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This is Connie, the blushing bride and owner of AquarianEssence.

Beltain Wedding 5/5/2000

Beltain Wedding 5/5/2000

Hello friends, old and new. AquarianEssence is a child born in 1995 as the offspring of my certified organic greenhouse operation founded in 1989, "Willard's Weigh Herbs & Heirlooms". At that time, I specialized in herbs and heirloom flowers. This created an interest in the lore and medicinal use of herbs, then essential oils. The study of astrology and other esoteric disciplines was a natural evolution, beginning with learning to plant according to the sign and phase of the Moon. It brought the most success possible and least waste of seed and time. I learned that there are certain fixed universal laws, that if followed, make our journey hear on earth, much less difficult and frustrating.

Aromatherapy is both a science and an art. Aroma-therapy uses the chemicals found in the fragrant part of plants to stimulate the brain to function in balance and harmony. Astrology is also both a science and an art. It is based on the blueprint that is created by the heavenly bodies at the exact moment of your birth.

My highest hope is to assist our customers and clients in making choices concerning their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health care. That assistance includes offering information and products that will promote the ability to be actively involved in those choices. At present all work is completed by me with the assistance of my husband and sons as required. They are quite grateful that assistance no longer requires the labor intensity of an organic greenhouse and farm although I do grow part of the ingredients used in my products.

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DISCLAIMER: Any information contained in this website or any literature from AquarianEssence is for informational purposes only, shared freely with respect for your right to any knowledge that may empower you to take an active role in your personal care. It is not the intention of AquarianEssence to diagnose or prescribe and this information is not intended to be a substitue for professional diagnosis, treatment or medical advise.

Every person has the divine right to choose freely how they will care for themselves, but along with this freedom comes the responsibility of collecting accurate information to base decisions on. Uppermost in this decision process must be the wisdom to know when professional diagnosis and advise is required. Work with your health care professional and don't omit or delay a visit to your health care professional because of something you read here or anywhere else. Many plant materials can lower the amount of medication needed for diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions so be sure to list these things along with suppliments when updating and informing your chosen professional or seeking information from your pharmacist. AquarianEssence is devoted to promoting natural mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. We offer a line of aromatherapy and other products and accessories for those seeking an alternative and compliment to health care choices.

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