Eris 19 ° Aries

Discovered January 5, 2005

Sabian Symbol
A Young Girl Feeding Birds In Winter
Symbol: A man on the ground with his throat cut.

This appears a bloody degree. Those who may have this degree ascending are advised to do all in their power to fortify the soul, and pray to God for help and guidance.

La Volasfera
Symbol: A man equipped for, a rough journey, belted and armed.

This degree signifies one of adventurous nature, food of discovery and of travel. A pioneer In what ever field of labor he may undertake to work in; one. who will open up new roads of knowledge and research; active, aggressive, bold and fearless; one who will travel into distant countries and gain applause for his discoveries. It is a degree of INQUISITIVENESS.


This area is often occupied in charts of machinists, blacksmiths and mystics. The native is very resourceful, but sometimes self-centered or unscrupulous. If squared by planets at about l6-l7degree Cancer, Capricorn it usually marks a religious fanatic.

Symbol: Ulysses in Polyphemus’ cave

Few moral scruples, if any at all. An original mind, inexhaustible in resources, never at a loss.

An extremely active and daring temper with a pioneer’s or an adventurer’s craving inquisitiveness. A life of travel, exploration, of scientific discoveries, perhaps of more or less reckless adventures. There will be some renown and possibly a violent death.

The native ought to remember Dante’s warning (Inf. 26, 119-20):
You were not born to vegetate like beasts, but to follow the path of truth and virtue.

Symbol: A blacksmith hammering a piece of red-hot iron on an anvil.

Denotes a determined worker, vigorous in the fight against opposition—a transmuter of himself and those who contend against him. Gifted with so strong a spirit, this native can never be mean. Baseness does not find a place in his nature. He loathes idleness, for energy, pain, and experience have taught him the power of industry. It is a symbol of Resolution.

Passionate in the undeveloped but angle fish, thoughtful and sincere in evolved types.


This degree has been associated with mining activities and generally a dark and dreary life with a fearful miserable early death. However, I think we must try look beyond to what influence lurks here which individuals have not found a way to use constructively. Perhaps a diamond in the rough is to be uncovered here. I think we would have to grant in the light of experience noted heretofore that whatever positive influence there is still to be uncovered. Aries is a pioneering sign and this is a degree to be pioneered. This is the exaltation point of the Sun and as such it may represent a blinding light falling on the new born soul seeking cover or darkness. It must also be recognized that good aspects and harmonious influences tend to bring out the best of the worst influences. Only one authority suggests that the influence is thoughtful and unselfish in the evolved types. As the exaltation point of the Sun there must be much promise from new beginnings at this point.

Libra and Taurus - the two Venusian signs - with active, curious Aries may make a rogue and romantic - attracted to entertainment, arts fashion and ego displays. Has exaggerated features, showcases talents and loves attention. Physically passionate, intense and often fanatical, or a reckless adventurer- perhaps violent death. Should learn compassion and respect, self-control and a trade to carry into its later years. Vigorous and expressionistic. Hospitable but native and possibly low intelligence.

Electricians, machinists; blacksmiths; a fortunate degree; sexual emotionalism and romance (physical passionateness); mental fertility; intensity or fanaticism. Often found in charts of reformers or propagandists who have a burning zeal to convert others to their way of thought (especially if squared by a planet at about 16-17 Cancer-Capricorn); resourceful, but sometimes self-centered or unscrupulous; hyoid bone.

Learns instinctively rather than academically or vicariously. Intense, magnetic, charismatic, or sexual.

Symbols for degree of Sun

Sabian Symbol (Sun):

School Grounds Filled With Boys And Girls In Gymnasium Suits

Charubel (Sun):
Symbol: A man of stout make, good proportions round rosy features, looking very merry, dancing grotesquely.

Denotes one who lives to eat and enjoy himself; never troubles his mind with cares seldom thinks of the future by way of providing for the same; the present in his all; his creed is Let me eat, drink and be merry, for to-morrow I may be dead and ‘done for’.

La Volasfera (Sun):
Symbol: A man riding at high speed upon a well-conditioned horse.

This denotes one who has a taste for and ability in the management of horses, and to whom the delight of horsemanship will not be less than those of hazard and adventure. He will lead a romantic life, will travel afar, and undertake many hardy exploits. His occupation may bring him largely into touch with foreign people and strange lands, and either he will be an importer of foreign wares, an explorer, or an archaeologist. Should he incline to the law he will make great progress therein, and honors will attend his efforts on all occasions. In scholastic work also he finds his prevailing passion fully satisfied for in the taming and bridling of the untrained mind and the right directing of its powers he will prove himself not less successful than capable and zealous. It is a degree of INSTRUCTION.

Matthews (Sun):

Among the hundreds of charts used, I found no famous, or notorious, people with planets here.

Carelli (Sun):
Symbol: A man riding a reinless horse.

The symbol is divalent. It may imply that the rider control the horse without the help of material means, acting, as it were, magically through sheer will power; and it may mean as well that this soul is carried off by a subhuman energy over which consciousness has no power. The horse is usually taken to mean the three lower vehicles of man, and the vehicle par excellence is certainly the physical body, its unbridledness being a transparent token of unleashed lustfulness.

One may wonder how the two divergent constructions can be brought to an agreement, but this is hardly necessary as the stirs will leave place for only one. Moreover, one and the same person is not at all unlikely to hold an irresistible sway over others while at the same time being ruled and led by lust. The answer, as usual, must be sought in the whole of the chart.

Should the pattern be generally good, grant a strong character without barring good luck, and show favorable aspects of Jupiter and the Sun, the way then would be open to highest distinctions for the native.

At the outside, this degree would produce the Master, the man of God, the Great Initiate, the Anointed One. In any event, there will be independence, faraway travels, and such features as to make life appear like a novel to others.

In unlucky themes, great undertakings imply dangers corresponding to the daring; short of a lightning-like intuition, luck, or the support of long experience any enterprise will come to grief. Where other pointers of sensuality concur, there will be a carefree epicureanism forgetful of the morrow; concurrence of sportsmanship will lead to horse racing or riding.

Kozminsky (Sun):
Symbol: A number of books floating near a coast land rich in vegetation and floral charm, with beautiful grottos rising from the blue sea.

