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Updated October 12, 2015

I offer several types of astrological readings. Those based on your natal data require that you provide your exact time and place of birth as shown on your birth certificate, along with any background you think may be helpful to me. Please make sure I have your birth information, even if ordering a horary reading. Once completed, the reading will be e-mailed or sent through the postal service at your request, once payment is received and the reading is complete. Check, money order and Paypal are all accepted methods of payment. If using Paypal, you do not need to have an account. All major credit, debit cards and bank accounts are accepted. Either use our shopping cart or go to Paypal directly, and send or apply the funds in USD to my email address, connie.aquarianessence

With readings based on your natal data, even a discrepancy of 10 minutes can change the chart drastically. If the time is incorrect by even 1-5 minutes the information in the chart will change. If ever parts of a reading don't make sense to the client, the birth time may have been recorded incorrectly. If time is missing on the birth record or there is question as to its validity, a solar chart can be erected based on the time of sunrise. These charts are surprisingly accurate. Rectification is an alternative, but adds cost. The other alternative is to use Horary astrology. This has become my most popular service, because it focus on answering specific questions.

Occasionally the hospital fails to enter the time or the birth certificate isn't available. In this case a sunrise or solar chart as mentioned above, is created and is still very valid. The focus of this chart is more of a spiritual or even ego orientation, focusing on your light in the world and shows what is being brought to light in your lifetime. I say ego because this is the vehicle that spirit uses to manifest in the world of form, in my opinion. The sun is rising in the Solar chart and shows your soul's purpose as it relates to your personality or your personal "I am". It is our goal to unite the heart and head/ personal will and God's will/ the Lion and the Lamb. When we have done this we can truly say with the master, "I and the Father are one".  Then we have the ability to be self governed. The solar or sunrise reading is done from this perspective.

Many of the readings available today are computer generated. The benefits of these readings are that they are authored, usually, by a well known astrologer and they are fast. The disadvantage is that these readings can't see the forest through the trees or blend all of the various points in the chart as they interact together. These readings interpret each planet in its sign, house and how it contacts the other planets but is not capable of blending that information with all of the information that alters the way the energy actually manifests for the individual. If you have visited any of the sights that offer sample readings, you'll see what I mean. It takes a personal, creative touch and extra effort to blend it all together.

AquarianEssence offers two types of readings. If you require the less costly version, it will be similar to other computer generated readings, put together through my database which I am continually editing and adding to as I gain further insight. While I do go into some detail about the synthesis of the various major aspects of the chart, it doesn't contain a complete synthesis, or go into detail about all of the larger planetary patterns. If you prefer a more in depth synthesized reading the 2nd option will be more fitting. This will include putting the pieces together by pointing out some of the modifications to the individual points in the chart. It will include the pieces along with the big picture.  The yearly charts include a list of aspects with dates to guide you through the year also compiled through my database. If you have specific a question then Horary may be your best option.

All readings will be delivered via email, taking 1/2 to a full day if I have you next on the list. Keep in mind our time difference, if you are a long distance from me. I'll let you know roughly when to expect delivery to your inbox.

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In order to be accessible to all I am have more than one option available. I am also willing to work with a sliding scales for those on low income. Inquire if that is necessary.

Basic Natal Reading $50 USD

This reading includes a description of each planet by sign and house along with the aspect relationship to other bodies, the nature of the 12 parts of person and life. This reading illuminates the blueprint of energies, both strengths and weakness a person is born with, also showing what the soul came to develop further. This technique can even be used in assessing a business venture. The date, time and location of the beginning of the venture is necessary. This may be when the DBA or Incorporation papers were filed, when the door was open for business, etc. This is usually 6-30 pages, shorter when there are fewer aspects between planets.

Name, DOB, time, location

Comprehensive Natal Reading $95 USD

This reading includes all of the information found within the basic natal reading with the addition of a complete synthesis of the combined influences, planetary patterns and interceptions along with anything else that stands out to me. This reading is on the average 40-50 pages long.

