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A documentary film by Evan Coyne Maloney

An Astrological perspective by Connie Reynolds

This film had its first national public preview in a segmentof Hannity's America Sunday, March 18, 2007. I didn't have the pleasure of hearing about it until yesterday, March 11, 2009, nearly two years later, on a segment of the Lou Dobbs news program. This film explores the ongoing battle to protect free speech that is being stifled on the campuses of America's higher education institutions. It is a perfect example of Uranus transiting through Pisces while being opposed by Saturn. I'll share a little of the transcript so you get an idea of the film's content.

DOBBS: We report here extensively about the efforts to stifle free speech in this country. A provocative documentary charges that first amendment rights are being stifled on college campuses all of the time, and only liberal voices being allowed to be heard. Conservative voices, well, they're trying to crush them. Here is, for example, what one professor at the Massachusetts School of Art had to say about the white race.

NOEL IGNATIEV, PROFESSOR, MASSACHUSETTS SCHOOL OF ART: It is a form of racial oppression, sure. The suggestion is that it is somehow possible to separate whiteness from oppression and it is not. There can be no white race without the phenomenon of white supremacy. If you abolish slavery you abolish slave holders. In the same way, if you abolish racial oppression you do away with whiteness, treason to whiteness is loyalty to humanity.

DOBBS: You know, I've got to say, the director of I've got to say, by any standard, that professor is a madman.

EVAN COYNE MALONEY, DIRECTOR, "INDOCTRINATE U": One of the reasons why I wanted to include it in the film wasn't so much to criticize him for what he's saying. I think that's self-evident. But really, to say that that's the kind of speech that's welcome on campus when much more mild speech from a different perspective is routinely suppressed.

Uranus symbolizes free thinking, the nonconformist, eccentricity, progress, genius, invention, humanitarian concerns rebellion that sometimes leads to war. Uranus is not afraid to say, when appropriate, “Stick it up Ur-anus. Virgo represents the little guy, slavery, whether that be the historical slave, the indentured servant or the modern form of slavery, employees that are still below poverty level while their corporate employers are multimillionaires, extended to the billions. Pisces completes that axis through the key words, “”Serve or Suffer”, providing the ties that bind or imprison, while also dissolving the bonds of slavery at the right time. Pisces also governs large institutions. When this documentary first became public nearly 2 years ago, Uranus was half way through the journey in Pisces, at 15° On March 18 Moon joined Uranus for the public debut. Sun had crossed Uranus nearly 2 weeks before so I assume that is when it was finished and perhaps was offered officially. Sun sheds light and represents the star or spotlight. Sun, through ruling the natural 5th house also represents schools. But our giver of life on earth also governs and represents our divine inherited gifts, those rights we all share as a part of the human race, regardless of our race, gender, sex, religion or economic status.

At the same time, Jupiter, the governor of higher education, perception and good judgment, perfected a trine to Saturn, lord of limits and boundaries, restrictions of all kinds. He represents the authorities that lay down the law, the stern judge. This supports Mr. Maloney's view that the authorities of many the universities are restricting the freedom of speech of the participants. You could call the trine a creative agreement. Jupiter was in his own natural sign, Sagittarius, the university or college campus and the professor (as well as the publisher or director). Saturn had put himself into the spotlight as the star, in Leo. So, we see the powers that be, in agreement with this publication, whether they want to admit it or not. Also, at the time, Saturn was putting pressure through an inconjunct, to Uranus. The two are meant to work together governing Aquarius but Saturn often doesn't like to share authority and had stepped into the position of the opposition, his opposite sign of Leo, and pressured Uranus to give up his dreams (Pisces), perhaps with the threat he wouldn't have a job (Virgo) otherwise. Jupiter's involvement with Saturn will likely add some serious humor or irony also. I got a chuckle just out of the couple clips shown.

