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March 20, 2014

2014 Aries Ingress

Spring Equinox


2014 Spring Equinox Astrology Chartthumb

I've been working for a while now, with world charts set for the middle of our world, 0N 0E and this makes perfect sense for the Spring equinox because that is where the Sun is at the time it enters the ♈ Aries point. I've titled this key ingress of the year, Enzonement because that is the meaning of the name of a fixed star that rises in this chart, Zosma. It is a special star for me because my natal Sun is tightly conjunct. It is at the rump or tail bone of Leo. Zosma also means girdle (something that holds in place, contracts. But, the wrong word was translated and a better name is the Arabic one, Al Thahr al Asad, the Lion's Back, which has become Duhr and Dhur. Rather than being something that holds in, it is a means for support, especially for humans, but cats also. According to the Sumerians, this star gave the ability to prophesy and indeed, this star in modern times has come to be prominent with many astrologers who do a form of prophesying. To the Egyptians, this star with Coxa was Mes-su, where the word messiah comes from, meaning anointed one. This area is said to be good for voyages, the release of captives, gain through merchandise. It has the nature of Saturn and Venus, self disciplined and perhaps restricting but with Venus adding grace and desire for protecting relationships. This star, here representing the people of the world, is said to benefit in some way through something that would be judged as a disgrace, according to Robson. He also says there is selfishness, egotism, immorality, meanness, melancholy, unhappiness of mind and fear of poison, and gives an unreasonable, shameless and egotistical nature. I don't know if I'd describe myself in that way but when I am confident in something I may come across this way. And, I am not usually that confident unless I've done my homework. Seeing that this star is within minutes of the IC when ObamaCare law was signed, it reminds me of a bashing I was given because of something I wrote about Obama's astrology. I used the phrase, Messiah complex, so that would fit here really well. It was embarrassing to me, although I didn't deserve it. So, that could be an example of what is meant by disgrace.

Mutable angles give this ingress an influence of 3 months, until the Summer Solstice. The influence will likely be noticed a month or so prior, as it fades in. Ptolemy and Lily give Virgo Turkey in Europe and Asia, Switzerland, Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq and to a lesser extent North Eastern Syria, South Eastern Turkey and smaller parts of South Western Iran), all the country between the Tigris and the Euphrates, the land of the Turcomans, (Turkic-speaking traditionally nomadic people living chiefly in Turkmenistan (E side of Caspian Sea), Afghanistan, and Iran), Southern Greece, and the West Indies. Towns include Paris, Lyons, Toulouse, St. Etienne, Basil, Heidelburg, Reading; also Jerusalem, Candia, Lower Silesia, Croatia or Liburnia, Babylon or Bagdad, Thessaly, Corinth, and the Morea. Also the trade and government of Liverpool, which are ruled especially by the 9th degree. Of course, some of this could be different if the country has changed dramatically since early times. This ingress is tied to Saros 148 mother eclipse, the Solar eclipse that occurs the end of April.

The star of the seasonal ingress is Sun, here found in the 7th house. The focus of the Spring season will be on heads of state, world leaders working through relationship issues with other world leaders. Of course, Putin of Russia is standing firm against Obama of the US and other leaders as I write this so it clearly is showing the validity of this position of the Sun. The ♈ Aries Sun is focused on independence, individual liberties, the germination of the seed, breaking out of it's hard shell, the Glory of the Snow flower breaking forth from it's bulb to display new life, the start or birth of anything. Liberty vs Law is the theme when balanced with it's partner, ♎ Libra. Some, including the US leader, is claiming Putin is breaking the law or the constitution that binds Crimea to the Ukraine. But, I don't understand how that can be since Putin isn't the one that put the referendum up for a vote and didn't twist anyone's arm to go to the polls. If they have a right to vote, as we do in the US, then they have a right to secede. England said we didn't have a right to separate but we did it anyway. With this issue we see the critical degree Vertex, the most fated thing, at 0°♎. ☉ Sun rules the 12th house of hidden enemies or spies, large organizations or institutions (health insurance and institutions, prisons) oceans, areas at the fringe or extremities, (Crimea will once again be an extremeity of Russia) oil (the likely motivation behind the upset of governments toward Russia), drugs, unfinished business.

The focus for this spring season (Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere) is on expansion, addition and multiplication, foreign affairs, international connections. There may also be some highlights involved with luck, generosity, rewards, council or teaching, judgement, religious views or beliefs, perceptions, philosophical or political. This is due to ♃ Jupiter being the handle of a bucket or bowl that is formed by the rest of the planets. There are several midpoint pictures that add detail: ♃=☉/♂, (the pair alone are challenges to authority often involving military action and with ♃ can inflate an already hefty ego, brings awareness of the political strength of others, determination to develop, physically) ☽/☿ (the pair alone can enhance communications, unite emotions with reason, bring propaganda, advertising campaigns to promote a cause; with ♃ brings advise on how to appeal to others' emotions through speech, judgement over the emotional component of communications or information given, information given to the world publicly that comes from far away or is of a secret nature, ♆ is also involved), ☽/♆ as a pair, can be production of chemicals, oil or foods, a leadership which heeds the opinions of it's populace or delusion about popular support for an undertaking, public scandal; with Jupiter can enhance the ability to read the public and put it into political context, increase the need for stimulants or drugs. A news headline is an investigation into price gouging of propane prices during the long cold winter.

