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Calendula sketch

Our Gift Baskets can be custom made to order. Customer chooses products included or amount to spend. In the latter case, once we know the occasion (baby or bridal shower, female or male birthday, etc), we will put together the list of items suggested, for your approval. The container will vary. Common items in a gift basket for a wedding shower might include a diffuser, High Preistess or Aphrodite massage and bath oil and/or pure, undiluted essential oils, chosen for their components known to be an aphrodesiac, Ace of Spades, Lemon or Orange oil to use as air cleansers, among other items.

The sketch of a Calendula flower was created by Connie.

Gift Basket
Copper diffuser

Geode Diffuser

$20.00USD Shipping inc.
$30.00 Packaged in gift bag with .12oz ea. Ace of Spades, Immunity & Lemon essential oils. The stand that holds the geode is hand shaped to fit, as each geode is different. It sits on a blue tile and is heated by a candle.
Heart Locket

Gold Plated Heart Necklace Diffuser

$32.00 USD Shipping inc.
$42.00 Packaged in gift bag with .12oz each Ace of Spades and High Priestess essentail oils.
Ceramic diffuser

Ceramic Diffuser

$13.00 USD Shipping Inc.
Color choices, ebony, ivory, blue or rose
$23.00 Packaged in gift bag with .12 oz ea Ace of Spades, Immunity & Lemon oils
Church sketch

Church in Winter

Gift Certificates

are available for any amount. We can create an e-certificate or hard copy through the mail, your choice. It will be printed on your choice of any of the note cards shown here. These are prints of Connie's sketches and paintings. All are also available as 4.25"x5.5" note Cards, priced at $4.95 per half dozen, envelopes and shipping included
e-mail your order and you'll receive an invoice with link to send funds through Paypal or start there and insert your order in the message section.
Xmas Kitty

Christmas Kitty

Boy in Hollow Tree

Boy in Hollow Tree

A photo of my 3rd son was the source for this sketch.
Boy with bat

Little Slugger

My children were my favorite choices for subject matter. This is my 2nd son.
Picture of Peace

Picture of Peace

This is probably my best work. The photo I used was taken when my 4th baby was 12 hours old.
The Hunt

The Hunt

I'm sad to say this painting burned in a house fire. It was inspired by the work of Robert Bateman
Basset Hound

Basset Hound

Mother of Thyme

Mother of Thyme

Baby hand

Reaching Out to Momma

Still life

Still Life

You can send your order and funds through Paypal. An account with them isn't required, to pay through them, but it saves having to enter bank or credit card information each time. Paypal is my preferred method, as I trust their security measures. Funds are sent to me either by ordering directly through the shopping pages and completing the check out or by entering my email address, with your order included in the notes section on the paypal send money page. You can also order through email or over the phone, (269)342-5636. If you prefer using check or money order you can send to:
4579 West E Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49009. Contact us via e-mail

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not satisfied. Buyer will pay all shipping costs.