A few key words from the above quote that express the planetary energies of Saturn include, stifle, oppression, conservative, abolish, (also Pisces as the dissolver), supremacy, loyalty, suppressed. Uranus lays claim to the words free, provocative, rights, liberal, treason (also symbolized by Saturn in Leo in 2007). Although Virgo wasn't posited at the time, she had a voice through the word, slavery. Fast forward to now, and we see Saturn in Virgo, the slave owner now being owned or indoctrinated, trying to repeat history through the Rx (retrograde motion) and the younger generation, perhaps using it as a prescription to cure what he lost along the way. Actually, this is playing out by skipping a generation, as you shall see.

Later in the interview and film:

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: The very first time Vanessa handed out "The Patriot," she found out just how tolerant her fellow Berkeley students could be.

VANESSA WEISMAN, STUDENT: A woman approached me. She was clearly not too happy, but I -- it was my first time passing it out, so I was excited. I came up to her, smiled and offered her a Cal Patriot. She blows her stack at that point and hawks a loogy (ph) at me. More people attempted to spit on me that day, too.

DOBBS: You know, I remember when Berkeley was the bastion of free dissent in this country, expression against, you know, the political order. To see that sort of thing today is, I mean, that's nauseating.

MALONEY: That's the irony of it. The campus free speech movement started at Berkeley and Columbia in the late '60s and they fought for a lot of the same ideas as folks running the universities now are a lot of the people fighting for free speech then. So it's ironic they're fighting against the free speech of students today.

Patriot clearly describes the role of Uranus, not blind patriotism but true patriotism that has the best intentions for all of humanity. Being spat on would be a negative used of the Pisces energy, governing sticky stuff and suffering. Intolerance would be Uranus also, being used for good or ill. The political order is connected to Saturn with nausea being connected to Virgo's sickness. What I found most compelling was the reminder that the free speech movement started in the late 60s. Yes, it is ironic but quite enlightening. The youth of the 60s that fought so hard to take a stand for freedom of speech on college campuses are the people that are now the authorities on those campuses and fighting against the very thing they once fought for. I pondered this, counted the years and realized that it was 40 years, the time it takes for Uranus to come opposite where he was in the beginning. This is the same amount of time recorded that the Jews wandered in the desert awaiting entry into the promised land, flowing with milk (Cancer, shelter, food, security) and honey (Venus, skill, resources, partnership, justice). So what this person was describing is a group of people shedding and even objecting to their original ideas as they see their potential grandchildren stand in their shoes. They are now standing in the others' shoes from that time in their youth. Oh, but the mirror they see through seems to be rather clouded, a good example of Uranus in Pisces. In order for Uranus to birth his genius Saturn needs to re-member the dreams (Pisces) of his youth (Leo) so it can be a partnership, Sun with Saturn and Uranus; Mercury with Jupiter and Neptune.

A Rx trip back to March of 1968 shows Uranus rethinking a few things, also Rx, at 27°Virgo, the free thinking humble servant of humanity with Sun opposing. Even the smallest iota of hypocrisy would be noticed by these students. Saturn, the powers that be within the establishment, was demanding rights for himself that he didn't afford to others. He reached a critical turning point at that time, being at 13Aries. How does one have personal freedoms and still have the substance necessary to provide for yourself and family. No man is an island. Later that year Saturn, the rigid taskmaster that sets the limits and boundaries, put pressure on Uranus telling him if he wanted a job he would have to adjust his way of thinking and presenting his ideas. Now, Aries and Virgo seem to have nothing in common, one thinking only of himself, starting but not necessarily finishing what he starts, living for the moment, with the other being the humble servant, needing to be of service to the greater collective, knowing what she does for herself, she does for all of humanity. The Vietnam war was raging, the war that couldn't be won. Virgo rules the military and so many of the potential soldiers refused to serve, fitting Uranus in Virgo. Saturn demanded they fight for freedom (Aries) and democracy but it was being imposed on a country that didn't want our service, perhaps.

