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Do essential oils cause allergic responses?

There is a small percentage of the population (probably only 2% or so) that have allergic reactions to certain essential oils, showing up as either contact dermatitis or affecting the respiratory system. Prolonged use is most often the cause, if the person is vulnerable and sensitive to some chemical in the oil. The most common chemicals considered having the potential to be allergens are Myroxylon pereirae (Peru Balsam) and Cinnamaldehyde (Cinnamon, Clove, etc). If you tend to be sensitive, use cautiously until you determine if you will react negatively. Dilution makes the tendency less likely.

Can I use essential oils when pregnant?

Most essential oils are safe when pregnant but always consult with your health care professional during pregnancy or any condition where you are under a doctors care. A few oils should not be used in the early stages of pregnancy. These are abortificants or emmenogogues: Angelica, Cohosh, Feverfew, Ginger, Hyssop, Mugwort, Pennyroyal, Rosemary, Rue, Tansy. Some of these don't yield essential oil but I listed them for your information. Some of these are used safely at the end of pregnancy to stimulate contractions and assist normal labor.

Are essential oils safe for infants and children?

Yes, with exceptions. The most highly recommended for use with little ones are Lavender, Chamomile and Tangerine. I avoid the more aggressive oils such as Thyme on newborns. Remember they are much smaller and require much less. One drop for an adult is like a teaspoon for a baby so it is more important to use it diluted in a carrier oil. Their skin is more sensitive. If your child is very sensitive you might want to stick to the above suggestions and the products I've developed especially for baby, such as Baby oil or Alpha Care. Learn more about these under Product Description, Synergistic blends. The only oil I use undiluted on baby is Lavender. I apply a drop or two to my finger and rub it on a recently acquired bump before applying ice. If I act quickly there will be little or no bruising.

Can aromatherapy be used with homeopathy?

Since essential oils are a highly concentrated form of the plant and homeopathy is based on very minute, almost indiscernible amounts of the ingredients (plant or mineral), the two treatments are not recommended together. Homeopathic practitioners advise against it, saying essential oils will nullify the affect of homeopathic remedies. Each modality works from a different principle and contains a certain force. They are contrary because homeopathy works on the level of thought (the mind) and armomatherapy works on all levels, including the physical, their forces are not equal.

The law of karma, which is also Newton's Third Law of Motion, states: For every action there is an equal but opposite and complimentary reaction. Simply smelling an essential oil could interfere with the thought pattern that homeopathy depends on. They are contrary or opposite in the amount of force. The solution for every problem is often found within the problem itself. Take nausea as an example. The most common homeopathic recommendation is Nux Vomica. It is diluted so much (6c=0.000 000 000 000 1%, add another 40 0's for 30c) it couldn't be dangerous but the plant contains two deadly chemicals, strychnine and brucine. For that reason, it is never recommended in any other form. Strychnine accumulates, with a half life of 12 hours, and is just too deadly. In a higher concentration than found in a homeopathic remedy, it causes vomiting, among other symptoms. What can cause a symptom can also cure it in the right dose and only for the right person. One man's poison can be another man's medicine. But, the law of karma and Newton's 3rd law of motion shows that the force exerted will be matched with an equal force meeting it in resistance, the motion being in opposite directions. The force of the plant/medicine/poison found within a homeopathic formula is nearly nonexistent, the actual force or energy coming from the carrier, water, glycerin, sugar, lactose, etc. It does appear to work for some people but it can't be denied it is working on the mental level, not the physical. It works based on the placebo effect which can be just as powerful as the strongest medicine.

Cannabis is a good example of the principal of similars working on the physical level. When the forces are equal (action) it will move the mind or body in the opposite direction (reaction) of what is normal for that person. In a person who's brain functions in such a way that they would be labeled ADHD, Cannabis helps them to focus better. But in the average person, it causes one to loose their train of thought, only to have it come back to them later. It has an equal force but sends the force in the opposite direction. Caffeine is similar, acting as a stimulant for a person with "normal" brain function and is a sedative for someone with ADHD, helping them to slow their brain enough to focus better or even get some rest.

Do flower essences and essential oils work well together?