Denotes one, artistic and nature-loving, who has a rapturous appreciation for the grandeur of creation and endeavors by some media—art, letters, or song—to express it. He has a strong affinity with nature, and her many moods will act and react on his sensitive soul. It is a symbol of Expression.

Muir (Sun):
Intuitive, artistic and sensitive yet very practical. He matures his plans before attempting their execution.

Leinbach (Sun):
This native is too soft for the difficulties he faces. There may be some protection in passive resistance but he is not sufficiently dedicated to anything to make any real impression. His overanxious desire please draws a certain lack of respect. He may be the type to enjoy his suffering and the sympathy it brings him. If the other parts of the chart show sufficient strength to ward off such attacks as this degree attracts he may show of the basic Capricorn nature.

Weber (Sun):
The degree of the land-baron - capable of directing man a beast, captaining the biggest industries and the largest farms. A natural magic and earthy fortitude of Taurus/Capricorn - a solid character. Love of animals and wealth; may be involve in sports and gaming - or trade - with an excessively easy, simple life. Perhaps farming or a carefree life where duties are ignored, and neglected enterprises fail - must be progressive and protective of resources and possessions.

Henson (Sun):
Business; suicide; music (classical, the organ); often a conductor rater than an executant in music; seldom a singer unless Venus is in Taurus; seldom in the charts of the famous or notorious; suicide; beneficence, ideality, hopefulness, refinement, and changeability; and makes its native grave, sober, outwardly pretentious and usually lascivious, right knotty protuberance of knee.

Cochrane (Sun):
Mature, quiet disposition. Loves simplicity. Persistence, determination, and the ability to shoulder hardships without complaint. Desires close emotional rapport with others, but dislikes sentimentality. Good understanding of dream symbolism. (LIB-10-CAN, CAP-1-LIB)

Symbols for degree of Moon

Sabian Symbol (Moon):
A Drowning Man is Being Rescued

Charubel (Moon):
Symbol: A lamb at a distance from. its dam, but looking towards her.

Denotes one with strong filial affections; he cannot be happy without one to love or to cling to.

La Volasfera (Moon):
Symbol: A hare seated upon a knoll above its burrow, behind it is the rising Moon.

It is the indication of a timorous and watchful nature, apprehensive of’ dangers that are not apparent and unmindful of those which are inevitable as the nightfall. Such an one is liable to be taken unawares and deceived in the chief affairs of life; and while showing astuteness in all that he has regard to, he will yet prove himself to be more watchful and cautious than wise and far-sighted. It is a degree of INSECURITY.

Matthews (Moon):
Symbol: “REVERSES”

When he acts wealthy he is poor, when he seems poor he has money. Sometimes given to deception in other ways. A faculty for showmanship. May meet some reverses in fortune.

Carelli (Moon):
In the foreground, a son’s love and solidarity with one’s native clan. On the reverse side of the shield, lack of measure.

Lasting affections, inability to live without love; faithfulness and jealousy.

Contrast of daring and shyness, of headiness and yieldingness. Lack of balance in front of life’s dangers and ambushes, unnecessary alarm and neglect of the most obvious precautions, implicit faith in those who do not deserve any, and injurious suspicions; fear of imaginary risks and blindness before real risk, useless wariness and silly rashness.

Kozminsky (Moon):
Symbol: Pretty little flowers growing on an old moss covered wall in an old, green, country lane.

Denotes one poetical, intense, conservative, imaginative, idealistic, and artistic, one for whom simple beauty has a lasting and long appeal. His thoughts are above the narrow limits of form, creed, and custom, and his actions are marked by gentleness and feeling. The scientific vein in his nature is nurtured with the blood of Uranian science, and he is held but little to the wilder theories of some modern materialistic speculations. Whatever he handles must be dainty, sweet, and artistic. He loves children, flowers, the country, and all those things which lend grace and charm to earth life. It is a symbol of Serenity.

Muir (Moon):
Loving beauty and grandeur and all that adds grace and charm to life.

Leinbach (Moon):
A basic deceptive quality here contributes to theatrical ability. Usually this deception is motivated an enjoyment of playing games rather than being malicious. But if distorted by frustration and there are problems very difficult for him to solve his traits could become treacherous. For the most part he is the jovial clown, possible to pin down to anything serious most especially anything requiring a commitment on his part. He usually takes a position of a playful happy-go-lucky life of the character. He may also play with sarcasm and sphinx-like innuendos calculated to raise doubts without making his points crystal clear but leaving room for interpretations. The basic Scorpio nature is secretive and here it reaches the level of developed skill to hide his real nature even though he has nothing but his superior ability to hide. He still feels safer playing a part and leaving his associates to guess at what he is really like. Companionship plays a very necessary part in his routine. People really are his workshop and his great joy is keeping other people guessing.

Weber (Moon):
Earthy Capricorn adds form to fluid Scorpio, conferring business ability and sense of order. A powerful degree. Signifies success, blessed by wealth, but a hysterical, high-handed temperament which can lead to animosities and downfall. Capricorn/Cancer give interest in life’s mysteries occult sciences. Often becomes an administrator or arbiter. Close ties to family and genealogy. Adept at tying people to the right tasks in group and cooperative ventures. Found in general, industrial, but difficult vocations.

Henson (Moon):
Acts poor when he has money; acts wealthy when he’s poor; sometimes given to deception in other ways too; showmanship; neurasthenia; penis; labia majora.

Cochrane (Moon):
Individualistic, self-reliant, and self-conscious. Prone to exaggerate and lack straightforward honesty with others. Imaginative, creative talents; aptitude for drama and mime. (LEO-10-PIS, LEO-10-PIS)

Symbols for degree of Mercury

Sabian Symbol (Mercury):
A Chubby Boy On A Hobby-Horse

Charubel (Mercury):
Symbol: A man in a balloon with the dark clouds beneath him.

Denotes an experimentalist; an investigator of the imponderables; one whose life will abound with trials, but success will ultimately crown his labors.

La Volasfera (Mercury):
Symbol: Three cups of wine standing upon a table in the form of a triangle.