Name, DOB, time, location

Basic Yearly Progressed Reading $50 USD

Each year you are given new opportunities and challenges to stimulate your growth. Using a day to represent a year of your life, your natal chart is progressed to the current year. the Progressions tend to show life's development overall, often focusing more on the internal growth, but as the precursor to manifesting that in the outer world. As the name implies, it shows our progress. The Solar Arc contacts will also be included along with any eclipse contacts. The average length is 30 pages. General dates of important contacts will be given. If you require a more specific date for a specific event, that can be determine through other techniques. Inquire.

Name, DOB, time, location

In Depth Yearly Progressed Reading $80 USD

Beginning with the above details, this reading also points out how the current energies blend with the natal promise, more detail on the potentially life changing eclipse contacts and more details about the larger patterns in the chart, including interceptions. The length will average 35-50 pages. On occasion it may rise to as many as 80 or so.

Name, DOB, time, location

Yearly Solar Return reading, Basic $40 USD

Each year when the Sun returns to exactly where it was when you were born the stage is set for your new year and how you will shine in the world. The progressed and solar charts work together to trigger changes. The major focus in this type of reading is how Soul, or Ego attempts to develop self in the greater whole. Placement of the Sun is the primary focus along with the aspects or contacts made. This is a key focus for both relationship and career efforts, the two places we most need to shine.

Name, DOB, time, location

Solar Return reading, Complete $60 USD

Besides the above information I will attempt to integrate the natal solar needs with the current year's efforts. This is important because our natal promise reveals our ultimate goals for this incarnation.

Name, DOB, time, location

Lunar Return Reading $40 USD

Whether you want to know why you have been going through an extremely emotion set of events, what the underlying goal or intent is, or want to know what the coming month has in store for you emotionally, this it the reading for you. It shows what your mood is like for any given month, what emotional challenges and rewards are there.

Name, DOB, time, location

Vocational Analysis $100 USD

Quite often one has a trade, a vocation and a true calling which is quite different. We often go through life feeling like our work is drudgery rather than fulfilling our destiny or true calling. We often think that what we most love to do must remain a hobby or something that is always just our of reach when it is in fact, just the opposite.  

My approach to vocational profiling involves addressing the mid heaven, 2nd 5th and 6th houses of the charts, their rulers and aspects. The Mid heaven shows the best vocation and success in the world of career, but doesn't show the whole picture. I use Noel Tyl's mid heaven extension process to describe career needs but I don't stop there. the 2nd house shows what specific skills we have and our ability and need to bring in money. It also gives insight into self esteem and how that may affect the income earning capacity. The 6th house shows the best work environment, also covering the trade that may be best for sustaining us through rough economic times, when part time work is needed or circumstances otherwise force us to take a job that isn't our first choice but we are still quite suited to do.

The 5th house, although not usually included by other astrologers in common career issues, may be the most important place to look first in order to see where Spirit's will may be different than our own personal, egocentric will, where self may clash with Self. This house shows us what it is we most love to do and where spirit can truly shine through the creative process. Here work is more like a vacation that re-creates us rather than seeming like work.

The reading will include a list of potential good fields to investigate along with potential modes of fitting in all 4 areas covered.

Name, DOB, time, location
Current & Prior Job Experience

Understanding your midlife crisis $40 USD

All of us, somewhere around our 40th year will go through what is referred to as a mid life crisis that often leads to major change and sometimes upheaval and separation from old ways. It corresponds to the time that the planet Uranus reaches the point opposite to where it was at birth. This reading can give insight before hand into what spirit needs to have or be free from, what one is outgrowing at this time, what no longer serves our needs so that we don't resist the necessary changes and have more upheaval than necessary in our life. If this time is already past, this reading can still give helpful insight as we continue on this new path, still able to make adjustments where necessary for a more fulfilling life. Divorce often happens at this time, along with career change. We often feel like we must break free from everything when it may only be one area where we need more freedom. Gain insight into what or where and why. Gain understanding into why some pass through this time without notice and why others experience major upheaval.

