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Fall 2015

Welcome Friends, old and new.

In the beginning, there were herbs, flowers, seeds, roots, barks and resins. Before modern patented drugs there were whole plant materials, not just isolated chemicals. Those substances that are now left out are often substances that act as buffers to make them safer, help the body to metabolize the most active chemical better, or otherwise blend to create a synergistic bit of magic. While I have scaled down the number of products I offer, I continue to create new synergistic blends as the need arrises and have access to most any oil that you could require. I still offer wholesale discounts to those with a tax ID. In these times of rising costs and unwanted side affects related to many drugs, I find myself and family depending on essential oils more and more for common problems and preventive care, since so many of them have antimicrobial qualities too. Of course, they are always a pleasure to work with, balancing my mental, emotional and spirutal body, simply by inhaling them. For those that are local to my area, I am available to do home parties. Be sure to contact me if you have any questions.

Love and Light,
Connie Reynolds


Essential oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, roots, barks, resin and seeds. I think of them as the Spirit or soul of the plant. The Hebrew word for Spirit found in Genesis chapter 1 is ruwach (roo'-akh) and means an exhalation, breath, SMELL, ESSENCE, the spirit, mind of a rational being, wind. Figuratively it means to perceive, anticipate or enjoy; also, life, anger, insubstantiality. There is another word translated to English as spirit or soul. Neshemah is the animal instinctual aspect of soul and means much the same thing. All Hebrew words that end in h are feminine. Neshemah may correspond to the feeling or emotional body. Ruach and Neshemah are the two aspects of Spirit, sort of like right and left brain functions, the feminine and masculine, the yin-yang principle.

Each essence contains the whole historical memory of the plant, how it adapted, attracted pollination, warded off pests, healed itself or avoided disease and lived in harmony with its neighbor. They are very complex. For example, 650 different chemicals have been identified in rose oil so far. Since the sense of smell is the first to be developed in a baby and the olfactory nerve has a direct connection to the brain, it is the most efficient way of affecting a person. The oil enters the blood stream via the olfactory bulb or lungs and goes throughout the entire blood stream in 28 seconds. Although we aren't always aware of it on a conscious level, our sense of smell not only warns us of danger but affects us at every level. It has been shown that lemon oil used in the air during testing reduced typical errors by 54%. We all know the effect of smell on our emotions.

It is my personal belief that anything that manifests in the world or the body has a spiritual origin. If the body manifests disease (dis-ease), it is the result of an imbalance that begins at the spiritual level and the key to regaining balance is to go within and be willing to see where we are resisting or what we need to let go of or assimilate. The issue then goes to the emotional body followed by the mental body and finally manifests in the physical body if it hasn’t been faced openly and correctly. Our bodies speak to us, if we are willing to listen.

The process of healing may be the reverse. We must begin at the physical level and move backwards toward spiritual wholeness and balance. Essential oils help with this process of connecting our self with our higher SELF through a direct connection with the brain through the olfactory nerve and results in atonement (AT ONE ment). It is said that anger and bitterness are stored in the liver if repressed. So if a physical problem has its roots in the liver, we may need to add the opposite of anger or bitterness; love and forgiveness. It's interesting that bitter herbs are the main ones suggested for treating liver conditions. Bitter herbs are very cleansing to the system.

With the mind or emotions we balance with the opposite polarity. For example, love balances fear, hate or anger. Cayenne, which is yang, hot and aggressive would be inappropriate for someone struggling with controlling anger. In this case the opposite is called for, oils that would cool down like mint, wintergreen or eucalyptus. Cayenne or other yang oils might be appropriate for helping to release repressed anger or repressed masculine energy. It is also called for when heat is helpful.

With the internal physical body we balance by ingesting the same quality; i.e. bitter herbs balance and eliminate bitterness stored in the body. Too much protein which is yang causes a yin, (acid stomach) condition. So we correct the condition with more yin foods such as vegetables and fruits. Be aware there are 6 types of flavors and odors; (3 pairs) sweet/sour, salty/astringent; bitter/pungent. All plants have both yin and yang qualities but usually lean toward one or the other. Knowing the yin/yang (i.e. sour=yin; sweet=yang;) tendencies of oils can help in choosing the appropriate ones for you so I have included this information. Yin is passive, receptive; Yang is active and giving.

If you find yourself repulsed by a particular scent, you might want to consider using it cautiously. What we resist will keep coming back until it is transformed into love. For this reason it can be helpful to use that particular oil, perhaps as part of a blend in order to assimilate what we are resisting. I didn't like patchouli when I first started doing aromatherapy but you'll find it in many of my blends and I am rather attached to it now. What I am suggesting is sort of like the idea of using honey on a daily basis, collected from hives in your local area in order to build up an immunity to the plants you are allergic to or are "resisting". Of course, use common sense and listen to your body. You wouldn't want to submerge yourself in a substance that your body has a strong alergic reaction to.
Excellent herbs had our fathers of old,
Excellent herbs to ease their pain,
Alexanders and Marigold,
Eyebright, Orris and Elecaqampane."

Rudyard Kipling


* inhaled by placing 1-3 drops on a cotton ball or tissue

*diffused into the room by placing 3-12 drops in a diffuser

*as a cloth compress by adding 1-3 drops to hot water

*diluted in a vegetable oil with 1-3 drops essential oil per tsp. oil or 15-30 drops/oz.

*used in the bath (4-8 drops). For some purposes a higher concentration may be called for but should not be practiced until you are familiar with each essential oils and any contraindications. Disperse before getting in the tub.

*Some Essential oils are also used internally by adding 1-3 drops to warm water or tea with honey if desired, or putting into capsules. I don't have a licensed facility for packaging food but am sharing this for your information. Oils acceptable and used as food are marked FCC (food chemical codex). See the Description page.

*Some oils can be used undiluted but use caution. I use lavender on my baby's bumps to eliminate or reduce bruising. I put Ace of Spades on my throat when sore but would not use such an acidic blend undiluted if my skin was very sensitive, on very fair people or children until I know if it is tolerated. If irritation occurs, vegetable or nut oil is used to dilute and flush, not water.

CAUTION: If you have allergies be aware of your sensitivities. It is very rare for reactions to natural essences but it is possible. If pregnant consult you health care professional before any treatments and use at 1/2 strength. A few authors suggest pregnant women avoid some oils such as peppermint. I personally consumed quite a bit for heartburn during my pregnancies but I will share the cautions I have read. Pennyroyal should be avoided during pregnancy as it is an abortificant. Listen to your body.

If you'd like, you can print out our product price list and product description list for easy reference, or go straight to the shop.

I have given you every plant yielding seed which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree with seed in its fruit; you shall have them for food."

Genesis 1:29

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DISCLAIMER: Any information contained in this website or any literature from AquarianEssence is for informational purposes only, shared freely with respect for your right to any knowledge that may empower you to take an active role in your personal care. It is not the intention of AquarianEssence to diagnose or prescribe and this information is not intended to be a substitue for professional diagnosis, treatment or medical advise.

Every person has the divine right to choose freely how they will care for themselves, but along with this freedom comes the responsibility of collecting accurate information to base decisions on. Uppermost in this decision process must be the wisdom to know when professional diagnosis and advise is required. Work with your health care professional and don't omit or delay a visit to your health care professional because of something you read here or anywhere else. Many plant materials can lower the amount of medication needed for diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions so be sure to list these things along with suppliments when updating and informing your chosen professional or seeking information from your pharmacist. AquarianEssence is devoted to promoting natural mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. We offer a line of aromatherapy and other products and accessories for those seeking an alternative and compliment to health care choices.

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