It is the index of a mind that is given to excessive indulgence and undue enthusiasm in matters of a spiritual and mental nature; one who will follow out his projects regardless of consequence, impelled as it were by a species of mental intoxication. The substance and form of this symbol is allied to the higher nature, but should the carnal appetites gain an ascendancy over him, he will in all probability degenerate into a debauchee. Moderation should be his watchword even in spiritual things. It is a degree of EXCESS.

Matthews (Mercury):

Unusually quick perception, remarkable memory and good imagination.

Carelli (Mercury):
Misuse of pleasures, of mental activity and of manual work; a freakish coexistence of the loftiest longings with a glutton’s dreams. Intoxication of the mind, alcoholic drunkenness, an orgiastic temper in everything and the attending danger of bodily or mental fuddle.

Hard ordeals are ahead. If the native knew moderation and could rhythmically alternate work and rest, pleasure and duty, success would be within reach.

Kozminsky (Mercury):
Symbol: A ruined castle by a waterfall, near which is a naked woman holding a bunch of grapes to an old philosopher who, seated on a rock, is studying a manuscript.

Denotes one of romantic mind, loving and leaning to the philosophy and thought of other days, in which he is a master. The forces play around him and attempts from the two worlds will be made to draw him from his deeper thoughts to the frivolity, folly, and transitory joys of earth. Many times will he be shaken, but his power is too great for sensual over comings. Instead he throws to the world the wine of life that those who are able may drink. It is a symbol of Spiritual Struggles.

Muir (Mercury):
Delving into the occult lore of other and countries, be finds peace and a solution to many of the miseries endured by other who interest themselves in transitory pleasures only.

Leinbach (Mercury):
A depressed mentality subject to accidents and a fatalistic approach to life sums up this individual. The burdens here do seem difficult to bear and he must look to other areas of the chart for support and strength to handle what is dealt out by this degree. There is a good judgment and an accurate perception which is however wasted by preoccupation with the evils of the world, which for the most part he judges accurately. To the optimist, the glass is half full to the pessimist, the glass is half empty. Both are right. This degree is very unlike Sagittarius. generally.

Weber (Mercury):
Romantic, lofty, regal Leo outshines cold, watery Pisces to make an outgoing character, sensitive, with inherent desires to entertainments, gambling and gluttony, perhaps intoxication or conceit, and mean temper. But, these are pitfalls of a character that is bold and blessed to being with - good memory and fearless (helpful success indicators). Eager, bright and indomitable, should learn to stay within means and do what it does best. Don’t let bad habits lead to ruin. Versatile, with talents for acting and music. Flows towards an easy life.

Henson (Mercury):
Usually quick perception; remarkable memory; good imagination; condyle of right femur.

Cochrane (Mercury):
Honest and straightforward, yet tactful and polite also. Clear grasp of concepts and ideas. Pioneering spirit. Creative, self-motivated activity. (CAP-2-VIR, ARI-5-SAG)

Symbols for degree of Venus

Sabian Symbol (Venus):
A Flag Bearer In A Battle

Charubel (Venus):
Symbol: A giant of monstrous dimensions.

Denotes one who will be a prodigy of some kind; maybe in stature or maybe in mind.

La Volasfera (Venus):
Symbol: A mask representing the face of a hound.

This is the sign of one to whom appearances are apt to count or much, but who will nevertheless be possessed of a really deep and sympathetic nature. Fidelity and friendship will be prominent characteristics of his nature. Fidelity will be dexterous in the use of arms, apt in the imitation of mannerisms, and would make a capable actor,. being gifted with powers of dramatic. representation. Of a kind and sympathetic nature, he will readily attract friends, and yet few will know him for what he really is. It is a degree of IMITATION.

Matthews (Venus):

Like the opposite degree, this is a better place for benefics or ‘reflectors’ than it is for the malefics, which may bring trouble through the opposite sex. Good mentality, inventive and intuitive, emotional.

Carelli (Venus):
Kindness, faith, trustworthiness in friendships, a helpful, merry and playful nature, attractive manners, a likable personality.

The body will be light and nimble, the movements supple and precise; there will be skill in handling weapons and a sense of rhythm. The native is one of those few people who can use their hands and can above all imitate their neighbors and counterfeit them strikingly. Should the rest of the pattern support this, there would be great scenic gifts—whether tragic or comic, will have to be decided by other features.

A bad nativity may pervert art into mummery and the harmless jokes into dirty tricks. The nimble person, mastering his own body with matchless skill, may turn into a clown or be warped into a quacksalver. Anyhow, it ought to be borne in mind that a soul nobler and deeper than expected hides behind those outward striking and likable features. Few will notice it.

Kozminsky (Venus):
Symbol: Two girls on a see-saw gaily dressed, a man in motley in the center holding a cup of wine in his hand.

Denotes one who is attracted to the sport and gaieties of life, and to whom physical pleasures constitute the essence of existence. The native may indulge in extravagances and will feel the ups and downs of life. His philosophy favors the pursuit of happiness, and his mental gifts will be directed to the furtherance of his thoughts. It is a symbol of Pleasure.

Muir (Venus):
He seeks happiness only to find it fleeing from him until he realizes that the keynote to happiness is personal sacrifices when his teachings attract many.

Leinbach (Venus):
This degree is given to excess and particularly subject to alcoholism and various forms of intoxication. It gives a very independent and stubborn nature. There may be high aspirations along with gluttony and over optimism. It seems to stimulate a desire for unrealizable goals. As a result, he works in a steady manner to achieve what appears to be impossible. Nevertheless, the goal continues to haunt him and continues to be part of his awareness. If the rest of the chart contributes other qualities necessary for success this native might not succumb to the excesses which tempt him.

Weber (Venus):
Double fire influence of Leo/Sagittarius produce idealism, love of liberty, clear-sightedness, and willfulness-but also makes a tyrant with a hot-tempered, demanding ego. Good degree for actors, salesmen; not necessarily a good talker. All-in-all it has a noble, positive image of itself. A faithful friend and many romances. Liked by all and at home anywhere. Opinionated due to fire element; likely to find romantic fiascos.

Henson (Venus):
Anarchism; literature; better for benefics than for malefics, which bring trouble through the opposite sex; associated with nervous troubles, especially in his speech, if afflicted by Mercury or Uranus, sometimes due to a glandular deficiency; tyrannical disposition; love of liberty; good mentality; inventive, intutive, and emotional; gout; neurasthenia; if conjunct or opposition an afflicted luminary or its afflicting planet; impaired eyesight, perhaps blindness; condyle of left femur.

