Lilith in Astrology

The 3 Faces of Lilith

Just as much mystery surrounds Lilith in astrology as in myth and history. There are three versions of Lilith available to astrologers.

Lilith by John Collier 1887 (The Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport, England)

Lilith The Asteroid

asteroid glyph
Composer Lili Boulanger

Asteroid 1181 was discovered , by Benjamin Jekhowsky. It was given the provisional designation 1927 CQ and named Lilith, in honor of French classical music composer, Lili Boulanger. She orbits in the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. The diameter is 67 km. or 41.63 mi. across. Lilith, moves about twice as slow as Mars, returning every 4-5 years or so. She doesn't seem to move out of bounds very often, only for a short time every 13 years and not very far out of bounds.

According to Mark Andrew Holmes, among others, the asteroid Lilith represents the principle of integration and triangulation.

She represents things that are deeply buried and repressed that must come to light. When what is not understood or feared, it is often projected, if it isn't able to be repressed any longer. In that case, the mate or some significant other might play the role of Lilith for us.

Television made its debut in San Francisco the year she was discovered (Sept. 6, 1927). This is one media that is instrumental in bringing about public awareness of what has been repressed and can invoke a similar deeply emotional response as Lilith in our lives.

Where Lilith lies, we may deal with victimization, issues we or others don't want to face, things of an occult nature, racism and other forms of bigotry, issues of equality, divided loyalties, triangulation or playing both sides against the middle. We might face using sex or other power to dominate or repress. Here we can tap into the best way to release repressed anger hidden in the dark, then transform it into light.

At discovery she was at 7 Leo Rx with her declination at 11°24 and her node at 4 Capricorn. Although this is long before I was born, perhaps these positions are part of why I have such a strong connection to her. My natal Mars in the 5th house is conjunct her north node and only 2 degrees away from my vertex (fated relationships and events). My Mars, though, is out of bounds at 27 degrees, showing that I will express Lilith's discovery through my Martian energy in a way that is out of the norm, hopefully for the better. Both my natal Saturn and Venus are contraparallel her discovery position. Given Mars governs my natal house containing family genetics, history and karma, it is likely there will be famly karma given to me to help bring into the light. This has definately been true.

Since the asteroid moves more slowly than Black Moon Lilith, I think the asteroid is where we see her more in the outer world acting out her themes. I can't be sure of this yet, as the chart I know most intimately, mine, shows the asteroid and Moon's apogee within 2 degrees square of each other, which fuses them rather than acting independantly. This makes it hard to distinguish between the two for me.

Lilith, the asteroid, likely represents Lilith's themes through the most tangible evidence, since her path can be tracked with the eye, as it moves through space. The asteroid is the only physical form, the other two faces of Lilith being less tangible. To fully understand the Lilith themes that may be repressed and arise, read about her in history. Now I will move on to the 2nd face of Lilith.

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Wildcats shall meet with hyenas, goat-demons shall call to each other; there too Lilith shall repose, and find a place to rest. There shall the owl nest and lay and hatch and brood in its shadow. Isaiah 34 14-15
Siloam Daylily

Siloam Double Classic Daylily, winner of the Stout Silver Medal in 1993. It is named after the town of the creator, Siloam Springs, Arkansas. The more ancient Siloam is in Eastern Jerusalem, built around the "serpent-stone", Zoheleth. The historian, Josephus, described the waters of Siloam as "sweet and abundant". Jesus mentioned the fall of the tower there as an example when the people that died were more innocent than others that were spared. He told a man to wash off the mud he had put on his eyes, made from his saliva, in the pool of Siloam. Afterwards, it is written, he cold see, although previously blind.

Guardians of Health

While the First Alphabet is much older and was written in Aramaic, the 2nd contains 22 Hebrew proverbs. In the Second Alphabet of Ben Sira, he is presented as the son of Jeremiah, of the old testament. Ben's fame reached Nebuchadnezzar, who called him to his court. He presented him with various ordeals and Sira responded with 22 stories or Proverbs, some of which are indebted to Christian legend, and to the Indian Panchatantra. It appears that at that time, it served as a satire and also satirically dealt with flatulence, incest, and masturbation. The 5th story or response concerns Lilith and the angels sent to deal with her.

