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Swedish Bitters

Not new but a famous ancient recipe named by the 18th century Swedish Physician, Dr. Claus Samst, formulated by Dr. Phillipus Paracelsus, a Swiss Physician who lived around 1541. Maria Treben rediscovered the recipe and notes for use. She is the distinguished Austrian herbalist who brought the magic blend to the world's attention. I thought it worth sharing some more information about it because it is the magic ingredient in my Alpha Care Ear Oil.

Old Manuscript

from Maria Treben's book, "Health Through God's Pharmacy"
  1. If they are frequently breathed in or sniffed, the base of the skull is moistened or a moistened cloth applied to the head, they dispel pain and dizziness and strengthen the brain and memory.
  2. They help dim eyes and take away redness and all pain, even if the eyes are inflamed. They rid them of spots and cataracts , if the corners are moistened in time or a moistened piece of cloth is applied to the closed lids.
  3. Pustulas and eczema of all kinds, as scabs in the nose or elsewhere on the body, are healed, if they often and well moistened.
  4. For toothache a tablespoon of these drops is taken with a little water and kept in the mouth for a little while or the aching tooth is moistened. The pain soon eases and the putrefaction disappears.
  5. Blisters on the tongue or other infirmities of the tongue are frequently moistened with the drops and healing soon occurs.
  6. If the throat is hot or inflamed, so that food is swallowed with difficulty, these drops are swallowed slowly, morning, noon and evening and they take away the heat and heal the throat.
  7. For stomach cramps , 1 tablespoon is taken.
  8. For colic , 3 tablespoons full are taken slowly, one after the other, and relief will soon be felt.
  9. They rid the body of wind and cool the liver, eliminate all troubles of the intestines and stomach and help constipation.
  10. An excellent remedy for stomach disorders, if the digestion is faulty or food cannot be kept down.
  11. They are beneficial for pain in the gall bladder. 1 tablespoonful daily in the morning and evening and at night, compresses and soon all pain will disappear.
  12. For dropsy , 1 tablespoonful in white wine is taken in the morning and evening for 6 weeks.
  13. For pain and buzzing in the ear a piece of cotton wool is moistened and put into the ear. It is very beneficial and brings back lost hearing.
  14. For morning sickness , 1 tablespoon of the drops in red wine is given in the morning for 3 days, half an hour later a walk is taken, then breakfast, but no milk.
  15. In the last 14 days of pregnancy if 1 tablespoon of the drops is taken mornings and evenings, it promotes the birth. For easy expelling of the afterbirth, a teaspoonful is given every 2 hours, until the afterbirth is expelled without pain.
  16. If, after a birth when the milk dries up, inflammation develops, it quickly subsides if a moistened piece of cloth is applied.
  17. They expel worms, even tapeworms, in children and adults, the amount taken by children being according to age. A piece of cloth moistened with drops is applied to the navel and kept moist.
  18. They rid children of pustulas. The children are given these drops according to age, diluted with water. If the pustulas start to dry up they are moistened frequently with these drops and no scars will develop.
  19. For jaundice very soon all complaints disappear, if 1 tablespoon of these drops is taken 3 times daily and compresses are applied to the swollen liver.
  20. They open all haemorrhoids, heal the kidneys, rid the body of all unnecessary liquids without further treatment, taking away melancholy and depression and improve appetite and digestion.
  21. Haemorrhoids are reduced, if, in the beginning, they are moistened frequently and if the drops are taken internally, especially before going to bed, they soften the haemorrhoids. Externally, a cotton ball moistened with the drops is applied. It makes the remaining blood flow and relieves the burning.
  22. If someone has fainted, open his mouth if required, give him 1 tablespoon of the drops and he will come to.
  23. This remedy rids you of the pain of spasm (cramps) so that it will cease in time.
  24. For consumption take them daily in the morning on an empty stomach and continue the treatment for 6 weeks.
  25. If the menstrual flow ceases for a woman or is too heavy, she takes these drops 3 days and repeats it 20 times. They will, what is too much, quieten and, what is too little, even out.
  26. This remedy also helps cure "whites".
  27. If someone is afflicted with epilepsy, he has to be given these drops on the spot and he should then take this remedy exclusively, since it strengthens the affected nerves as well as the body and rids it of all sickness.
  28. They heal lameness and rid you of dizziness and indisposition.
  29. They heal also hot pustulas and erysipelas.
  30. If someone has fever, be it hot or cold, and is very weak, he is given 1 tablespoonful of the drops and the patient, if he is not overloaded with other medications, will in a short time come to, the pulse will start to beat again and the fever, no matter how high it was, will pass and the patient will soon be better.
  31. The drops also heal cancer, old pock marks, warts and chapped hands. If the wound is old or festering or proud flesh has developed, everything is washed well with white wine and a piece of cloth moistened with the drops is laid upon it.
  32. They heal, without danger, all wounds, be they from a stab or a hit, if they are moistened frequently. A piece of cloth is taken, moistened with the drops and the wounds covered therewith. They take away the pain in a short time, permit no blemish or putrefication and heal also old wounds which are caused by a shot. If there are holes, the drops are sprinkled into the wound which need not necessarily be cleaned beforehand. Through repeated applying of the moistened cloth healing occurs in a short time.
  33. They take away scars, even if very old, wounds and cuts if moistened up to 40 times with them. All the wounds heal and leave no scars.
  34. They heal all fistulas, even if they seem incurable, be they as old as may be.
  35. They heal all burns and scalds, be they caused by fire, hot water or fat, if the injuries are moistened frequently. No blisters form, the heat is taken out and even festering blisters are healed.
  36. They serve against swellings and bruises, be they caused by a blow or a fall.
  37. If someone cannot eat with appetite, they bring back the lost taste.
  38. In anaemia they bring back the lost color, if taken for a period in the morning. They cleanse the blood and form new blood and promote circulation.
  39. Rheumatic pains in the limbs are eased if the drops are taken morning and evening and a moistened cloth is applied to the aching parts.
  40. They heal frost bitten hands and feet, even if there are open parts, if a moistened cloth is applied as often as possible, but especially at night.
  41. For corns, a cotton ball, moistened with the drops, is applied and kept moist. After three days the corns fall out or can be removed painlessly.
  42. They heal too bites of mad dogs and other animals, if taken internally, since they heal and destroy all poison. A moistened cloth is laid upon the wounds.
  43. For plague and other infectious diseases it is well to take them repeatedly since they heal plague boils and swellings even if already in the throat.
  44. He who cannot sleep at night takes these drops before going to bed. For nervous sleeplessness a piece of cloth moistened with diluted drops is laid upon the heart.
  45. A drunk can be sober on the spot with two tablespoonfuls.
  46. He who takes these drops mornings and evenings daily needs no further medication, since they strengthen the body, tone up the nerves and the blood, take away the trembling of the hands and feet. In short they take away all illness. The body stays supple, the face young and beautiful.