Cochrane (Venus):
Pleasant and friendly disposition. Gets along well with other people. Responsible and reliable. Work and recreation are nicely balanced in his life. (AQU-3-LIB, TAU-6-CAP)

Symbols for degree of Mars

Sabian Symbol (Mars):
Within The Depths Of The Earth New Elements Are Being Formed

Charubel (Mars):
Symbol: A man, stripped to the shirt, with sleeves up, and wheeling a barrow along a plank.

This denotes a servant of servants; the slave, the toiler; he born with this ascending, if rich at birth, is in danger of becoming poor late in life.

La Volasfera (Mars):
Symbol: Two men playing cards together.

This denotes one given to the hazards of speculation, hopeful, jovial, and venturesome. He will follow a life of change and chance, counting on nothing beyond the day, and content with his lot, so long as he comes by it without effort. In the midst of want and privation he will keep a hopeful countenance and good heart. It cannot be said that he will do much good to others, yet he will do no intentional harm, and his good spirits will cheer others, who else might despond too easily. It is a degree of HAZARD.

Matthews (Mars):
Symbol: “HAZARD”

A powerful degree. Sometimes a bit materialistic for Sagittarius. An unusually intelligent and capable person.

Carelli (Mars):
Symbol: Two men playing dice

The native will tend to have all his eggs in one basket, and may risk everything on one throw when his very life is at stake. If he wins, success or even glory is his; in case of defeat there is no further chance, as he has burned his bridges. Usually Fortune will smile upon such confidence in her favors, though this will not always be the case.

The nativity taken as a whole must point out whether we are confronted with a great man’s deliberately planned gamble, or with a game operator’s or betting addict’s random shot; we hardly need say that the latter is more frequent. Therefore, unless well aspected elsewhere, the native cannot rely exclusively on the blind Goddess’ smile to balance his accounts, and he will risk failure at the slightest wink of ominous stars. He then will have to put up with the lowest jobs and bear the humblest fatigues. Yet even in this case his buoyant cheerfulness will stay untarnished and the faith in his own star unshaken; this loser’s merriness may even spread around him like wildfire, and he will take a hand-to-mouth existence in his stride, waiting for Fortune’s wheel to give another half turn.

Kozminsky (Mars):
Symbol: Draught horse pulling a load of chains up a hill, at the top of which is a great revolving wheel.

Denotes one who is limited, edged in, bound. and restricted, whose way is paved with difficulties which threaten and torment. He is exposed to dangers until after his seventh year, and if these are passed he is faced with a narrow way. He might remember the old Talmudic maxim, Those whom God loves He oppresses with suffering, and endeavor to grasp the purpose of his life. It is a symbol of Oppression.

Muir (Mars):
Early struggles. Success depends upon the choice of friends as there is an ever present struggle between idealism and animalism.

Leinbach (Mars):
A very quiet and materialistic degree for this sign. This native is usually satisfied with a very quiet pursuit of the good things of life which often c in generous proportions without the gambling excitement of most Sagittarius natives. He often turns enemies into friends by his quiet unruffled manner. He is, for the part, devoted to domestic joys of a rather routine job with little expectation of advancement. He takes a very mild philosophical approach to life, satisfied to be undisturbed and left alone. He loves people; he just hates to be interfered with in a way that disturbs his privacy.

Weber (Mars):
Heavyweight Capricorn adds serious notes and responsibility, perhaps stealing away resourcefulness and normal pluckiness of forward - headed Sagittarius. Contemplative - is capable of great concentration, assimilation, and plan for a better future. Confidence and composure brings success. Disturbingly optimistic; perhaps a loser in some speculation for some reason or another. Win or lose, it’s a true optimist, always learning and looking ahead.

Henson (Mars):
Power of expression in language; dancing (especially if Mars is there, which gives strong legs. If Mars is weak it gives the desire to dance, but the person will lack the necessary strength); oratory; needless fears such as claustrophobia; a powerful degree; sometimes a bit materialistic for Sagittarius; an unusually intelligent and capable person; heart; left surface femoral artery.

Cochrane (Mars):
Intuitive, imaginative, psychic. His spiritual ideals conflict with his instinctive passion. Experiences deep, emotionally complex love relations. (CAN-8-PIS, SCO-12-CAN)

Symbols for degree of Jupiter

Sabian Symbol (Jupiter):
Two Men Placed Under Arrest

Charubel (Jupiter):
Symbol: A man at a desk writing all kinds of hands, from the largest hand to the most microscopic.

Denotes one who possesses some one special gift; a gift that is allied to the artistic. Not a mere painter in colors, but a painter in words. He can read a character quickly, but may indulge a little too freely on these lines, so as to render himself actionable for slander.

La Volasfera (Jupiter):
Symbol: A well-lighted house with open door.

It denotes a person of hospitable and homely nature, ever ready with the best of fare to entertain friends and acquaintances. The native will grow to be much beloved for his open handed ness and sincerity of feeling. He will be both prosperous and happy, and will rejoice in the company of his friends. It is a degree of HOSPITALITY.

Matthews (Jupiter):

Sometimes called an ELECTRIC degree. A person who will get considerable publicity. Has many friends. Whatever he does he is ambitious to be the greatest.

Carelli (Jupiter):
Symbol: A lordly villa in the open country, its inner walls decorated with encaustic tiles or trimmed with engravings.

An outstandingly good influence for home life, which will be happy and quiet in spite of the great number of friends the native’s hospitable nature will have within his house’s walls. His open and fair character will win the hearts of both friends and strangers, and the favor of stars, which will grant him happiness and wealth.

A profound psychologist, he may excel in outlining with a few lucky strokes or, as the case may be, stigmatizing anyone’s character. This will be the greatest merit of his works, if an artistic career is borne out by other stars, which will then have to determine the kind of art to which he is destined.

Kozminsky (Jupiter):
Symbol: A fireman rescuing a little child from a burning house.