... Ben Sira immediately sat down and wrote an amulet with the Holy Name, and he inscribed on it the angels in charge of medicine by their names, forms, and images, and by their wings, hands, and feet. Nebuchadnezzar looked at the amulet. "Who are these?"

"The angels who are in charge of medicine: Snvi, Snsnvi, and Smnglof (in English: Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof).

These angels were sent to protect children from Lilith, so the story goes. While it is usually easy to find the meaning of any Hebrew name, the meaning of these names appears to be a mystery. The male children were vulnerable for the first 8 days, likely corresponding to the amount of time it takes for Vitamin K to kick into gear and circumcision is preformed. Female children were vulnerable for a longer period, 20 days, perhaps set for the average length of the heavier blood flow after childbirth.


I wanted to share a bit of my own experiences that clearly fit the Lilith theme. It's rather personal but I trust it will help others recognize where Lilith might be rearing her head. On one clearly Lilith day when my ex husband choked me, transiting Venus was exactly conjunct transiting mean apogee or Black Moon Lilith, but transiting true apogee was contra-antiscion my natal true BML within 5 minutes while opposing his natal Sun. I don't have the exact time for this event but I know it was about noon so it's very close. Perhaps most important, there was over 10° difference between truen and mean BML. Fittingly, he was way off in his judgment and extreme in reaction.

My natal void Moon was rising on the ascendant at that time with Lilith square natal Lilith, also opposing his Ascendant. Sun was highlighting the ruler of my 2nd house of throat (tightly conjunct) and natural ruler of the hands, interestingly. This event sent me into a time of not completely being in my body, I think. I call it my crazy time because everything was a fog, a state of shock. I can see that whole period from both within and outside of myself. My parents thought it would be a good idea to get me out of town so they took me with them to California. I saw my first real mountains.

Black Moon Lilith

Black Moon Lilith glyph

Enter the world of the dark blood mysteries

Black Moon Lilith contains the memory stored in the subconscious of the ancient, eternal feminine. She is the trail of the sacred yin, the Holy Spirit hovering over the waters. Where the asteroid is her physical form and Dark Moon the witness of her presence without proof and perhaps even what is imagined but not real, Black Moon is more like the fingerprints she leaves behind, or her DNA evidence found in her bodily fluids, or evidence left behind by another.

Mean or Apparent Apogee

Black Moon is the lunar apogee (Greek 'apo' = away from, 'gee' is from gaia' or 'geo..' = earth), the farthest point that the Moon reaches distant from Earth. The mean or apparent Black Moon Lilith moves about 39° per year or about 3° 8' per month. The mean or apparent BML is more of an abstract view, perhaps our perceived ideal and is where real problems might be distorted in our perception. The Apparent BML might be similar to the way memories are distorted. An example is a memory a brother brought into adulthood, where he was the "victim" of harsh punishment, when it was really our sister. He was emotionally injured through witnessing the event, had so much compassion for her pain, that he took it on himself and perceived it was him instead of her. He only has about 5° difference between mean and true BML but they are in different signs which probably exaggerates the difference greatly. The signs may contribute too, true being in ♎ and mean being in ♏. The closer mean is to true, the perceptions will be truer and more closely aligned with reality. Anything connected to the Moon is related to our subconscious and emotional complexes. The mean BML shows how we perceive our emotional complexes or subconsious. When it is far distant or in a different sign that true BML, our perceptions are disconnected from reality. I would also think in this case, the native couldn't count on their gut instincts or intuition as often. One person I know has extreme fears, both in different signs, over 8° apart. I know very few astrologers that use anything but the apparent or mean apogee. I think both should be given equal attention in order to get the complete picture.

True Lunar Apogee

The true Black Moon (oscillating apogee) varies greatly, since it retrogrades a lot. If you look at a Black Moon ephemeris, you can see that the true BML can move anywhere from 9 deg. in a year to over 70 degrees. It takes approx. 9 years to complete one pass through all 12 signs. This means that she averages one sign every 9 months, the length of human gestation. There can be up to 30 degrees difference between mean and true apogee. When there is a large difference between the two, the native may keep Lilith more deeply buried and often expresses her as a demon, rather than as a light in dark places.