Aries and Virgo may seem to be strange bedfellows but they have the magical ability of being able to mirror each other in a most perfect way, Aries being the solstice point degrees of Virgo. One reflects the most extreme need for essential rights that are reflected in the need to work so that one cal care for themselves and their family. Together they realize that certain freedoms must be relinquished if they infringe on the inalienable rights of another. They show that work or service is the path to freedom. They are the key to understanding true equality to be found in Libra. They also show how the service we provide to humanity must allow us the freedom to use our God given gifts so that we aren't enslaved to our jobs. The work we do must not fill other bellies overfull and leave us starving or needing charity to supplement.

After 40 years of Uranus wandering in the wilderness (Pisces), his grandchildren now stand in his shoes on that college campus he teaches at. (Uranus in Pisces opposing Saturn in Virgo) He has less opportunity to get a job, regardless of the education he might receive. He demands the right to follow his dream and the right to an income that will provide his needs. The one that led him there (playing the part of Moses) won't be allowed in. Who might that be? I suspect it is the one that did more than he was called to do, putting himself in the place of God, the great I AM (Aries). He's the one that stands up for what he believes, regardless of the ¨politically correct¨“way of thinking, and especially regardless of what the popular opinion is. He won't be allowed into the inner circle because he dares to be different, and perhaps right, a genius ahead of his time.

This story coincides with some other news, as Moon transits where Uranus was 40 years ago and Venus returns to the spot where Saturn stood then. Burnie Madov is sentenced to what could amount to 150 years (same number as degrees in the pressure producing inconjunct) for enslaving thousands and stealing from them. The full Moon joined Saturn to oppose Sun and Uranus shining above mass killings, some fueled by a sense of hopelessness because of our economy and the lack of fairness between the rich and the masses, the corporate slave holder and the vulnerable servants. Uranus, in this case is using the ability to rebel in a most destructive and hopeless way, giving into Saturn's lie that we must be a slave to him rather than being born free. 10 were killed in Alabama, 15 killed at a German school.

In the Caylee Anthony murder case, the defense attorney representing the accused mother Casey Anthony currently imprisoned without bond (Pisces), is accused by the prosecutor (Saturn in Virgo) of having a conflict if interest by potentially having some media deals (Pisces and Sun opposing) financing the large team (Uranus ruling the team or group) of notable forensic experts (Uranus) and attorneys. They can't accept that anyone would help the accused out of a sense of compassion (Pisces) and desire for fair treatment. The state also wants to release video tape captured in jail (Pisces) where the defendant was apparently set up on camera to secretly (Pisces) spring (Uranus) the news of the finding of her daughter's body on her while refusing her request to see her attorney and his request to see his client (Virgo-Pisces opposition). So the defense answers by filing a protective order, among other motions, based on an infringement of the defendant's medical (Saturn's limits in medical Virgo) privacy rights (Uranus in Pisces with the spotlight provided by Sun). Some of the media is now making a bombshell (Uranus) out of it by saying that the attorney was showing emotion through tears (Moon opposing) while the defendant crossed her arms in anger, this information either fabricated (Pisces) or leaked by jail personnel, true or not, most likely not. This whole case is a perfect example of the wrong use of information (Uranus) and authority (Saturn). There are claims they have proof through science or forensics (Uranus) that the child was decomposing in her mother's trunk but from what I read in the reports it isn't sure at all. ¨Junk science¨ (Uranus in Pisces in mutual reception with Neptune in Aquarius) may become the focus at trial. She is already convicted by the media and popular opinion and the factual evidence just isn't there at this point in time. The desire for ratings and winning at all costs has been proven to me beyond any reasonable doubt to be the motive for blatant“¨mistruths¨(Pisces), refusing to see the trees (Saturn in Virgo) for the forest that the are (Sun-Uranus in Pisces).