Denotes one of a simple nature who is gifted with a strong spirit of self-sacrifice and endowed with inherent bravery. His way in life will be tangled at times, and he will need his energy to set it right again. He is a helper of himself and of others, and he does not count his own needs first. It is a symbol of Self-sacrifice.

Muir (Jupiter):
Quiet and unassuming, putting the needs of self into the background. Imposed upon by lesser minds.

Leinbach (Jupiter):
All abilities connected with the use of words are most activated here. These people love debate, argument, writing, semantics and rhetoric of all kinds. They worship the Goddess of Reason and Logic. They have a youthful and nimble countenance, both physical and mental. They may be critical and quarrelsome or witty, clever and humorous. There may be a gentleness of spirit or a caustic sarcasm, which mocks and taunts others to turn against them. They have a fantastic ability to talk themselves into and out of the most ridiculous situations.

Weber (Jupiter):
Pisces adds spontaneity and complacency. Desire to be understood, perhaps self-conscious, or an interest in nature, occult or personal sciences - sociology, psychology, or health, beauty and glamour aids. Vocations dealing with everyday problems and practicalities. Often marries rich. Sensitive artist and personality.

Henson (Jupiter):
Electricians; a romantic degree; rules poets; oratorical ability; violence; a person who will get considerable publicity; has many friends; ambitious to be the greatest; kidney illness; liked with sexual problems; subtle mind, shamelessness, and loss through friends and company, fatty capsule of kidneys.

Cochrane (Jupiter):
Courteous and refined. A careful, responsible, reliable worker. Good at detailed art work, sewing or other activities that require dexterity. Interested in dietetics, ecology, and natural living. (SCO-2-TAU, VIR-12-PIS)

Symbols for degree of Saturn

Sabian Symbol (Saturn):
A Willful Man Is Overshadowed By A Descent Of Superior Power

Charubel (Saturn):
A very lofty pine tree.

This denotes a noble a person, one whose mind is fired with grand aspirations; whose good influence will be felt beyond the limits of his own neighborhood. His deeds will speak louder than words.

La Volasfera (Saturn):
Symbol: A horseman armed, moving across a dessert towards some woody hills.

It indicates a person of much independence of spirit, self-willed and daring. Such is capable of carrying out designs conceived by himself without the aid or companionship of others. He may be a pioneer; it is certain he is venturesome and self-reliant; and where such qualities may have influence, he will succeed and be singular in honor as in action. The native will be somewhat estranged from his kindred; taciturn and self-contained; but will make his mark in some field of work requiring independence of spirit, courage and perseverance. It is a degree of SELFRELIANCE.

Matthews (Saturn):

An independent person, capable of carrying out his own ideas. Fired with great aspirations, his influence will be felt in far places.

Carelli (Saturn):
Symbol: A wild horse

The strongest man is the one who stands most alone. Ibsen, An Enemy of the People

A high-spirited being, full of noble purposes and setting his aims high, cherishing freedom above all earthly things and driving this love so far as to stray away from his kind into silence and seclusion. If other stars help, this will not prevent his doing great works likely to exert a deep influence on his neighbors and to leave a mark in history. The secret of his success is his unshakable self-confidence supported by a fiery will.

Under less favorable influences his daring may become a reckless love of adventure, his zest for work wild and fickle fanaticism, his lofty aspirations selfish ambitions.

Travel will play some role in his life. Concurrent emergence of suitable factors might make him into a pioneer.

Kozminsky (Saturn):
Symbol: The setting Sun reflected from the sea in such a manner that the reflected rays interlace with the solar rags.

Denotes a psychic readily absorbing the thoughts and suggestions of others. He should never permit himself to be hypnotized nor entranced, nor give way to negative states of mind or lowering thoughts. He must absorb noble teachings and eschew unworthy ones. Then as he reaches the latter part of his earth life glories will stream from his soul to unite with the lights of the heaven of aspiration. It is a symbol of Impressions.

Muir (Saturn):
A psychic who absorbs the thoughts of others. Should study an exact science as such training in early life will attract towards him the Great Ones.

Leinbach (Saturn):
The native here is concerned with mastery, usually mastery over others without first having gained mastery of himself. This degree grants much ability to overcome all obstacles as well as other people. In most cases there is too little compassion and straight forward honesty. The native seems prone to gain by any means, fair or foul. He is independent and extremely determined to reach the top of his goal. He has been considered successful in the past when he gained mastery over all he surveyed.

Today it is necessary for him to incorporate some of the advancement of society in the art of give and take to find the recognition he craves. Much depends on his circle of friends and what is demanded of him. In a sense, this degree speaks for what those around him demand. He can and will incorporate the qualities necessary to maintain his position. The rest of the chart will also point the natural direction to which this native may be oriented. If he is unable to obtain the recognition he desires in the direction he wishes to go he will go in the direction his environment demands.

Weber (Saturn):
Dreamy, faithful, romantic degree due to Pisces appearance hear, and Libra sociability and friendliness - pleasure-oriented, high-spirited, gullible, but presumptuous goals. Like a wild horse. Prefers to marry well and travel in artistic social circles.

Henson (Saturn):
Literature; gift of healing; musical ability; art; denotes the seer; a degree of “darkness”; independent; capable of carrying out his own ideas; fired with great aspirations, his influence will be felt in far places; afflictions threaten trouble with and danger through liquids, water, gas, poisons or dog bites; rising; said to inspire admiration for the canine species; proud and easily angered; petulant; duodenal ulcer; digestive organs.

Cochrane (Saturn):
Cordial, pleasant disposition. Strives to maintain the proper balance between responsibilities to family and the independence necessary to advance in vocational pursuits. (CAP-7-ARI, LIB-4-CAP)

Symbols for degree of Uranus

Sabian Symbol (Uranus):
A Church Bazaar

Charubel (Uranus):
Symbol: A black pall suspended, and a man in a gloomy enclosure looking at it despairingly; finally he musters courage to lift the pall, and enters a dark passage, which, however, finally conducts him into the light of glorious day.

Whosoever thou art with this degree on thy ascendant, be prepared for trials, but don’t give up in despair; for ere thy fortieth year shall have expired, thy day will have dawned.

La Volasfera (Uranus):
Symbol: Three men advancing arm in arm.