New Items

Frog Prince is a new blend I developed when my son suddenly had a large wart grow out of his chin. He applied a drop several times a day until about 3 days after it had shrunk to flush with his skin. When he forgot to do it the wart immediately began to grow back so it is important to be consistent. Once he was persistent it went away and never returned. It has been used on several types of warts and moles so I assume it is a panacea in the wart-mole realm. But, since they come from different organisms, it may not work on all types.

Aphrodite is a sensual blend that is both grounding and euphoric. It helps to protect and honor your sacred personal space while at the same time merging into oneness with another. This is helpful both in the therapeutic setting or in the bedroom.

>Eye of Ra is a blend best used diluted as a massage oil if using around the eyes. If a drop is applied to the reflex point in the feet it can be used undiluted if the skin isn't too sensitive. I developed it for my seventh son, Michael who developed what I thought was a stye at first. After some research, I realized it was a chalazion.

A chalazion is a lump that develops in any of the meibomian glands around the eye. These glands produce the waxy/oily substance that help make up tears and get plugged causing a swelling that will come to a head and drain. Sometimes there can also be a secondary infection involved. The usual recommended treatment is the same as with a stye: Warm compresses and gentle massage to encourage it to drain. I used this essential oil blend to help it along.

Michael would have nothing to do with covering his eye with a compress so we did many baths and played "Peek-a-boo". I placed the warm wet wash cloth over his eye saying, "where's Michael" until he would move his head aside looking expectantly. Then I'd say, "peek-a-boo!" We continued this for 5-10 minutes or until he tired of it. He enjoyed the massage oil rubbed around his eye. I was careful not to get it into his eye. I also put it on his feet, especially the foot on the side of the chalazion and especially on the 2nd and 3rd toes which correspond to the eyes. I took this opportunity to apply reflexology to those toes.
It can take 2 week to two months for it to clear. If it gets very large, interfering with vision, or you are concerned there might be bacterial infection, see your doctor.

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