Currently, Saturn is rethinking or reminiscing the good ol days when he was on the other side of the issue, a time when his ideal was ¨innocent until proven guilty¨ and he stood up for his right to be a pacifist, not participating in the the popular war, waging a war of a different sort. It was also a time when the cause and being true to one's ideals (Pisces) was more important than getting rich. Why is it so hard for them to believe the defense team simply wants justice, a fair trial for this young woman. 40 years ago, a mother was guilty to the point of having her children taken away form her, if she dared to have a same sex relationship. It was the Uranian force that changed the status quo that dictated society's moral standards. Now, the war is raging again, only this time it is the ones that fought for gay rights or women's rights that are now sitting on the bench or in the government making it illegal to view the union of a same sex couple as equal to a heterosexual couple's union. The government will pay for childcare while the mother makes less than her nanny. How soon we forget that we were the young women in the mini skirts and go-go boots dancing with flowers in our hair (well, I was a little young for that in the 60's but you get the idea), and the young men that smoked pot, preaching to make love, not war.

Ultimate good can come through Uranus showing us the other side of the tracks. We can see through our grandchildren, born 2 generations later, that what we valued was taken by our children and modified, so it fit within their world and reality. They then passed that down to their children, who also had to make some adjustments and changes (Pisces and Virgo) in order to fit it into a changing world. Each generation has its limits (Saturn) it must work with or break loose from (Uranus). Some have chosen a life of crime, finding ways to go to prison (Pisces) where they don't have to worry about where to get a job (Virgo) that makes enough to support their needs. We've already some opportunities to work though and discover the compromise offered through Saturn opposite Uranus. When they first opposed we were making history by electing the fist president not only of European descent. A member of a group (Uranus) that used to be enslaved (Virgo) in this country is now our leader (Saturn-Sun). The first contact is our opportunity to get a glimpse at what the potential problem might be that will need to be addressed and find a compromise for. The retrograde periods are an opportunity to see where things might have gotten off course, misused or misunderstood. At election time it was Uranus that was looking back, standing still because he had found what it was. It was the need to get past the history of slavery and bigotry, by electing a black president. Now it is the leader, Saturn, that is looking back in time to see what else needs fixing. It seems he, at least, looks at the inequality of the distribution (Aquarius) of wealth as the primary problem and the need for jobs and universal health care (Virgo). What exactly it is will show more clearly when Saturn stations this Spring, at the same place that Uranus was in 2007 when this documentary was first released. I have a feeling that it will involve the consequences of the lack of regulation and limitations we've been seeing with all the government bail outs for the big guys, reward given for poor performance. Of course, that is even true of the earned income credit, money given through the taxpayers with fair income to those who aren't paid fairly. While this has been a common practice with the IRS, even my state (near the top in unemployment statistics) added it this year. Saturn's Rx is pointing out what limits need to be in place if our economy is to thrive. But Saturn is known to be rather shrewd in how he goes about setting those limits. He tends to go to the extreme if excess has become a habit and may have a hard time letting go of control that has kept him comfortable. The Rx will also expose what our limits are as far as what we can change. For example, we've already sold much of our business to foreign investors, that can't be undone.

It will be up to Uranus Rx to break free from restrictions that don't serve the greater good. What that is will become apparent when Uranus stations this Summer, when Saturn opposes again in the Fall and as they continue their dance on into 2010. The two must work together, Saturn as the good ol boy that has been there from the beginning ruling Aqaurius and the humanitarian good, and Uranus, the new kid on the block that has some innovative ideas that must destroy the old to make way for the new way of being. Performing their dance in Virgo and Pisces involves recognizing where we are enslaved or enslave others and how it reflects the collective unconscious fear that there isn't enough to go around (which is a Piscean illusion). It is that lie that is the motive for one taking more than their share from another (whether that be resources, fame or ratings), or profiting from another's suffering, or that causes one to silence another. Each time you find youself tempted to criticize or otherwise try to silence another person, think back to 40 years ago to gain insight into what you lost sight of or overlooked that is now being relfected through your potential grandchild showing what your goal really was back then. Was it really peace and love that was the goal or did they just not want to work, prefering a world of rebellion, drugs and sex.