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Since these words are not of English origin or common in today's astrological language, it is appropriate to begin with the etymology. Hyleg (also hylech: < Middle Persian hîlâk meaning "nativity"; Arabic haylaj) is a word meaning giver of life. Originally it was a traditional term for a planet that is used to judge the person's inherent constitutional strength and vitality. It was also used in the calculation to determine the length of a person's life. It has been called the Apheta, the Prorogator or giver of life. Various complex rules were employed to determine which planet in a natal chart was the hyleg. The alchocoden is the giver of years. In classical Greek astrology it is the planet that rules the hyleg. In medieval astrology it became the planet that has the most essential dignity in the degree where the hyleg lies. Since it is appropriate in horary method to use almuten if the ruling planet is debilitated, I think it is safe to assume we may use the almuten, even if different than the ruler. The almuten is much like a person holding power of attorney or acting as patient advocate for the native. Many modern astrologers question the ethics of attempting to predict the length of a person's life and the practice has been largely dropped by modern astrologers.

I tend to look at it as the planet that breathes life into the person, giving vitality. According to the works of Claudius Ptolemy, Tetrabiblos, Book III, Chapter 10, this is determined by looking to see if, in this order, the Sun, Moon, ascendant, lot or part of fortune are in any of the following zones of the chart, also in order of importance:

  • 10th house
  • 1st house which is assigned 5 degrees above to 25 degrees below the Ascendant
  • 11th house
  • 7th house which is assigned 5 degrees before and 25 degrees beyond the Descendant, and
  • 9th house

Sun is given importance above Moon in a diurnal chart but Moon gains dominance in a nocturnal chart. If neither Sun nor Moon lie in these zones then the ruler of the Ascendant is considered next. If that too fails, look to the lot of fortune. In determining the vitality of the person care must be taken to consider all of the traditional dignities including term and face. Sun being hyleg and in its fall does not necessarily mean the person has a weak constitution. Now, Lily (Christian Astrology III, Ch CIV) taught if Sun or Moon are not Hyleg, then you look to the prebirth Syzygy, ie new or full Moon. If the previous lunation was a New Moon, the chart is called Conjunctional and you would look to the ascendant as potential hyleg. If there was a full Moon before birth, the chart is called Preventional. You would then look to the part of fortune for potential hyleg. He also suggested to look at who had at least 3 dignities and was connected to the Sun at the prior lunation. But, he through in a complication, saying that if it were a diurnal chart then there needed to be a new Moon prior to birth and for a nocturnal chart, a full Moon. Apparently, those born with a waxing moon at night would have to depend on the ascendant alone. In fact, he points out that many used the ascendant and skipped all the other rules. It might work, since the ascendant shows the primary constitution and is a major health indicator.

The Anareta is named as the Killing, Interficient or Destroying Planet. It may be a malefic planet, lord or almuten of the 8th house or a planet in the 8th house. The terms of the malefics or infortunes are called anaretic degrees also.Times when Mars or Saturn transit the hyleg are times to use more caution in caring for one's self but not necessarily dangerous, unless they are afflicted while making a harsh aspect. At that time they are like a person that intends harm meeting us head on or even hiding around the corner, lying in wait. If not afflicted they are not considered the potential grim reaper. One whose Moon is hyleg would benefit from practices that assist in balancing the emotional body and maintain peace of mind. One whose ascendant is hyleg would be wise in honoring the true nature of self at the soul level so the higher self can shine through the vehicle of the personality. If the lot of fortune is giver of life, the physical realm is highlighted more than the mental or emotional attitudes about life and health. When it comes to judging the Alchocoden, bringer of years, each planet has a number attached, shown in the following table


In my natal chart, neither Sun nor Moon are within these zones so I look to the ascendant for the hyleg. Leo rises which gives a strong constitution and is ruled by the Sun. So Sun is hyleg by default. It is placed in Virgo in the 2nd house. Sun in Virgo is considered Peregrine, foreign but just happens to be at the solstice point of the degree where the Sun is most exalted, 19 Aries. So my Sun receives accidental dignity and could be considered an invited foreigner into the earth plane. Sun receives nice aspects to the nodes and to Mars who is exalted. The trine and sextile to the nodes shows that the Moon is in agreement to handing power over to the Sun and may give special help as the Moon is exalted (an honored guest) in the 2nd. The mutable Virgo nature brings in the ability to be adaptable and frugal when necessary in an area that is usually fixed in nature. At nearly 52 I have no major health conditions other than the injuries sustained at work.

It is true that I am powered by the Sun. My energy is low when it is cloudy for more than a day. Even if I'm indoors I am much more energized on sunny days whether it is hot or cold. I am my happiest when the weather is sunny and warm. I'm not sure why I was born into a climate that only has a 4 month growing season. I guess because this is where my family is I was to be born into. I also wilt when I don't feel valued.

Pars Hyleg

Pars is Latin, meaning part or lot. Pars hyleg is the lot of life. It shows something of the purpose of incarnation. It is calculated based on the degree of the New or Full Moon most closely preceding birth. Then calculate the distance the Moon has traveled up to the time of birth. In other words, subtract the position of the natal Moon from the pre birth New or Full Moon. Then add this amount to the ascendant. This is the Pars hyleg. Said another way, the equation is written as:

Ascendant + Moon - Prebirth New or Full Moon=Pars hyleg

Example: My pre birth New Moon (the nearest new Moon before birth) was at 4Virgo35. Natal Moon is at 28Scorpio50 having traveled a distance of 84°25'. Adding this to the Ascendant at 17Leo13 puts the Pars hyleg at 11Scorpio28 in my 4th house.