There are several midpoint pictures that remind me of hurricane activity or perhaps earthquake. 61W 118E are the longitude hotspots for ♅ activity, with 10S 149W and 7S 119E being very sensitive. Knowing what I know about formation, I wonder if the first point might be the formation of a strong hurricane with the target being the vicinity of the 2nd location. There is also a very sensitive line around 30E and arching up past Moscow, which covers Egypt, the Mediterranean, Turkey and Crimea. There could be intense uprisings in those areas, ♃, ♅ and ♇ working together in those areas this spring. World events, speculation and foreign exchange are extremely important due to ♃ opposing ♇ at a critical degree, connected to large groups of people. With ☉ building a square, I wonder if gold could change dramatically, creating an imbalance of some sort. The ☋ hints at a loss or lack of funding involving money owed, taxes, insurance, death benefits perhaps. Women are called on to bear a heavy and chronic burden. ☽ □ ♀ made even more heavy by ♄ joining in. But there may be an opportunity for the girls to let there hair down and kick up their heels to have a little fun along the way. Don't be afraid to try something out of the norm.


2014 Spring Equinox Astrology Chart set for Washington D.C.thumb

In the US, the angles are mixed, certain aspects involving us and our relations with others, including partnerships and open enemies, will carry through for 3 months with some year long ramifications coming from our government or having influence there, in the business or corporate sector and that of our land and real estate or crops. The bucket handle lies square in the face of the people, ♃ rising. I'd like to think that this could be a stroke of luck for us little people, and might if it weren't for ♇ being at the bottom of the barrel or bucket. The lord of the underworld does not like to be kept down and can resort to manipulation and bullying. I expect some turbulence within the next few months, especially with unpredictable ♅ stirring the pot. This unpredictability and surprise factor will come from our President, ☋ and his spokespersons, them being in the 10th house. Of course, this time of year is often tough for our country because it is the waning □ to our Independence Day, when ☉ is in self protecting ♋. ♈ is rather self serving and that just doesn't work when you have a family to protect and preserve. Security is an issue but what does that mean? Sometimes we can expect jovial ♃ to be generous with his touch, bestowing luck but in this case I think it could be a bolt of lightening because he is the people saying, enough is enough, this has gone too far. More revelations from Snowden? Could be, seeing Mercury, the trickster or the spokesperson, in secretive Pisces with Neptune in the 9th, ruling the spy network of the 12th. Watch for someone to attempt to pass the blame onto the competition somewhere. Yes, Bush is the one that first started this surveillance. Yes, insurance companies might be more interested in self preservation than the preservation of life. Yes, one party may be more interested in preserving their congressional seats than doing what is really best for our country. With ♍ rising in the world chart, I think this could center on the affordability and quality of health care found within Obamacare. If this new model is anything like the care for the poor, there will be a huge wakeup call. Fortunately, this chart only lasts for 3 months and will get us through the next ♅ □ ♇ At the very least, I expect ♃ to lend us some optimism and hope for the future. We must never allow ourselves to give up hope.

Due to our more extreme latitude, ♈/♎ is intercepted across the government axis and this is the reason we have these seasonal mixed angles. You could think of it, business wise, as having a 1st quarter balance sheet that affects the plans for a full 4 quarters. Liberty vs Law or what is fair has been neglected in some way and will be brought into public view to be addressed. I expect to see some part of a law to be revisited, rewritten or repealed. (♂℞ in mutual reception with ♄ ruling the 7th) Since the latter also rules the 8th, perhaps it is a delay or end to the tax penalty. I doubt the Republicans will manage to repeal the AHCA.

Putting the pieces of our Spring collage together, it looks to me like a season of dealing with challenges that are fixed in nature that we can't do much about, some that we can change for the better. We may need to tell someone to get off our back or protect our enzonement. We will learn to appreciate our blessings (♃) in the midst of little or needing to be frugal (♍) and holding those accountable that we have entrusted with our health and security.

Update March 23, 2014: On the 21st the US 6th District court ruled the Michigan ban on gay marriage unconstitutional. For a few hours on Saturday, many marriages were performed. The Attorney General asked for a stay and at first the court said it would not address it until the 25th, after the plaintiff had time to respond. But then unexpectedly, the court granted an emergency stay around 5 PM the same day. It's surprising to me to see a high court judge working on Saturday. Zosma, appears again, tying into the mother eclipse ♀ opposition in the April Total Lunar eclipse, the Spring equinox ascendant, the tight Neptune conjunction in the mother chart of the October Total Lunar eclipse, and the US Defence of Marriage Act of 1996, being on the IC when it went into force. President Clinton was a busy man that year. Also notable and conntected to this Spring influence is the April Solar eclipse ♃/☊ midpoint (new legislation, religious leaders' opinions about relationships, excessive interference from religious groups) being tightly conjoined to where Zosma was at the time of that mother eclipse and the ☋ only 6° away from this star. (see 2014 eclipses.I will write an article at some point on the gay rights issue. It's interesting to see the timing for this review and challenge because both laws were an autumn equinox action and the challenge is taking place appropriately on the opposite side of the year and the equality axis, the Spring Equinox. Spouse was defined as relating to a heterosexual couple. Clinton and several key Congressmen later wanted the law repealed. Section 3 has already been ruled unconstitutional. 19 states now have legalized same sex marriages. Zosma has the reputation of causing benefit through "disgrace" and "immorality". There is no doubt that opponents want to shame the other side by calling it immoral.

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