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The Search for an Astrological Signature of Blood Types


Chemical analysis of the Type O blood group reveals that from a structural perspective, it is the simplest blood group and it serves as the backbone or foundation for the synthesis of increasingly complex A, B and AB. These later blood groups evolved by adding other sugars onto the basic O sugar, much like a family tree.

The Neolithic Period was important in the distribution of the ABO blood groups. This new, relatively sedentary, agrarian lifestyle and the major change in diet resulted in a new mutation in the digestive tracts and immune systems of these early people. Many of them became carriers of group A blood. The blood group A variant allowed humans to tolerate and better assimilate grains and other agricultural products. Blood group A initially appeared in any significant numbers in the early Caucasian peoples, sometime between 25,000 and 15,000 B.C., in the Middle East or in western Asia. The gene for group A was carried into western Europe and Asia during the movement of these Neolithic societies, especially a branch termed the Indo-Europeans, where it penetrated extensively into the pre-Neolithic Type O populations

The gene for blood group B first appeared in significant numbers somewhere around 10 to 15,000 B.C., the tail end of the Neolithic period, in the area of the Himalayan highlands now part of present day Pakistan and India. Like the environmental conditions which spawned the advent of group A, the development of blood group B was in large part a response to changes in the environment. But unlike A, which began to supplant group O as a response to new types of infections, then thrived as a result of the new dietary changes, group B appears to have been more of a response to climatic changes, followed by a different set of dietary adaptations. Life in the tropical flat savannas of eastern Africa gave way to a harsher existence as the Cro-Magnon hunters migrated to the colder, drier, mountainous areas of the subcontinent and the barren endless plains of the central Asian steppes.

It is possible that blood group B may have been the only blood group with the capabilities to survive in such a harsh environment. The evidence that supports this theory is the levels of certain hormones including testosterone and estradiol in mountaineers of those living at higher elevations. At high altitudes blood O group had had lower concentrations of estradiol and testosterone, blood group B, the highest.

To modern day anthropologists, blood group B continues to this day to be an "Eastern" blood group. It is found in high numbers among Asians such as the Chinese, Indians, and Siberians. In Europe, blood group B is more frequently found in Hungarians, Russians, Poles, and other eastern Europeans. It is not found in large numbers among western Europeans. Among pre-Neolithic people, such as the Basques and Amerindians, group B is practically nonexistent.

Blood group AB is found in less than five percent of the population. It is certainly the most recent blood group. Unlike the other Abo blood groups, group AB resulted from the intermingling of group A Caucasian people and group B Mongolian people. Some of this may have been peaceful, some must have been part of the violent turmoil that marked the great "Migration of Peoples" at the end of the Ancient Period (300AD-800AD).

ABs seem to have the greatest advantage because these people inherit the tolerance of both A and B. Perhaps this serves to enhance the AB immune system's abilities to manufacture more specific antibodies to microbial invaders, as it possess neither anti-A or anti-B antibodies.

Sun in fire5/161/121/72/7
Sun in Air7/166/122/72/7
Sun in Earth1/163/122/73/7
Sun in Water3/162/122/70
Sun 1st quadrant9/16*4/124/7*2/7*
Sun 2nd quadrant5/123/161/71/7
Sun in 3rd quadrant4/161/121/71/7
Sun in 4th quadrant02/121/73/7
IC in fire7/164/123/73/7
IC in air2/164/121/72/7
IC in earth3/16*2/122/7*2/7
IC in water4/162/121/70
Asc in fire6/164/123/7*1/7
Asc in air4/162/123/123/12
Asc in earth5/163/1203/7
Asc in water1/163/121/70
Mars in fire3/163/123/72/7
Mars in air6/1602/70
Mars in earth4/167/122/75/7
Mars in water2/162/1200
Mercury in fire5/162/121/71/7
Mercury in air6/163/122/72/7
Mercury in earth3/165/122/74/7
Mercury in water2/162/122/71/7
DNA in fire5/163/122/72/7
DNA in air3/166/122/73/7
DNA in earth3/162/122/71/7
DNA in water5/162/121/71/7
Adams in fire2/163/124/72/7
Adams in air5/162/121/71/7
Adams in earth1/77/163/122/7
Adams in water2/164/121/72/7
Midpoint in fire3/164/122/73/7
Midpoint in air9/163/122/71/7
Midpoint in earth1/164/123/71/7
Midpoint in water3/161/1202/7
DNA OOB6/163/121/70
Adams OOB2/161/122/72/7
Both OOB2/164/121/71/7
Neither OOB7/164/123/74/7