Trusty Webster has this to say on the word osculating: osculant: united by certain characteristics oscular: pertaining to an osculum, pertaining to the mouth or kissing osculate: <L. osculum little mouth, kiss, dim. of os.

  • 1. to kiss
  • 2. to come into close contact or union
  • 3.(geometry, of a curve) to touch another curve or another part of the same curve so as to have the same tangent and curvature at the point of contact
  • 4. to touch another curve or another part of the same curve in osculation
  • 1. the act of kissing
  • 2. a kiss
  • 3. close contact
  • 4. (geometry) the contact between two osculating curves ect.
osculum: a diminutive of os
  • 1. a mouth, any of the outflowing currents of water in sponges.
  • 2. any of the suckers o the head of a tapeworm. (yuck)

The "moment of osculation" shows the position constantly changing and therefore unique to each moment. Osculation refers to the "point of contact" at a given instant between the orbital plane or the trajectory of an orbiting body. It shows the perturbed orbital plane of the body as seen through time.

Apogee is, of course, the point furthest away from earth in its orbit. So Black Moon Lilith (BML), as the osculating apogee is the kiss furthest away from, or happening in the most distant time, the first kiss. True BML shows most clearly, the reality of our subconscious and emotional life.

You might also look at the osculating apogee, Black Moon as the opening that we entered in the very beginning, that place furthest away from the physical world when spirit decided to descend into matter. Perhaps BML represents our parting kiss with our Spiritual Mother before she released us to our physical mother.

Lilith as the Black Moon can be a good indicator for health issues, especially if any Lilith issues have been repressed and avoided. The apparent position is the most accurate to use for this purpose. Lilith brings upheaval in the life with the goal of moving us more in accordance with our true desires. She will confront us with where love and desire has become twisted and has been used to shame, control or punish. Whether we are the light bearer or burdened with darkness, is determined by the difference between the apparent and true, her aspects and how well we integrate Lilith's light throughout our life. But regardless of whether she seems to be a light or dark goddess, her goal is the same, our return to innocence and truth. Learn more about Lilith and "The angels" who are in charge of medicine and the safety of children: Snvi, Snsvi, and Smnglof (In English: Senoy, Sansenoy and Semangelof)" as mentioned by Ben-Siri.

I've had a strong indication that Lilith is connected to the blood mysteries just as Ceres-Demeter is. Women will be able to relate to the changes in the blood along with the shame, embarrassment that has been attached to the Moon time throughout history. There could be an ancient repressed memory of a time when a woman was first declared "unclean" when there was blood flowing. While those ancient "laws" were put in place to protect others from any blood born illness, it left a stigma hard to heal. BML may show, through progression and transit, when you enter into puberty, begin menstruation (along with asteroid Hecate and Ceres) or get your first kiss. My asteroid Lilith is at 8Scorpio50, mean Black Moon at 9Scorpio09 and true BML is at 10Scorpio37. They show when my breast developed, at 9-10 years old and when I began my menstrual cycles at 11 years. Ceres, the other blood goddess, touched them by Solar arc direction during those years. I can't quite remember my first kiss but it could have happened that year but I think it was the next year when Ceres arced to my pars heyleg. Perhaps yours is seen this easily but you may have to look deeper for the connection, which I'm sure is there.

There can be little or a great difference between one's mean and true BML. When the Moon is at apogee, it appears smallest because it is furthest away from earth. You can find pictures here of the difference. Because of the distance, the gravitational pull is less, there is less difference between high and low tides, and the high tides will be lower. This might suggest that when Moon is at apogee, there is a lesser attraction or glue to hold a relationship together, if there are strong and prominent Lilith connections between two people. Of course, if there are major Lilith connections in synestry or shown in family groups, there will be stronger and more noticeable Lilith themes coming to the surface to be worked through in full conscious awareness.