This indicates one given to friendship and the delights of social intercourse, and whose nature will find chief expression in the fostering of amicable relations between others. Prolixity and diffusion of effort may render his best intentions void of good results, but that they are animated by the best feelings none of his friends will ever doubt. He will have many supporters and his confidences will be esteemed by them. He may profitably be engaged in the instruction and leading of others, whether as a teacher, director, overseer or officer, and he will be one of those to whose instruction and advice men will naturally incline. His fondness for pleasures however, may ruin his prospects. It is a degree of ACCORD.

Matthews (Uranus):
Symbol: “ACCORD”

A critical degree, but found in few famous charts. Fond of pleasure, including food and drinks. Sometimes diffident or apologetic.

Carelli (Uranus):
This influence has much in common with 30 deg Taurus (which see). It will give masterfulness and the accessory prestige over others in more or less refined utilitarian and earthly matters, tending toward enjoyment, though not exclusively material; its supreme pleasure is friendship.

But, for all his good intentions, the native will bring little luck to his devoted friends; however, unconsciously and against his own will, he will lead them to sacrifice, which he himself will not escape, as his inordinate and dissipated life will inflict a spell of ordeals and mishaps upon him.

He is likely to get over it sooner or later. The pattern as a whole and a careful study of directions and of Uranus’ transits will have to show whether the beginning or the end of his life will be marked by had luck.

Kozminsky (Uranus):
Symbol: The Interior of a tent of a Roman military commander, in which is a table set with abundance of food and drink in rich vessels of gold and silver.

Denotes one of good organizing and directing ability who works with a purpose in his mind and an ideal at heart. He has a love of luxury and good living, and as life advances he will be in a position to gratify his desires. He is a good, generous friend, and gains esteem. He does not allow personal comfort to affect the work he is called upon to do nor to diminish his personal courage. It is a symbol of Accomplishment.

Muir (Uranus):
Purposeful and sympathetic but must guard against too luxurious living.

Leinbach (Uranus):
This native has a strong mystical, occult psychic orientation which will either result in a highly developed spiritual being or in an interest in psychic phenomena, secret societies, and perhaps black magic. Ofcourse, there are also those in between. The intelligence is limited only by other factors. He is usually quite fixed in his opinions for Pisces. They can be quite determined in their demand for justice. His sense of justice may win support. His logic is severe and meticulously correct to extent of super-rational judgment. Although he has mystical qualities, he is not gentle or understanding. It is as though he were hard with himself and allows others no room to do less. Often when an individual has sacrifice too much to arrive at what he considers to be perfection he loses something of compassion and understanding and must retrace his steps to once again align himself companionship he needs from others. He is too dedicated to a goal he does not fully understand but which he attempts to follow to the letter of the law, if not the of the law.

Weber (Uranus):
Libra/Pisces influence imparts generosity, manners and beauty. Fond of pleasure and romance. There’s a complementing Mercury influence, adding planning, communication and mediumistic skills, but must be careful not to lead friends and family into unproductive schemes. Remember, other’s are not as blessed and their lack of skill and dependence (and unattractiveness) may lead to unfulfilled promises. A good friend, well-liked; a people person and help-mate. Career reflects this.

Henson (Uranus):
Renunciation; music; mediums and healers; fond of pleasure, including food and drink; sometimes diffident or apologetic; asthma; right cuboid bone.

Cochrane (Uranus):
Original, pioneering thoughts and actions. Active. Strives to develop the talents, knowledge, and resources necessary to make his own individual contribution to society. (TAU-3-ARI, AQU-12-CAP

Symbols for degree of Neptune

Sabian Symbol (Neptune):
Two Lovebirds Sitting On A Fence And Singing Happily

Charubel (Neptune):
Symbol: A beacon light on a high rock.

One with great intuition. Those having this degree should pay strict attention to those impressions which the world calls foolish, but which show the Divinity speaking through humanity.

La Volasfera (Neptune):
Symbol: A ship in full sail upon a sunlit sea.

This is the symbol of one who will possess an enterprising and somewhat adventurous spirit, such as will lead him into associations with others remote from him in nature or in clime. He will show a catholic and cosmopolitan spirit, a versatile and ambitious mind, and a benevolent and sympathetic nature. If he should be induced to leave his country it will be to form alliances that are productive of the greatest good to himself and to others. If he should follow the mercantile life, he will be fortunate therein. But whatever may be his calling, he will prosper and gain to himself a position of affluence and distinction. It is a degree of AFFLUENCE.

Matthews (Neptune):
Symbol: “QUEER” (Probably some connection with thyroid or pituitary glands.)

Sometimes eccentric, restless, impractical or fantastic.

Carelli (Neptune):
Symbol: The Statue of Liberty (in the New York harbor)

An all-round open mind, an enterprising character, an ambitious and adventurous spirit; the native’s country is the whole world, as he feels at home everywhere. In his native country he will associate happily with congenial cooperators and he will do excellent business abroad, profitable both to himself and to others.

Fluent in speech and articulate in writing, possessed of a sharp insight, pleasant and easy with everyone but far from submissive, the native will be able to build himself up into a splendid financial position if other stars lead him to trade or to other lucrative callings. On the contrary, should he take to purely intellectual or altogether spiritual activities, he would enjoy a transcendental intuition enabling him to perceive the spiritual reality underlying this world.

Kozminsky (Neptune):
Symbol: A woman seated on an anchor, a rudder in her hand and an opened book at her feet.

Denotes one who is guided through the many intricacies of life by a faith which cannot be shaken, being born of a philosophy or understanding which sinks deeply into a receptive nature. The mind is broad and wide in its sympathies, and the native feels and knows the reality of the way immortal, even though he may not be able to express it in mere words. It is a symbol of Guidance.

Muir (Neptune):
One who lives and teaches that through faith alone can we overcome difficulties.

Leinbach (Neptune):
This is not considered a good degree. Natives here usually have some kind of curious and eccentric habit pattern There may be a connection with thyroid or pituitary glands. Often they are restless and difficult to settle down. The most consistent circumstance is some form of mishap during middle life when the work is interrupted or stopped altogether and some major crisis must be faced. He is subject to unforeseen dangers and possibly shortened life span. The degree of Uranus and its strength or weakness may reveal more of what this degree may mean for the individual.