*Sunrise chart, no birth time


I’ve checked through all I could think of that might give 100% repeatability, but I didn’t find it. This is probably due to the fact that rather than there just being 4 groups, there are hundreds of subgroups. I did, however find support for the evolution of the groups. The ratio of each type in the group of data I used just so happens to follow fairly closely to the same % of each group compared to the general population which is O (40-45%) and A (35-40%) versus much lower rates of groups B (4-11%) and AB (0-2%). Type AB is the only one not following it’s normal minority, since I collected an equal number of AB as B. My research included 16 Type O, 12 Type A, 7 Type B and 7 Type AB. The groups that most consistently showed a preference for one element more than the others were the 1st 2 to develop, the O and A groups.


Type O, the hunters and gatherers, show a dominance of Fire and Air showing they were led by the spirit and were developing the mind. Type A, which is believed to have developed as the nomadic people began put down roots and cultivate the ground, have a dominance Air and Earth. This shows the further development of the mental faculties as they leaned cultivation and and animal husbandry while expanding the earth connection. Type B is believed to have developed because of a need to adapt to higher elevations in the Himalayan highlands with less oxygen/air and harsher (cold and dry) climates. Appropriately, we see less fire which consumes air with an equal amount of the other 3 elements. Group AB took on the immune systems of both A and B and curiously, none had Sun in Water. I would like to see a larger sampling.

This seems to show through evolution, man starting with spirit dominant, then developing mind, intuition or feelings and finally body with the emphasis on developing immunity to invaders.

The quadrant where the Sun lies is just as revealing. Notice none of the Type O has Sun in 4th quadrant. They are just beginning, not finishing up their evolutionary growth. This would support the necessity of being self focused for survival rather than being focused on the group. I suspect that if the soul is nearly finished with his journey he may have his Sun here to initiate the next step for the humanity. It would seem that each type that developed after would move around 4 quadrants, which Type A does, but Type B breaks the pattern. This could be because it is so closely connected to type O, the difference being the harsher conditions he moved into as the world became more populated. Type AB moves back into the pattern showing the highly developed immune system as it interacts most fully with the world in the 4th quadrant.


The O group lay mostly across the fire/air axis with fire being dominant. Air was on the IC the least and water was on the ascendant the least. This supports the more aggressive nature that doesn’t build family ties based on intellectual or emotional factors, but based on survival instincts. The ABs seem again, to avoid water.


Type O’s Mars was most often in air and least often in water showing, perhaps the quick development of the logical function of the brain. Mercury supports this also. The Martian energy and the Mercury mind are directed into the earth with the type A farmers. None of group B had Mars in water, fire is dominant and Mercury was almost evenly distributed. AB is interesting in that none had Mars in air or water. I think the dominant earth shows their ancestry through type A and the fire connects them to B.


I looked at two asteroids. DNA was the first. The same number had the asteroid DNA in fire as in water, these two being the most dominant, and the same amount in air as in earth. This may show the tendency to change that would become necessary for the development of the other groups. I also looked at the asteroid Adams because the name means, “to show blood” or “man of the red earth“. Adams had a similar likeness only opposite. The least dominant pair were fire and water, totaling 25%. Air and earth held the remainder. This dominance could show calling forth a more sedentary lifestyle working the earth with time to develop the intellectual skills, more time to think. 75% of the midpoints were across the fire/air axis with the majority in air. I think this is substantial.

The most interesting thing to me is that 57-67% of groups O, A and B have one or both asteroids out of bounds. As in most of the other comparisons, Type AB is the least consistent with the other groups. I would explain this with the fact that the other groups developed in order to adapt to new living conditions as they changed lifestyles and locations. Type AB built a resistance to what came into their environment rather than what they encountered as they ventured further out into the world. Perhaps it was because their main focus in evolution was to develop a stronger immune system, rather than adapting to environmental or dietary changes.


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Further Thoughts

It occurred to me after completing this that perhaps the IC duad could give further evidence as to blood type. The IC represents the family genetics and history. Perhaps I will continue the search at some future point.

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