black Moon Lilith, ⚸, accompanying him. Legend tells us that she had her children taken away at a rate of 100 per day because she refused to submit to her husband/master, Adam. She became known as a threat to infants and to be the cause of men's nocturnal emissions. If abortion weren't already legal in so many places, I's say it would become so. Perhaps it will play out through other birth control methods or through the requirement that insurance companies cover it. The planets of expansion and contraction are at odds, □. There is something to weep about that might involve an exchange of money, POF rising at 29°. Perhaps there will be less exemption or credit money in income taxes or other disincentives to have children. There is another locomotive configuration, this time with ♃ as the engine and driving force, shocking and separative ♅ bringing up the rear, watching the conductor' back. I'm not sure if this conductor is addressing the overpopulation or if he might represent the clergy or the judiciary. With this caboose, it feels more like the papal domain. Priests are called father and the 1st engine, ♄, is also a father figure so this support that idea. Watch for more coming out of the dark corners of the Vatican or the clergy. I should mention too, that the spring mother eclipse with a locomotive pattern might combine with this to create a year of rail events.Update Dec. 14, 2014 Both air and rail have been shut down in Belgium for at least Monday due to strikes against the new government's austerity policies. Nov. 18-Dec. 9 China's Yixin'ou makes the longest rail trade route ever to Spain, 13,000 km or 8077.83 miles. There have been many dare devil activities leading to death on rail roads and crossings and in my state on Dec. 5 as Mars reaches square to this solar eclipse degree. I'm sure there will be more rail events that are connected to this and the other locomotive pattern eclipse charts.

Addendum: Each year I have experienced these families of eclipses, I've been touched by a choking event meant to silence the 'victim', so, I looked at what might account for this. Since they happened both in the summer (1960) and autumn (1996), I looked at the solar eclipses first. Saros 148 had ♃ ruling the 2nd house of throat, 165° from ♄ (constriction, restriction or narrowing). This aspect brings upheaval, potential violence and often separation as a result. The autumn Solar eclipse mother event has the same scenario, only opposition instead of 165°.The 1996 version had an extra aspect leading to potential for violence, ♀ separating from a □ to ♇. I searched to see what was in the news with that keyword. I couldn't come up with much since internet news wasn't born yet in 1960 or 1978. Near the time of the Spring eclipse, Krystal Baker, 13 years old, from Texas City, Texas, one of 30 bodies found in the "killing field" was discovered March 5 1996, strangled and raped at the full Moon. The father of another victim, Laura Miller, founded Texas Equisearch (Equi- may relate to Libra $#9806;, the other sign that ♀ rules, besides the neck sign) as a way of mourning and healing. DNA evidence led to the conviction of Kevin Smith in 2012. That lunar and solar eclipse occurred in ♓, with ♂ and ♄ ☌ at the solar eclipse. There were two other Texas strangulations that year, women left in their bathtub, another incident linked to the same perp 3 years later buts still not caught. 2 days after the autumn eclipse in 1996 the body of Alfrieda Day was found nude and strangled. Her killer was found 12 years later through the development of DNA technology. Kenneth Freeman was already serving time, not so free, for domestic violence. The most famous case was that of JonBenet Ramsey, found strangled Christmas day, as ♂ opposed the solar eclipse degree. I think even without news stories from the other years it is safe to say that there can be danger involving the neck, under certain circumstances. The 12 year time it took for these perps to be caught might point to the potential to have light shed on what was in the dark when, by progression or Solar arc, $#9737; reaches the waning $#8710; or 240° from the eclipse degree. 12 years is 2/3 of the 18 year cycle.

Special thanks to Fred Espenak and Jean Meeus (NASA's GSFC)for the data necessary for me to bring this article to you.Eclipse map courtesy of Fred Espenak - NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center. For more information on solar and lunar eclipses, see Fred Espenak's Eclipse Web Site

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