  375      63
-154Vir  35
221        28 or 11Scorpio28

The house placement tells me my mission is involved with family karma or simply to have a home and family. The Scorpio placement tells me it will involve transformation and involve sharing or depending on another in some way. It could be remodeling an older or damaged home. It could involve building a home and family different than what I came from. It could also involve issues of power and control within the family structure and in the world at large. A very prominent aspect is sextile the lunar North node in the 5th and trine the South. Having children and doing the work I love is a key focus of my purpose in life, but also being valued by others for that.

By looking to the bodies in aspect more clues can be found. The Pars hyleg is sandwiched in between Black Moon Lilith or the oscillating apogee at 10* and Toro at 12*. This clearly fits the power and control theme of Scorpio with emphasis on women's position within the home and society and the effort to force them into submission by what ever means necessary. I’ve experienced this both within family and the work place. Panacea is in opposition at 13* in the 10th. This might indicate that the one bringing the money has the upper hand and the solution may be to seek power in the work world in order to gain independence and/or equal power. Karma is square from 12Leo conjunct Hera and Bacchus at 13Leo in the 12th house. Opposite, at 13Aquarius in the 6th, lies Arachne. Here we have issues of one's rights and fairness within relationships often connected to the family model, perhaps jealousy, excess and entrapment.

While I could go on to show many other aspects I'll only mention a couple others. The part of divorce is quindecile in the 9th along with Hollar and Nemesis in the 10th. Here we have what I refer to as the Lamed configuration seeking balance on a most compulsive level with Pars hyleg as the focal point. The asteroids and divorce point show it may involve injury of some sort leading to separation which proved to be true, both in marriage and in the workplace.

The part of male children is inconjunct in Aries, also in the 9th, along with Hephaistos (an injured metalworker who is a messenger between the gods and man) and Eurydike (dependence) in Gemini, 10th, forming a yod with Pars hyleg as the point. One thing this brings to mind is my reporting the cover up (Scorpio) of defects on medical parts, one being a knee bracket used in prosthetics fitting the limp of Hephaistos quite well.

Here we have two powerful configurations both pointing to the Pars hyleg. The Sabien symbol for 12Scorpio shows high ranking officials gathered at an important embassy ball. This implies rank or levels of importance with each contributing value to the whole, and if used wrongly, implies an attitude of superiority, perhaps demanding special, undeserved or unnecessary treatment and rewards or expecting to be given status without the effort or skills it requires.

By looking to the opposite degree which is the midpoint of the two inconjuncts and quindecile we can find the balancing solution to the problem. At 12 Taurus we have a black slave girl of antebellum days who demands her rights from her mistress. Here we see one demanding her divinely inherited rights as one who is equal to the one she serves. If used negatively there might be demands for what is not earned or owed or refusal to acknowledge other's true worth.

As I write this, Jupiter is passing over my Pars hyleg while Mars is exactly sextile, Neptune is square, Saturn has moved beyond square but soon Mercury and Venus will join in to present some more obstacles. I am painfully and gratefully aware that my purpose in this life is reaching it's summit. All of the above has been true in my family and my life. I grew up in a family and completed a 28 year relationship fitting the theme being a woman's subservient role in which she is expected to be grateful for receiving nothing more than food for survival and a roof over her head no matter how hard she works. I remember when I told my husband I was going to get an outside job so that I would have some say in how the extra money was spent he told me I'd better get a night shift job because I was expected to have dinner prepared and take care of our children. I would have gotten a 2nd shift job and he could handle his own dinner. Apparently standing up for my rights within my family and marriage wasn't sufficient. This may be because I wasn't given opportunity and didn't know how to receive or demand what was due. I compromised and left the relationship. I had to get past the fear first, both of my dad and of my ex husband. I may be equal to them but I am not physically equal, or should I say, equal but not the same.

After my divorce I entered the work world, first having a job that didn't allow me to leave my post for 4 hours even to use the restroom. Then I became a metal worker like Hephaistos and was expected to be the entertainment for the male workplace. I stood up for my rights and was fired. I attempted to find legal restitution but, again out of fear, I compromised and accepted lost back pay, carrying away scars that would hinder my ability to get comparable employment. I found a similar job but they took advantage of my vulnerability and paid me much less than my other job and what my co-workers were being paid. Then I was injured. I was refused my right to proper treatment or diagnosis, demoted to entry level position in status, three levels under what I was doing, then fired from my job through a legal loophole in the Family Medical Leave Act.

When I began this article two years ago, I was still in the middle of the legal confrontation of my employer. I have no more fear of what any of them might do to me. I am standing firm in demanding my rights. I will no longer give 125% only to have nothing come back. If somehow, I loose the battle, it doesn't matter, I will have won the war. They know I was valuable to them and it is only their fear of having less that they treated me so. The most loving, fair thing I can do is stand firm in an Aquarian way as Scorpio and Taurus demand, in honoring my Leo divine right to my sustenance and integrity. But, why is it that I am seeing this part seemingly showing up in the 10th house, at least as much as in the 4th? I would have to say my 10th house mother shares much more in common with me here than my 4th house father.

How interesting I find myself ready to complete this article, exactly 2 years after it was begun. I had forgotten about it and only became aware when “Mystique” told me it was a dead link on my website. While we conversed on the calculation and “miscalculation” of this part I made an interesting discovery. Just as the part of fortune equation must be reversed for those born at night, so too, might the par hyleg need reversed.

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