Weber (Neptune):
Versatile, talkative Gemini lends its active rays to humanitarian Aquarius. Cultured, open-minded, enterprising character and ambitious, adventuresome sprit. At home anywhere and happily conducts trade with almost anyone. Witty: good communicators, listeners. Social and cooperative which will take them far in life. Good for short story writers, journalists, critics - easy to listen to! Romances will be many and varied, perhaps jealous. Follows current trends.

Henson (Neptune):
Attainment and success; music; carnival area (moments when one has to let it out); appreciation of the beautiful degree of an artist; sometimes eccentric, restless, or fantastic; rheumatic fever; lymph vessel of right lower leg.

Cochrane (Neptune):
Fresh ideas and imagination. Fluent speaker. Has many different interests, and can adapt to different situations and social atmospheres. Enjoys talking and sharing feelings with others. (VIR-8-CAN, GEM-5-ARI)

Symbols for degree of Pluto

Sabian Symbol (Pluto):
A Group Of Immigrants As They Fulfill The Requirements Of Entrance Into The New Country

Charubel (Pluto):
Symbol: A person at the bottom of a deep ravine, with lamp in hand looking far something.

A mineralogist; a geologist; and one who will be fond of such researches as lie within the earth.

La Volasfera (Pluto):
Symbol: A human heart encircled with a band of iron and pierced by a dagger with jeweled hilt.

Insecure affections, misplaced confidence, bitter resentment and jealousy are the unhappy results of love divorced from discretion and a good judgment. Such an one to whom this symbol applies will go through life attended by a host of forlorn hopes, loving without power to evoke response, acting by impulse unallied to reason, and in the end will become cramped and misanthropic, the iron of selfish disappointment eating into the soul. Danger of heart disease may be indicated, or what is worse, the canker of jealousy may prove fatal. It is a degree of RESTRICTION.

Matthews (Pluto):

Frank, charitable and sympathetic, under favorable aspects. Under adverse aspects, may be a revolutionary spirit who gives his life for an unpopular cause. Jupiter here usually denotes a religious person, Mercury skepticism. Several gamblers have Mercury here.

Carelli (Pluto):
Symbol: Mortal row between two women

Blind and impulsive passionality, cruel disappointments, frenzied jealousy, danger of murder committed in hot blood where the native easily could be the victim if other astrological factors consistently point at lack of violence and portend murder at the hands of a man. The native woman would nearly always be wrong in confiding in someone and is invariably wrong when she is in love. Lack of return will stow a bitter resentment in her soul, which may find its outlet in bloodshed or turn into sour misanthropy. In a man’s activity these and other omens may refer to him or to his woman.

This degree carries the hideous mark of jealousy and excessive suspicion. Jealousy means mistrust of everyone and everything, hidden watching, stealthily rummaging the beloved one’s papers, spying and lying in ambush to follow the eyes from afar, taking other people into one’s confidence and ending in being doublecrossed by them, torturing one’s beloved and especially oneself.

Heart ailments are not unlikely. If not the mind, the nerves are certainly unhinged.

Kozminsky (Pluto):
Symbol: A bee stinging a roaring lion.

Denotes one of sharp, stinging wit, of democratic feeling, and a fine order of intellect, who is bound to gain distinction of some kind. He will take a clear and extremely sensible view of things, and will be able to gauge and construct. The note of his sarcasm is directed against certain authority, and forces action when passivity seems firmly fixed. It is a symbol of Stimulation.

Muir (Pluto):

Sarcastic, opposed to authority and resent interests. Create mental vigor which often stings others to action. Inclines to art as a hobby.

Leinbach (Pluto):
The influence here is revolutionary. Natives of this degree run counter to any established order. They have a certain sympathy for the whether deserved or not. They seem not to suffer as some by being overly sympathetic with individuals who take advantage of them. They are more likely to enlist others in a violent revolution. It is difficult to say what this degree would do in a society where there was not as much for dissent as this native is able to find. He usually objects to elements well deserving of objection. The causes establishes are usually valid and needing attention by someone. Some of these natives will have the mentality find more clever and non-violent means to effect these needed changes. However, the temptation to violence is there and easy to arouse. The rest of the chart must show further characteristics which will round out and indicate both the strength and direction this degree will take.

Weber (Pluto):
Strong Scorpio-Cancer influence-sixth and twelfth signs from Sagittarius - promotes difficulties and self-undoing, and in the self-involved Leo decant, says much about the pitfalls of this degree - overly passionate, jealous, selfish, haughty - perhaps giving and receiving physical harm. Errors in love. Probably good at writing “cheating” love songs as it is attracted to those type of situations, leisure, and unfitting atmosphere. Heart troubles and heart aches. Despite that, has abilities in science, research and math. Works behind the scenes, although all too often is drawn into bad situations and scandals, ruining its chances for success.

Henson (Pluto):
Science, mathematics, insanity, projecting and the arts; a military degree, favorable; frank; charitable; sympathetic; afflicted; a revolutionary spirit who gives his life for an unpopular cause; appendicitis; left trochanter.

Cochrane (Pluto):
Highly intelligent. Scientific thinking. Original and innovative mentality. Strives for clarity and precision. (CAP-2-VIR, AQU-3-LIB)

Symbols for degree of Ascendant

Sabian Symbol (Ascendant):
A Serpent Coiling Near A Man And A Woman

Charubel (Ascendant):
Symbol: Sun rising in the south-east quarter of the heavens, a little further south than that point which the Sun occupies at the winter solstice.

This person will prove a true Solar man, destined to rule or command. Let such an one ever look towards the south-east of the place of his birth for success in all matters of a worldly nature.

La Volasfera (Ascendant):
Symbol: A man out in mid-ocean on a raft, famished and in pitiable distress.

It denotes loneliness and indigence in life; one who will lead a strange and outcast life, with few friends and those either unwilling or unable to help him. It. seems to contain the idea of much traveling, perhaps exile, and finally a lonely grave. It is a degree of ISOLATION.

Matthews (Ascendant):
Symbol: “ENERGY”

This degree may also denote gluttony. It is found in the charts of bakers, along with Virgo, Pisces and Cancer, Capricorn. Waiters, waitresses and others who work with food frequently have planets here. Ball players, golfers and athletes often have this degree occupied and it is sometimes found in the charts of Astrologers and Theosophists. It has been referred to as a “Karmic Degree.”