If you would like to generate an ephemeris for either true or mean BML you can do that here, thanks to Dr Alois Treindl, creator of Swiss Ephemeris. For true lunar apogee for one year, enter in field: steps -n: 365, planet selection -p: B (enter A for mean apogee), outpt format -f: PTZ. If you only want minute precision shown, enter in field "other options": -roundmin. The start date is set in field start date as Day.Month.Year. For your convenience, you can see the ephemeris for all of 2016, both True and Mean Apogee or Black Moon Lilith. Mean BML spends the entire year of 2016 in ♎ and ♏. True BML, on the other hand, also reaches back into ♍ and even reaches into ♐ before ending the year in ♏. The year begins with True or Oscillating BML ℞ motion at 16° ♎ 22', and mean BML behind at 14° ♎ 16'. Even though they reach over 17° apart within the 1st two weeks due to the apparent backwards motion, they conjoin on Jan. 02 and many times throughout the year. During mid February they are about 30° apart.

Dark Moon Lilith

Dark Moon Lilith glyph

This body is a hypothetical 2nd Moon surrounded by conflicting information and ideas. Ivy Goldstien Jacobson's calculations puts her at 18Gemini in my chart but Waltemath puts her at 26Taurus, quite a difference.. For now, I am keeping my options open to the possibility of her existence but it hasn't been noticeable enough to hold my attention for long. Perhaps it is just that my BML and asteroid are more prominant in my chart.

I am coming to the conclusion that where Asteroid Lilith is her physical form and Black Moon is the trail and memory of her historic evolutionary journey, Dark Moon Lilith is more like hear-say evidence, the kind that is there but is hard to convict someone on, although they do sometimes, especially in cases of criminal sexual conduct.

According to Wiki ..."Astronomically, Dark Moon Lilith is supposed to have a geocentric period of 119 days and to orbit at three times the distance of the Moon. Its diameter is said to be about one quarter that of the Moon. Despite many criticisms as bad science, the idea's proponents maintain it follows an orbit stationary to the opposing side of our world's primary moon, Selene or Luna, rendering it invisible except when crossing the sun. This conception of one orbiting object being hidden by its position behind another is often likened to the Counter-Earth of Pythagorean philosophy, which would be at the (unstable) Lagrange Point, L2.

Some early secondary moon theories explained its hidden nature simply by the dark coloring of its terrestrial surface. Serious scientists object to all of these theories, pointing to the obvious fact that any second moon of the Earth would have been seen by now. (My answer to this is that we never see anything until we are ready to assimilate its meaning and significance.) Due to the many readily apparent holes in Lilith's supportive argument (not least of which is her general defiance of the laws of gravity) the actual physical existence of this astronomical object is believed only by fringe groups comparable to the Flat Earth Society.

In 1846, French astronomer Frederic Petit, director of the observatory at Toulouse, announced that he had discovered a second moon in an elliptical orbit around the Earth. This claim was, for the most part, dismissed by his peers. However, writer Jules Verne learned of it and became intrigued by the idea. In 1865, he made use of this theory in his novel, From the Earth to the Moon.

The explosive popularity of the book triggered a push by amateur astronomers all over the world to be the first to confirm Petit's supposed discovery. In 1898, Hamburg scientist Dr. Georg Waltemath announced he had located a second moon inside a whole system of tiny moons orbiting the Earth. However, after the failure of a highly publicized observation of this invisible moon by the scientific community, the idea of a second moon fell out of the mainstream and into the realm of fringe science.

Later, in 1918, astrologer Walter Gornold, also known as "Sepharial" claimed to have confirmed the existence of a second moon and named it Lilith, after Adam's first wife in Christian mythology. Sepharial affirmed that Lilith was indeed invisible for most of the time but claimed to have viewed it as it crossed the sun. Lilith soon became incorporated into some horoscopes. Some astrologers use it in their calculations to this day.

In 1926, an amateur German astronomer named W. Spill also claimed to have successfully viewed Lilith. No such claims have ever been successfully proven...."Further reading

Reading this brought to mind the the Moon and women's cycles and the process of gestation, the greatest mystery of life, now becoming unveiled through modern technology. I got to wondering exactly what development was taking place at 119 days (17 weeks), the supposed geocentric period of this body. According to the Visible Embryo At 17 weeks post ovulation the toe and finger prints are developed along with the outer genitalia. The uterus in a female begins to develop. Circulation is functional and eyes are in proper position. The child now has a unique identity, visible though still hidden from the world.