Yes. While flower essences are also a dilute form of the plant, they work differently than homeopathy. Perhaps this is due to the idea in homeopathy of using a minute amount of the "poison" or what can cause the symptom to cure the symptom; whereas in aromatherapy and with flower essences we are using nature to restore balance found within the plant substance, although a very minute form in the latter. Flower essences are said to contain the vibrational imprint of a flower and are more suited to touching the soul level of emotional awareness within the individual, rather than the physical. The dilution is similar to homeopathy but intention is more toward affecting the physical, with homeopathy, instead of emotional. Essential oils touch all four planes. Some flower essence practitioners recommend not using both products at the same time since one is based on dilution and the other very concentrated. Some recommend using these "essences" and homeopathic remedies at the same time. Use your intuition. You may want to alternate methods rather than using them at the same time. I know of at least one massage therapist that is using both simultaneously with her clients.

Are essential oils safe for Epileptics?

Since essential oils directly stimulate the brain through the olfactory nerve it is wise to use caution with any condition that involves seizures. Consult with your physician. Specific oils to avoid are Birch, Coriander, Fennel, Hyssop, Nutmeg, Rosemary, Sage, Tarragon. If I see the need through requests I will develop a blend to use with epilepsy.

How can I use undiluted pure essential oils?

Some Essential oils can be used by applying 1 or two drops directly on the feet or spine using reflexology point knowledge. They can also be applied directly to the painful area, such as lavender for bruising. I use my Ace of Spades blend on my throat at the first sign of discomfort, undiluted. If caught early, it only takes one application. They can be added to bath water or diffused into the room. More information can be found on our Product description home page under Methods of applying essential oils.
Any other questions, send an e-mail and I'll include it here.

Astrology FAQs

How can astrology work when the zodiac doesn't even align with the constellations anymore?

It is true that the seasonal zodiac no longer aligns with the constellations each sign represents, due to precession of the equinoxes. But, astrology and the understanding of the sign natures was developed when they did align. The First Point of Aries is the celestial "prime meridian" from which right ascensions are calculated. This beginning point was defined by Hipparchus in 130 BCE, located at the western edge of the constellation of Aries, near the star γ Arietism, more commonly known as Mesarthim (the name either of Hebrew origin, meaning, 'the minister', or of Arabic origin, meaning, 'the ram'. The seasons, the nature of the signs and stars are constant, even though the fixed stars that marked them, appear to move, due to precession. It may be that the nature of the fixed stars that was observed, gives a background influence to the tropical zodiac sign that now overlays it. But the dominant nature is that of the zodiac sign, aligned with the seasons that mark time on earth.

Examples of this underlying influence can be seen in historical writings. Jesus was crucified very near the Spring Equinox, said to be reborn or resurrected, just like the spring bulbs are resurrected from their earthen graves at that time. His teachings and symbols were heavily flavored with Pisces, the constellation that Sun actually aligned with at Spring Equinox at that time. Those symbols (water, fish, sacrificial lamb/end of age of Aries, faith in the unseen, washing the feet, infirmities, imprisonment) were balanced with the other side of the axis where Virgo resides (the virgin birth, bread, wheat and tares, service, faithful steward of the earth). The previous age was ushered in by Moses "freeing the enslaved", destroying the golden calf (end of age of Taurus) and introducing the "I AM", the age of Aries, the ram. This was balanced by Libra, the book of the law, rules about weights and measures, etc.

Can astrology help me find my soul mate?

Astrology can help you clarify what you need from a mate and the qualities of your soul mate. It can't tell you where to find that perfect mate but can describe his or her nature and qualities along with the possible times new relationships may enter your life. Horary questions can give further insight into relationship with such questions as, "Is this a person I would like to spend the rest of my life with?" Composite charts can also be done to gain insight into the union.

Can astrology tell me accurately what events might happen during a period of time?

With an accurate birth time, quite a few events can be predicted but if the birth time is off, even by a short time, the timing will be off and transits will not come to fruition at the expected time. There are times, too, that a person's mind set may overlook, and therefore miss opportunities that are presented with transits. The energies may be there but the person may fail to act. Astrology can show the general energies present and possible manifestations. It must be also be kept in mind that various energies can manifest in multiple ways. A transit from Venus can accompany a change in income but could also bring an event involving a woman or a romantic relationship.
Other questions I haven't covered? e-mail me.

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