Carelli (Ascendant):
The native is an uncommon being; whether above or below the average will have to be left to other pointers to show. No doubt there is something forceful about him, either his passions or his wishes or his more or less noble aims.

In a way he is a solar being, as he stands alone, cannot count on personal friendships, and his career tends to trace a parable. Where most of the other features hint at success, the native is certainly destined to lead and sway. In questions regarding the whole community or the masses, success awaits him.

Where other pointers do not help, he will be utterly poor and lonely, an outcast, or worse, an outlaw heading for an obscure end, for exile and perhaps even jail.

Whether a winner or a loser, he always will be an isolated, strange being.

Kozminsky (Ascendant):
Symbol: A man standing on a mountain gazing sadly on the valley below, where some men are fighting for a bag of gold whilst a monkey is eating their food. On his right is the spirit of Truth : on his left the spirit of Error; seated at his feet is the spirit of Love; behind him, holding on to his garment, is the spirit of Hale.

Denotes one who reaches a position of responsibility, power, and influence, and seeks to find in man the spark which being agitated blazes forth in glory, guiding by its perfect light. Here we have the teacher who strives to lead men from the valley of darkness into the light of understanding, but who himself is threatened by Error and Hate, which if he permits to influence him will drag him from his throne. But if he join his own great soul to Truth and Love, what wonders may he not perform! It is a symbol of Intercession.

Muir (Ascendant):
One who, seeing a light, expects others to follow. Let him be sure that it is a true light or seeming friends will betray him.

Leinbach (Ascendant):
Trial by fire seems indicated by this degree. The trials which accompany this degree are calculated to perfect the soul, and have a high record of success. Perhaps it is associated with karma; if so, it is a karma from which the individual is ready and willing to learn. The trials seem to be disassociated from anything the individual can be seen to have logically caused by his actions. They seem to be acts of fate. The individual seems in most cases capable of dealing with the apparently unjust burden in a saintly manner, thereby incurring the sympathy of onlookers. Perhaps it is the need for sympathy that makes the native willing to suffer so patiently.

Weber (Ascendant):
Double water influence of Cancer (square Aries) and Pisces (12th house to Aries) signifies double troubles and challenges - marks this degree as something special, often disliked and overweight.

Henson (Ascendant):
Bakers; dietetics - food and drink; music (the beautiful); love of words; often found in charts of those who compete in games or sports, especially tennis; the physicians; gluttony; independence; freedom, love of wealth and honor, and keen intellect; gives a sixth sense. One cannot tell them a lie because they see through others. They are seldom mistaken in their judgment of others; rheumatic fever; rheumatism; frontal lobes (brain).

Cochrane (Ascendant):
Takes the time to work neatly and accurately. Interested in nutrition or other health-related fields. (VIR-6-VIR, TAU-2-TAU)

Symbols for degree of Midheaven

Sabian Symbol (MC):
In A Sunlit Home Domesticated Birds Sing Joyously

Charubel (MC):
Symbol: A man desponding, standing on a barren plain with leaden colored clouds overhead.

Denotes a gloomy and monotonous life; uneventful, and generally poor in worldly substance.

La Volasfera (MC):
Symbol: An eagle carrying its prey in mid air.

This is the index of a mind that is given to extraordinary flights of fancy, making of purely mundane things the substance of many and prolonged cogitations and solitary musings. The nature is rather isolated and misanthropic, while the mind is endowed with faculties of no mean order, so that the world will afford few attractions, and ordinary subjects will form only the pabulum of a more ethereal and spiritual food There will be wasting of flesh in nightly vigils, and much strengthening of the spirit in lonely meditations. Contented, supremely indifferent to the things of this world, his taste of happiness in this life will be evanescent and brief. It is a degree of LOFTINESS.

Matthews (MC):

Practical, persistent and unusually fortunate. Serious meditation or research work.

Carelli (MC):
Noble in nature and mind, full of self-respect or self-conceit, but content with little; apt to let his fantasy run away with him into the realm of wild dreams, but endowed with endurance and horse sense; peaceful but fond of hunting; the native inclines toward a misanthropic pessimism getting more and more acute as the years go by and letting the events of his earthly life look drab and boring to him. Anyone else would consider them breath-taking.

Kozminsky (MC):
Symbol: A woman looking on an empty cradle in an attitude of deep grief, the figure of a child near her, surrounded by a bright light, striving to pierce the gloom of her atmosphere.

Denotes one whose life will be one of experience and who will suffer greatly through ignorance of certain knowledge which would free him if he knew it. He should try and comprehend that the deeper the expressed grief, the harder it is for the truth to be known; the blacker the darkness, the greater the danger into which he may walk. It is a symbol of Admonition.

Muir (MC):
Too much affected by externals. Tendencies of judging others by himself and so blinding himself to truths that are apparent to others.

Leinbach (MC):

There is a strange mysterious quality to natives of this degree. There is often tremendous jealousy the part of the native as well as an ability to arouse such jealousy from others. Most of this results from excessive possessiveness. There is a selfish quality in Capricorn which comes heavily to the fore here. Most of the unpleasantness comes from relationships between members of the opposite sex. A mistress may ruin an otherwise promising political career if not through scandal just the torture not knowing exactly where the relationship stands. He attaches himself too closely to both people and things. His problem is definitely to learn detachment often most difficult for Capricorn. Capricorn must own what he supports.

Weber (MC):
Eccentric Aquarius and robust Leo polarity is felt here, making a noble, if not careful, creative degree. Easily bored, often drawn to escapism and romance, adventures such as hunting, gambling and masculine leisurely pursuits. May be a pessimist, but is friendly and loyal, capable of hard work and endurance. Drawn to futuristic ideas, and ways to make them workable. Cautious and critical.

Henson (MC):
Oratory; often involved in cases of crime or violence; practical; persistent and usually fortunate; serious meditation on research work; lymph vessels of knees.

Cochrane (MC):
Loving, honest, and straightforward. Loves to become completely absorbed in creative activity. Desires home and family. (CAN-7-ARI, TAU-5-AQU)