Pondering what might have appeared to these people that looked to be a quarter the size of the Moon, imagining myself in their shoes, perhaps gazing at the Moon for long periods of time, a thought came to me. Could it be that what they saw was the ghost of the Moon caused by looking at the lighted Full Moon or some other highly reflecting surface for a period of time? I know from experience when you look at an object , especially one that projects light like the Moon or a person, you begin to see their aura if you have your vision unfocused. Then when you look away, setting your focus on a wall or the sky, you'll see its negative, a ghost image.

Try it. Look at a light bulb in your home for a couple minutes with unfocused gaze. Then move your focus to the wall and relax your focus again. You will at first see the whole lamp but then you will notice a dark small area that is the deepest, brightest part of the light bulb. Could it be that they

I remember one particularly bright full Moon, I gazed rather intently at her shadows, realizing for the first time that the shadow is where the image of the crab came from. The shadows formed a perfect crab with one claw reaching down on the right side as I faced her. I remember thinking, that is her left arm, her receiving arm. The image of the shadow stayed in my vision as I moved my eyes off her. What was the darkness of the shadow became light against the dark sky. Please read that again...

What was the darkness of the shadow became light against the dark sky.

Another thought occurred to me. I notice that my natal position of Dark Moon Lilith, according to Ivy Goldstein Jacobson's calculation is at the same degree as my sidereal Lunar south node. Just a coincidence? Perhaps not. From the viewpoint of the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, my historic roots as a woman are embodied in DML from a terrestrial view point.

Waltemath's calculation puts DML opposite my Arabic part of death. The formula for that part is Ascendant + 8th - Moon. Now wouldn't it stand to reason that the point opposite would be the point of life?

The Sun assures life on earth. If Sepharial or any of the others are only seeing DML as she crosses the Sun, could it be that they are seeing sunspots or what are called floaters? I have them. I believe they are caused by bringing our eyes too close to the Sun. When I look at a plain background with unfocused vision I see dark cloudy ring type spots with lines that connect them. They move around in a particular pattern.

If DML is only Waltemath's imagination, it may or may not resonate with any particular person. The progressions and transits will tell the tale. It may be though, that this possible optical illusion is no illusion at all. Perhaps Waltemath's position shows what Luna's shadow wishes to give and Jacobson's position shows what her shadow wishes to receive for what she has given. Perfect balance perfectly expressed. As all of this is purely speculation I welcome your comments.

To find where Lilith is according to Jacobson's calculations you'll either have to buy her book, own Kepler's software or have me calculate it for you. To find where DML is in your chart according to Waltemath visit . In the area for hypothetical bodies enter h58.

In astronomy a Dark Moon is the absence of a new Moon in any given month. As of the date of this original publication, the next time this happens in August 30, 2008.

My Most Memorable Days cont'd

One morning when I woke up on route, we were parked at the salt flats in Salt Lake City. Just like Lilith, I dwelt by the Red (Dead-Salt) Sea. I had the strangest dream there. But I could also see the possibility of Jesus walking on water. If you've ever seen the salt flats, you know what I mean.

My Lilith events have made me very aware of the fact that I had Lilith flavored family karma to work through. This is astrologically obvious through Lilith residing in my 4th house very close to my dad's natal Moon and square his natal Sun. He mad me laugh one time when I challenged him, after claiming to live a life of equality. He had refused to allow my step-mom to take her car when she was going to leave him. When I challenged him, he said, "That's different. I didn't want her to leave." His name was on the title so it belonged to him, in his mind. When he bought a car from me during my divorce, he only gave me half the money, even though the agreement was with me to buy my car. He gave the rest to my soon to be ex. More Lilith events include the man demanding his "marital rights", the attitude a woman doesn't have the right to share in the benefits of joint resources if she isn't doing what pleases the man, or the reverse, withholding, simply as a punishment and source of power. I'm sure you can think of some other possible Lilith-type events.