Name, DOB, time, location

Asteroid reading $50 USD

The many other objects in the heavens shed light on many specific areas that the major bodies don't uncover specifically or easily. The subject matter is open to almost any area of interest. There have been key events in my life I couldn't find a clear connection with major planets that would account for the experience. It never fails that I find an asteroid or what is currently being referred to as a dwarf planet that does show prominent at that time, sometimes not made visible or discovered until long after the event. Some choices are medical/health (asteroids Chiron, Aesculapia, Hygiea, Psyche, etc.) , the feminine role (Ceres, Demeter, Pallas, Juno, etc.), Love (Amor, Eros, Psyche, Cupido, etc.), abuse (Attila, Toro, Astraea, Baccus, etc), or how key people fit into your life (there is an asteroid with almost any name imaginable or one similar). I will cover their placement and the picture they create that should reveal their relevance and statement of intent. The fragments we call asteroids often show the real action behind events.

If you require more than a basic group of 8-10 asteroids I will set the fee accordingly, and proceed with your approval.

Name, DOB, time, location

Compatibility Analysis  Basic $45 USD

Find the basic harmony and struggles when blending two people. Specify what type of relationship the two people are in. (Romantic, business, etc) Both person's natal data is required. The Basic  Analysis covers how the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Ascendant and Descendant of the two people blend. The In Depth Analysis covers all aspects of the relationship along with delving into the anti scions (special connections I call the sacred match) and the "Magi" aspects that have proven to be highly reliable to show the strength and weakness of relationships. Please include birth data for both parties.

Name, DOB, time, location
Name, DOB, time, location

In Depth Compatibility Analysis$80 USD

Name, DOB, time, location
Name, DOB, time, location

Composite Reading $50  USD

It is best to have a natal or compatibility reading before this one, but not necessary. The composite chart method I prefer most, called the Davison Composite, blends the birth dates, times and locations of two people to create a new natal chart at the midpoint of their birth date/time and location. While the date of the derived chart will be before one  the the couple was born, it clearly shows how the two of you combine as one and your purpose for coming together. It can also be used as a tool for predictive work and can be progressed, just like the natal chart.  Provide the birth information for both people.

Name, DOB, time, location
Name, DOB, time, location

Horary Reading $50 USD $60 USD  $80 USD  $120 USD

This is my most popular reading. Horary means "hour" or time and is an ancient technique used to answer a specific question. The chart is drawn for the moment the question is received or formed. This reading, is, by far, the most popular of my readings.  Amazing insight and direction can be obtained. Questions may be as simple as, "Will I see this person again?", or as complex as, "What kind of future do we have together?", "Is there another involvement I'm not aware of?" I can often describe the location of a missing object or person, tell whether it will be found or returned and hope soon, to be able to see the exact location or path traveled as my research continues. When ever timing is important, that can be determined quite well also. The birth time isn't required for this reading but is helpful sometimes, so I ask that you also provide your natal data. 

I find myself spending anywhere from a couple hours to all day on a horary reading depending on how complex the question and chart is or how much information the person wants. For that reason I have divided horary into three categories and in most cases you can choose which one meets your needs. If you want a simple answer to a simple question without any astrological background or additional details shown in the background of the chart the first fee applies. The length may only be a page or two of written material. Questions of this type might be, "Will I get this job applied for?" or "Will I hear from or see him/her again?" 

The 2nd fee applies to less complex but perhaps 2 part questions, charts that are in themselves, more complex or where you need more details, which might include wanting the astrological details because you are learning astrology yourself, or more complex questions that can't be answered in just one or two pages and a couple hours of time. For example, with the above question, you may also want to know why your call wasn't returned or what is holding the person back which requires more time to determine. You might as a slightly more complex question like, "Why is so and so not returning my call" or Where is my missing ring and will I get it back?" These readings usually require a half a day to complete. They range from 3-6 pages, sometimes more. If you request the first horary choice but the chart and/or question is more complex and will require more time, I will advise you before we begin, and await your approval. I can minimize the reading but it wouldn't do you or your question justice.

The 3rd fee is for the most complex questions that usually require a day or more to complete. Examples of this type of question might be, "Would a natural method of healing or surgery be better for me?", or ""Why do I continue to have failed relationships?", "Will my life improve, if so, when and how?" Of course, all questions are answered more completely when I have some background from you in order to place everything in its proper perspective for your unique experiences. This more complex type of reading can often bring up family karmic patterns or internal spiritual growth issues that require addressing. Quite often these types of charts point to natal chart configurations which is the reason I like to have the natal data.

Additional Question

Degree Meanings from Various Sources $30 USD

This service provides the symbolic meaning from various authors including the Sabien symbols of the degrees of the planets, ascendant and MC. I'll also include the opposite degree because in order to be whole we must eventually integrate both sides of the axis.   

Name, DOB, time, location

AstroNumerTarot  Synthesis $30 USD

This service shares the corresponding Tarot card to your Numerology and how it is placed in your natal chart. It is a synthesis of astrology, numerology and Tarot according to the system I use that was shared in  "The Divine Triangle", based on the works of Pythagoras. The numbers include  your soul number (vowel total), personality number (consonant total), destiny number (total of whole name), and life lesson number (birth date). Images of the cards will be shared along with an image of the chart with the various number vibrations written in the appropriate places of the chart, along with how that placement will modify the usual energies.  

For example, my life lesson, which shows the best kind of work a person can choose, just happens to be the 6 of Wands, a vibration of victory involving variety and freedom, shown in one deck as a rider on horseback riding victoriously holding a laurel wreath. It sits on my ascendant, being the 2nd decan of Leo.  This implies that I will have the greatest success with my work when it is carried out in my own personal space, in a way that gives me freedom and the ability to be creative. It may also show that my personal accumulated experiences and my personality (1st house) will play an important part in how skilled I carry out my work. This is quite true because my experiences give me insight into other people's charts I wouldn't otherwise be able to have. Although personal experiences is considered to be subjective, it is necessary in order to be able to relate to another with empathy and understanding in an objective way. It also gives me the ability to recognize certain things in other's charts, I might not otherwise be able to do I had had no similar experience. We can only be objective to that which we have subjectively experienced both sides of any given axis.

Complete Name
Date of Birth

Astrocartography or relocation $40 USD  $80 USD

Through this service you can discover what kinds of synergy, energies or influences a particular area will have when combined with your unique energy. The first fee option covers information on a particular location of your choosing. This would be helpful if you are considering a job offer or a vacation spot. Choose the 2nd price option if you would like to know where in the world, country or state would be the most productive overall for you or specifically for your career, home life, etc. I will share the most harmonious choices that you can then, look further into for relocation. Even if you can't move, this can be quite helpful for choosing vacations, areas to connect via Internet for your career, etc. You might even be able to use this information to choose the best stocks to invest in, matching your money energy to the place in the world where that energy is the strongest, then match the location to the company offering the stocks.

Name, DOB, time, location
Location of choice

AquarianEssence Gift Certificate

To give a gift of the recipient's choosing, simply send a gift certificate for the amount that fits your budget. It will be printed on a reprint of one of my sketches or paintings. Simply go to PayPal enter the amount of your choice, send to connie.aquarianessence(AT) and include the address to be sent to, along with any note you'd like included. It can come via email or USPS, to your address or to the gift recipient's address.

For your security peace of mind, none of your personal information is stored on this server. Payments are made through our shopping cart, securely through Paypal, or if you prefer, send to
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Looking For a Unique Gift?

Consider the lasting gift of an astrological reading. The natal chart image would even be attractive framed.

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